Photos from Orbit on Flipboard

By M Ferguson | Commander Chris Hadfield inspired me with his photos from the International Space Station. I am so thrilled that succeeding missions to the ISS have kept up this document of Earth's beauty. These are perfect examples of abstract natural art, collected by the citizen scientists of the ISS.

More lakes, this time glacial lakes in Northern #Italy. Recognize any? / Li riconoscete?

A view from #SouthKorea to the island of Jeju with the dormant volcano Hallasan. A #WorldHeritage site!

It sure catches your attention when nature draws 90 degrees angles...

Hallo #Turkey! A beautiful pass over the Western part of the country.

Hello #Venezuela! A gorgeous show of elements on the coastline on this pass last February

Hello #Cyprus! And the coastline of #Turkey and #Syria on the easternmost Mediterranean shores.

Hello #Bolivia! Near Lake Titicaca the city of Tiwanaku, capital of a power pre-Hispanic empire & #WorldHeritage site

Dead Sea: the lowest area of land on Earth. And where I came closest to floating before being weightless!

(IT) Volare sopra il deserto Algerino è sempre un piacere per gli occhi!

Shades of green. And some very unique patterns of the land as well! #Brasil #HelloEarth

Who needs bread crumbs when you can have a trail of atolls? #HelloEarth

This image almost gives an impression of movement, don't you think? #HelloEarth

Calexico and Mexicali on the border between #Mexico and the #US. Pretty different agricultural landscapes!

The beautiful Lake Skadar, shared between #Albania and #Montenegro. #HelloEarth

The sunglint turns water into silver. #HelloEarth / (IT) L'acqua diventa argento grazie al riflesso del Sole...

So much history, so many epic stories: the Aegean Sea / (IT) Così tanta storia e tante epiche avventure: il Mar Egeo.

Some #ColorsOfTheEarth to start the week! / (IT) Un po' di colori del nostro pianeta per iniziare la settimana!

Or these... other side of the planet, very different landscape, same cheerful irrigation circles! #HelloEarth

A pass over the Caribbean is always worth a peak out the window! #HelloEarth

When the sunlight hits at the right angle, the water surface comes alive. #HelloEarth

Hagia Sophia, Süleymaniye Mosque & many more masterpieces make historic areas of Istanbul #WorldHeritage site #Turkey

Beautiful passes over the #PacificRimOfFire these days... volcanoes look tiny, but only the tips emerge. #HelloEarth

So many patterns and shapes drawn on our planet. #ColorsOfTheEarth

Hello #Iran! The city of Shiraz and nearby Bakhtegan salt lake and Bamou National Park.

Hallo #Chile! Look at those snow-capped volcano tops "casually dropped" to contour the Salar of Atacama. #HelloEarth

Wind at work on planet Earth. / Il vento all'opera sul pianeta Terra. #HelloEarth

Fascinating stripes of clouds./ Affascinanti strisce di nuvole. #HelloEarth

Nature's elements at work : Lake Superior a few weeks ago. #HelloEarth

Hello Denmark from space! / (IT) Ciao Danimarca, un saluto dallo spazio! #HelloEarth