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General Mills 301 INC leads $17m financing round in plant-based fresh food brand Urban Remedy

Founded in 2009 by licensed acupuncturist Neka Pasquale, <b>Urban Remedy</b>​​ ships freshly prepared cold pressed juices, salads, meals and snacks directly …


Freshness, transparency to propel beverage trends

Consumers are seeking innovative applications made with traditional processes and flavors

Good Karma To Launch New Shelf-Stable Flaxseed Milk Line

Plant-based milk and yogurt company Good Karma today announced the launch of a new line of enhanced flaxseed milks in three ready-to-drink (RTD) …


What food shoppers want in 2018

How will consumers shop for food in 2018? This is what they had to say in a recent survey.


Study: Lidl pressures other retailers to drastically cut prices

Supermarket retailers located near new Lidl stores in the eastern United States dropped their prices for key staple products up to 55 percent lower …


Tactile food will be a “secret weapon” in 2018, Phil Lempert predicts

<i>“If I had to point to one trend that I believe will have the biggest impact on industry, it is tactile. The sense of touch,”</i>​ he said during his …


USDA: Millennials spend more on prepared foods than other generations

Dive Brief:<p>Millennial shoppers purchase a larger share of prepared foods, pasta and sweets at the grocery store than other generations, according to …


Nutella owner close to buying Nestle's US candy business for $2.8B

Ferrero reportedly is nearing a deal to acquire iconic brands such as Butterfinger, Crunch and Baby Ruth from the Swiss giant.


Whole Foods places new limits on suppliers, upsetting some small vendors

Whole Foods Markets is placing new limits on how products are sold in its stores and asking suppliers to help pay for the changes, riling some mom-and-pop vendors that have long depended on the grocer for visibility and shelf space.<p>The changes, outlined in an email recently sent to the company’s …


Sprouts expands home delivery with Instacart partnership

Sprouts Farmers Market announced Tuesday that it is expanding home delivery service to its major markets through a partnership with …


What botanicals are trending in food & beverage? From cat’s claw and turmeric to ashwaganda

With brands such as Rebbl, GTâs Kombucha, Califia Farms and Temple Turmeric bringing Ayurvedic herbs and other on-trend ingredients out of the …


How Storytelling Can Elevate You Above the Competition

In business, storytelling matters. Here's how to make it work for you.<p>Storytelling is an integral part of being human, and it's the way we've emotionally connected with one another for thousands of years. It should come as no surprise that brands use storytelling to connect with their consumers to …


Personalized beverages expected to be even trendier in 2018

The new year is expected to bring products that are less traditional and more adaptable, functional, sustainable and visually appealing.


Food Trends Report: 8 Predictions for 2018

The industry is buzzing with predictions about the future of food in 2018. While no one has a crystal ball to know what the new year might bring, we …


The food revolution may have just needed a cup of Blue Bottle

Each massive exit in the tech ecosystem usually follows the same cycle: an upstart becomes a huge business, it goes public or sells for a huge sum of money, many of the best people that built it take off and then they use their newfound wealth to start companies.<p>But in addition to tech, the venture …


Food & drink wellness trends for 2018

Go with your gut<p>'Think of the gut as the finely tuned engine of a racing car. To get the fastest time on the track, you need the right fuel. The gut …

Organic Products

Data Science And The Meal-Kit Subscription Business Model

One of the hottest areas for subscription services right now are ingredient and meal-kit delivery services. Two of the companies in this space – Blue Apron and Plated – were both in the news. Blue Apron went public last year, raising $300 million in the process, and Plated was acquired by the …

Blue Apron

Healthy meals on tap at c-stores in 2018

Healthier meals and new payment methods are on tap at convenience stores in the year ahead, according to a new report from the National Association …


Veganism continues to climb among consumers who also are early adopters and brand loyal

Plant-based diets, along with clean-eating and ketogenic, are predicted to be <i>“in for 2018,”</i>​ by a survey of more than 2,050 registered dietitians …


FoodNavigator-USA’s 10 food and beverage trends to watch in 2018

Rather than focusing on micro-trends (Is ashwaganda the next kale? Will purple tea be a hit?), we’ve highlighted some broader trends to watch as we …


A measured approach to meal kits

Meal kits expand beyond subscriptions and into more supermarkets as 2018 dawns

As diet-related illnesses surge, a new kind of pharmacy dispenses fruit and vegetables

Looking for news you can trust?<br>Subscribe to our free newsletters.<p>Six years ago, James Stancil, 62, a former long-haul trucker, decided to move from …


Kroger offers advice for joining its We Are Local program

The retail giant's new initiative aims to create partnerships with innovative brands on a local level.


Meal Kits Have a Packaging Problem

Recently, someone asked me if I thought people were cooking at home less frequently than they used to. I bristled at the query, probably because I …

Blue Apron

Fermented foods will be No. 1 ‘superfood’ in 2018: dietitians

Clean eating, plant-based diets will also remain key for consumers


Brands find new flavor opportunities with seaweed

Can briny, salty seaweed be the next hot superfood? Here's how companies are making seaweed more palatable to U.S. consumers.


How augmented and virtual reality will reshape the food industry

Augmented reality content can be found on everything from wine bottles to IKEA’s catalog and virtual reality experiences are much more detailed, with rich layers of interactivity from hand controllers to gaze triggers, and a VR film has even won an Oscar. With Apple and Google both debuting …

Augmented Reality

13 states sue to stop cage free eggs law in Massachusetts

BOSTON (AP) — Thirteen states are suing Massachusetts over a voter-approved law that will ban the sale of eggs and other food products from farm animals that were confined in overly restrictive cages.<p>The lawsuit was filed directly with the U.S. Supreme Court last week and follows another filed …

NOSH Voices: What’s My Valuation? Pt. 3: Should We Just Agree To Disagree?

<i>About the Author: Stu Strumwasser is the Founder and Managing Director of Green Circle Capital, a leading boutique investment bank focused on the</i> …