Photos from Orbit

By M Ferguson | Commander Chris Hadfield inspired me with his photos from the International Space Station. I am so thrilled that succeeding missions to the ISS have kept up this document of Earth's beauty. These are perfect examples of abstract natural art, collected by the citizen scientists of the ISS.

Holy cow--check out this Hawaiian coastline! It’s like a rainbow of awesome, only on the ground (and in the water)! #EarthShapes

Oh my, tell me that doesn’t look like a watercolor tray? The Earth surprises me with its beauty every day. #EarthShapes

Saw this beautiful area in South America--it looks like modern art. In fact, I think it makes me dizzy, but it’s gorgeous! #EarthShapes

You see all seasons from orbit. Saw this colorful lake and thought – part frozen, part not, but all awesome! #EarthShapes

Check marks the spot… 1. Find beautiful island ✔ 2. Find totally awesome beach ✔ 3. Wish you were here ✔ #EarthShapes

Mount St. Helens—we even had ash in CO as a kid! I see a face outline where the mountain side used to be--wow, what scary power #EarthShapes

It’s amazing to watch how sun glint changes my view of water so quickly as we fly by (at 17,500mph)--brings a lake to life. #EarthShapes

Colors always catch my eye, like this shoreline…sure looks like footsteps going out into the water. #EarthShapes

It’s always fun to make sandcastles at the beach. From orbit, you get to see the cool stuff Mother Nature makes on the beach. #EarthShapes

Powerful Australia #EarthArt.

I have always wondered what crops produce these vivid colors near Szombathely Hungary.

I showed you the fascinating salt domes in Iran in an earlier post. Here is a wide angle to see them in context.

Rare views of southern Alaska. From Ketchikan to Juneau, with Sitka & snowy Baranof Island in the mid-upper center.

You know what a mouth of a river is, but take a look at the mouths of the Irrawaddy Delta.

From the red sand dunes in southern Saudi Arabia and Oman…

…up to the amazing array of white peaks on the Himalaya Mountains …

…and down to the incredibly beautiful blue Mozambique coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.

Patagonia is back! We’ve gone through the 60 day cycle of photo opportunities around the world.

Grand Canyon National Park

New York

Sand dunes



Yesterday I spoke to Prof. Hawking & daughter Lucy about dark matter & nanocrafts, I showed them my favourite reef!

Sediment in Ethiopia

Aswan High Dam

James Bay


Bay Area