Photos from Orbit

By M Ferguson | Commander Chris Hadfield inspired me with his photos from the International Space Station. I am so thrilled that succeeding missions to the ISS have kept up this document of Earth's beauty. These are perfect examples of abstract natural art, collected by the citizen scientists of the ISS.

Detroit 🇺🇸 is showing us astronauts some love thanks to the shape of Lake St. Clair... Greetings from #space #Michigan! #VITAmission

#КраскиЗемли: каменистые пустыни Кении

#EarthArt: stony deserts in #Kenya

#Бецибука является крупнейшей рекой «большого красного острова» #Мадагаскар. // #Betsiboka is Madagascar's largest river.

The Great Barrier #Reef is the world's largest coral reef system.

Lake #Urmia is an endorheic salt lake in Iran.It was one of the largest lakes in the Middle East,but in just 14 years it has almost vanished

#Урмия - бессточное соленое озеро Ирана. Концентрация соли в воде очень высокая: даже на снимках из космоса виден белый «налет» вдоль берега

#КраскиЗемли: такая разная #Австралия. // #EarthArt: such a different #Australia.

On Kazakhstan territory there is one of the world’s largest inland drainless water bodies - Lake #Balkhash.

There are 13 telescopes funded by eleven countries at the top of volcano #MaunaKea. Can you imagine it?!

"Broken heart" between #Malaysia and #Indonesia. Maybe you know this islands?

Happy #AutumnEquinox! We celebrate with a beautiful example of fall colors in this mosaic supplied by our Spaceship Earth. #FirstDayofFall

One of my all-time favorite pics. Monkey Forest nature preserve and Hindu temples, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. #OneWorldManyViews

My NASA home for the last 13 years, may she endure like the stately Battleship Texas. #OneWorldManyViews

Home of the Great Migration, the inhabitants of the Masai Mara are what make it incomparable. #OneWorldManyViews

Mt Taranaki really catches your eye as you see the North Island of New Zealand. Almost like the profile of a large sea turtle.

Sydney Harbour and Opera House as beautiful from above as from the water. #OneWorldManyViews

Castle Chillon stands guard on the eastern end of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. #OneWorldManyViews

Incredible colors from the Florida Keys regardless of perspective. #OneWorldManyViews

C'è chi naviga per mare e chi lo fa tra le stelle👨🏻‍🚀 Un saluto all'Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste, questa sera alla #RegataBarcolana!

Holy cow--check out this Hawaiian coastline! It’s like a rainbow of awesome, only on the ground (and in the water)! #EarthShapes

Oh my, tell me that doesn’t look like a watercolor tray? The Earth surprises me with its beauty every day. #EarthShapes

Saw this beautiful area in South America--it looks like modern art. In fact, I think it makes me dizzy, but it’s gorgeous! #EarthShapes

You see all seasons from orbit. Saw this colorful lake and thought – part frozen, part not, but all awesome! #EarthShapes

Check marks the spot… 1. Find beautiful island ✔ 2. Find totally awesome beach ✔ 3. Wish you were here ✔ #EarthShapes

Mount St. Helens—we even had ash in CO as a kid! I see a face outline where the mountain side used to be--wow, what scary power #EarthShapes

It’s amazing to watch how sun glint changes my view of water so quickly as we fly by (at 17,500mph)--brings a lake to life. #EarthShapes

Colors always catch my eye, like this shoreline…sure looks like footsteps going out into the water. #EarthShapes

It’s always fun to make sandcastles at the beach. From orbit, you get to see the cool stuff Mother Nature makes on the beach. #EarthShapes