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What is Auto ISO and How to Use It

Did you know that most modern digital cameras have the ability to set ISO automatically? Back in the film days, you would drop a roll of film into …


Fujifilm 50mm F2 ~ A Stellar Lens for the XT and X-Pro Cameras

Last month, I received the Fujifilm 50mm F2; it’s a lens that completes the trinity of new F2 weather sealed lenses that Fujifilm have recently …


Fujifilm X-Trans III vs. Bayer - Texture & Detail Comparison

Is the latest 24MP X-Trans III sensor ‘Good’?<p>….Nothing beats a proper comparison with a conventional ‘Bayer’ sensor, using a variety of challenging …


Why Sharpness is Overrated

“Sharpness is a bourgeois (rich person) concept.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson<p>1. Softer lenses often have more soul<p>I remember when I started digital …

Arctic Horizon Part 2/2

Arctic Horizon Part 1/2

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Interview: Fujifilm talks GFX, X100F and getting serious about video

Following the launch of the GFX 50S, the X100F and the X-T20, we spoke to Fujifilm executives about their models, their ambitions and what we might …

Product Management

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X100F: Kevin Mullins x Street Photography / FUJIFILM


GFX : The game has changed. Medium-format re-invented.

I still remembered the scary day that I sold my Canon 1DX DSLR<br>and walk into the Fujifilm X-series. Today is another milestone for<br>me. But its not as …



<i>The new year is off to a great start for Fujifilm! Beside the announcement of the first mirrorless Medium format (GFX), a new 50mm f2 lens, the new</i> …

XF50mm F2 WR

I was pretty excited about this new lens. Especially both its other siblings had been<br>performing very well. Primarily the XF 23mm F2 and XF35mm F2. …


Fujifilm updates X-T1 Firmware to Ver. 5.01

Fujifilm released a firmware update for the X-T1 today. The new 5.01 firmware version is available for download from the Fujifilm website. According …


GFX challenges with Per-Anders Jörgensen / FUJIFILM

Hands-on with new 'Graphite' Fujifilm X-T2 and X-Pro2 (and the XP120)

1<p>2<p>3<p>4<p>5<p>6<p>7<p>8<p>9<p>…<p>14<p>For the most part a glittering parade of the utterly unnecessary*, CES does occasionally throw up a gem for camera geeks. Last year it …


Taste of Africa Fotoausstellung in Bonn

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