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By M Ferguson | Commander Chris Hadfield inspired me with his photos from the International Space Station. I am so thrilled that succeeding missions to the ISS have kept up this document of Earth's beauty. These are perfect examples of abstract natural art, collected by the citizen scientists of the ISS.

The fairy tale landscapes of #Patagonia... only other place I've seen that blue is the Himalayan lakes. #HelloEarth

Hallo #Hawaii ! Fascinating geology. Have you heard of the hotspot theory?

Terry W. Virts on Twitter

#Istanbul and the Bosphorus. Where #Europe meets the Middle East.

Waters still quite frozen over off the coast of #Canada. Very pretty patterns! #HelloEarth

The Upper Peninsula of #Michigan showing off its beauty today! #HelloEarth

Flying over #Arizona today. What an unreal view! #HelloEarth

I don’t think you could create these colors on a palate if you were trying to paint this scene.

Clouds are the fabric of our atmosphere.

#NoPlaceLikeHome #EarthArt A spectrum of depths emblazon the hues of the #Bahamas.

#EarthDay clouds and sun glint burst with shades of light. #NoPlaceLikeHome

#NoPlaceLikeHome #EarthArt. River holds firm against the advance of the sand dunes.

Clouds converge at transition points. These Namibian sand dunes are one of the most beautiful places on #EarthDay.

Terry W. Virts on Twitter

#EarthArt textures. This photograph looks like it could be thousands of miles away or microscopic. #NoPlaceLikeHome

Beautiful colors in the northern desert of #Africa.

The Makgadikgadi salt pans in the Kalahari, #Botswana - what's left of an evaporated lake. Impressive! #HelloEarth

Sam Cristoforetti on Twitter

Hello Southern #California! Wonder how this picture would have looked different before the drought. #HelloEarth

Good morning New Delhi! #India #HelloEarth / (IT) Buongiorno Nuova Delhi!

Sunglint over the Gulf of Taranto, #Italy / (IT) Il riflesso del Sole sul Golfo di Taranto.

#NewOrleans and the intriguing features of the Mississippi River Delta. #HelloEarth

Amazing view of Patagonia glaciers, lakes, and fjords on a clear fall day.

Ocean Clouds. Black and White.

Mount Etna still covered in snow a couple of days ago! #Italy L'Etna ancora innevato qualche giorno fa.

Hello #India! In the Tamil Nadu state, 3 temples from the Chola Empire (11th & 12th century) are #WorldHeritage site.

Australian outback- one of the “reddest” places on Earth.

You get a sense of the height from the length of the shadows, seen from space.

Terry W. Virts on Twitter

#Namibia, in southwestern Africa, home to the tallest sand dunes on earth.

Hello #Chad! Supplied by groundwater in a hyperarid desert region, the Lakes of Ounianga are a #WorldHeritage site.

Sam Cristoforetti on Twitter

Take a close look at the desert near El Kharga, in #Egypt. Intriguing, isn't it?

Some more #ColorsOfTheEarth!