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Hello #Honduras & #Nicaragua! A view from #space of Rio Coco flowing into the Caribbean Sea at Cabo Gracias a Dios http://t.co/jxzPP1qeG6

The #Florida Keys kissed by the sun glint...# #HelloEarth http://t.co/3BLHoqvKXX

Mount Shasta in #California covered in snow back in January. I understand last eruption was hundreds of years ago. http://t.co/GXjQ9VKvbJ

Hallo #Cyprus! East of Limassol, the Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia is a #UNESCO #WorldHeritage site. http://t.co/0ZslENcY69

The long shadows of dusk over the #Nile. #HelloEarth / (IT) Una lunga ombra proiettata lungo il Nilo al crespuscolo. http://t.co/g92fbOaPwr

Guten Tag to my friends at @SpaceUpCologne at my homebase @ESA_EAC , have fun at the unconference! #SpaceUpCGN http://t.co/FAXnDYhAze

Hello #Phoenix from #space! Wonder what story of rebirth earned you this mythical name. #Arizona http://t.co/t7hDxtlSOk

#Texas from space... but what are all those white dots? #HelpRequired http://t.co/ggKD8moAYu

Here's a treat for cloud lovers... like me! #HelloEarth /(IT) Una delizia per gli amanti delle nuvole... come me! http://t.co/qiE5CGcBMA

Rostov-on-Don... I have several friends in Moscow who are originally from here. #HelloEarth http://t.co/BPaZObQl2m

A (mostly) sunny spring day in Italy, from the north down to #Sicily. http://t.co/x7Px36E8hA

Shadows cast from this towering storm miles above the Earth. http://t.co/BWagi24pDj

Hello Ancona, capital city of Marche region in #Italy. / Saluti ad Ancona e le Marche con questa foto di gennaio. http://t.co/OZXKTJ6RxB

A mesmerizing blue and blocks of ice in the Black Sea. #HelloEarth http://t.co/RO5eDbMbGf

I wish pictures could convey the beauty of the #FrozenEarth on the Canadian coast these weeks. http://t.co/4jHgxzgnbt

Unreal... this bright blue color really stands out in this landscape. #HelloEarth http://t.co/urr8AxS6LT

Hello San Antonio! Was actually surprised by so much green. / Ciao San Antonio, sorpresa da tanto verde. #Texas http://t.co/I1lRVTh8W1

Wish I was a geologist to read in this picture some of the history of our planet! http://t.co/XvSK7imDmN

Western Europe. http://t.co/V3JX1qGGBN

#Cuba is surrounded by some unbelievable beaches and blue-green waters. http://t.co/Qv5sVH6Sgy

Fascinating ice patterns in the Cabot Strait last week. #FrozenEarth #Canada http://t.co/PQwFIh5zTw

Hello #RioDeJaneiro, cool airport! #Brasil / (IT) Ciao Rio de Janeiro... fantastico aeroporto! http://t.co/fsFyyLVC5C

Po river delta, #Italy. In elementary school we exchanged letters w/ school in the area... it felt SOO far away :-) http://t.co/kEi9Abe4PE

Southern tip of Lake Huron in North America. #FrozenWorld / Il Lago Huron in nord America. #HelloEarth http://t.co/6eLFzwS0tx

Lace of light in Northern #Italy on this January night / (IT) Fili di luci nel Nord #Italia in una notte di Gennaio. http://t.co/iOgXVbnoDl

(IT) Ciao Livorno e Pisa, luoghi dall'ottima cucina! / Hello from space to Pisa and Livorno, home to good cuisine! http://t.co/lEYHOyRvFw

Shades of white / (IT) Sfumature di bianco per una Terra ghiacciata. #FrozenEarth #HelloEarth http://t.co/KCYvQdRCvD

The fairy-tale colors of the Venetian lagoon /(IT) I colori da sogno della laguna di Venezia #Italy http://t.co/HNDEGkFtbB

Hallo to friends and colleagues in #Houston. I think I can spot @NASA_Johnson! http://t.co/RJ5Jb8kqu6

Cape Cod dressed in white last week. Hope it's getting warmer down there! #FrozenEarth http://t.co/7LUyP4BHBg