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Hoppy Hun Solo

Michdevilish Musings

Ra Ra Ropes!

Around 3000 years old, and beautiful.<p>Go forth; eat your olives and live long! Also, stay on the high horse. Avoid the olive fruit fly.<p>h/t: Tree …

Greek Goddesses


Check-up: done. <br>Sleep of the just. <br>The mulberries are ripening. <br>I will be gone for a while; posting may slow.<br>More Michdevilish Merch! …

Social Yeast in Time

I'm having rice cakes and Marmite to boost my yeast / Vitamin B intake. I never knew there was such a thing as marmite chocolate!<b><br>Die Botter …

Soccer it Up!

A Cup Size Phallacy<br>More Michdevilish Merch!

Hoppy Hun Solo

h/t: When it's good to be Antisocial - Nautilus<br>The sun is shining; the bees are buzzing. I have had a good encounter after the rain: what beautiful …

The Longest Day

We are in the centre of summer. There’s a snake in the garden.<br>WIP: see it finished on Saatchi.<br>More Michdevilish Merch! …


Redshift, blueshift;<br>Keep lifting.<br>Or just lick your pause.<br>More Michdevilish Merch!

One Word: Castration

We defend ourselves not against castration anxiety but against death, a far more absolute castration.—Ernest Becker<i>, The Denial of Death</i><p>The university library at my medical school was shared with students of veterinary medicine. Sometimes I’d find myself at a desk opposite one of the vet students; …


A Fine Day for Fledg(e)lings

They are everywhere!More Michdevilish Merch!


You said something? I warned you about those hanging knee raises!<br>No sympathy!<br>More Michdevilish Merch!

Ra Ra Ropes!

Much easier than hanging knee raises!<br>Now robots can sweat it too: A Freaky Humanoid Robot that sweats as it does Push-Ups - Wired<br>New book!<br>More …

MischMasch Monday

MischMasch Monday

MischMasch Monday

MischMasch Monday


Ad agio: stop and smell the roses! More Michdevilish Merch!

Sell By

Interesting thoughts on analogies.More Michdevilish Merch!

Schooling a Fish

Code-fish’s cool. Reaching critical mass. On wheels.<br>Speaking of mass, the pup is not impressed.<br>He’s still beautiful though. We will immortalize him …

Time and Again

Time waits for nobody. Maybe geckoes shouldn't take advice from Jesus lizards?<br>h/t: Cronus<br>Interesting: Can a Genetic Test Find your Intelligence in …

West Coast

What a beautiful coastline. We walked most of the trails - most of the forest walks have well-maintained boardwalks, some well-worn, others brand …


h/t: Munk Debate on Political Correctness;postmodernism More Michdevilish Merch!