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Art Journal Page - Now on my blog: winter wonderland - #gelliplate and #sizzix @gelliarts @sizzix @carabellestudio #carabellestudio #acrylicpaint …

Australian Artist Covers Stones in Vibrantly Colored Dots to Create Beautiful Mandala Stones

Australian artist Elspeth McLean paints mandala stones in vibrant patterns of colorful dots both as an art form and as a meditative experience for …


Bruce Riley's Dynamic Art Of Resin And Paint

Abstract, kaleidoscopic and dynamic – this in a nutshell defines the vibrant artworks of <b>Bruce Riley</b>, who hails from the city of Chicago. These …


Gorgeous Glass and Light Sculptures Created With Iridescent Dichroic Glass

British artist Chris Wood creates gorgeous sculptures out of dichroic glass, an iridescent glass that varies between reflective and translucent …


Up - what do you think?

Palace Road Nature Garden Mural - Graffiti art workshops Community murals Artists London UK

We have just finished a huge mural on the side of the the St Mungo’s Trust building which faces into the Palace Road Nature Garden in Streatham Hill. …

Street Art

Vivid Sydney festival – in pictures

Crowds flock to Sydney harbour to view light installations and projections on the roof of the Sydney Opera House


Magical Light Show Produces Carpets Along a Church Floor

<i>Magic Carpets</i> is an elaborate installation by Miguel Chevalier in which the French artist transformed a former church space into a mesmerizing spectacle of sound and lights. He used digital technology to project a variety of multicolored light patterns and mosaics, inspired by Islamic art, across …


Vibrant Geometric Street Art by Okudart in Madrid

A few blocks from our temporary apartment in Madrid, my wife and I spotted this eye-catching street art piece by Okudart. The very first thing you'll notice is the intense burst of colors radiating from the mural. The piece is bright and vibrant in all the right ways and truly adds life to an …

Street Art

Show Me The Way

New Eduardo Kobra in Sao Paolo

Wooster(Noun)<p>A street in the Soho section of New York City.<p>Collective(Noun)<p>Of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting …

Street Art

Murals help gritty Honolulu neighborhood change its stripes

Even an island beauty can sing the urban blight blues - and that has been the operative tune for years when it came to Honolulu district Kakaako, the scrappy, concrete-clad patchwork of light industry, auto body shops and warehouses, not far from the water, between Waikiki and downtown.<p>Few would …

SONY Building GINZA : Crystal Aqua Trees 2013

Black Steel - a study using screen doors and water droplets

Hypnotizing Geometric Paintings Inspired by Sacred Mandalas

These kaleidoscopic arrangements explore ideas of visual pleasure through a hypnotizing array of colors and textures that spiral towards a central point. Created by New York-based artist Amy Cheng, the complex oil (and sometimes wax) on paper compositions are loosely based off of the concept of the …


Pictures of the Week 2.14.14

Jumping Liquids Mimic Japanese Flower Arrangements

Ikebana is the traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement and Naoko Tosas's <i>Sound of Ikebana</i> is a contemporary take on that time-honored art form. For each piece, Tosa blends a variety of pastel colors and oil to express the different Japanese seasons. The cherry trees in spring, cool water in …


The mania continues

Some new color studies with transparent layers.<br>This will make interesting color palettes for Kaleider<p>/m

Nice glass ...