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Samsam infected thousands of LabCorp systems via brute force RDP

LabCorp, one of the largest clinical labs in the U.S., said the Samsam ransomware attack that forced their systems offline was contained quickly and …

Information Security

Suspicious network activity could be symptom of breach at diagnostics firm LabCorp

Open AWS S3 bucket at political robocall firm exposes 2,600 files

The files included names, phone numbers, addresses, political affiliation, birth years, gender, jurisdiction and demographics based on ethnicity, …

Virginia Beach

Government’s Cyber Monitoring Program Would Become Law Under House Bill

The bill also aims to prevent agencies from getting stuck with outdated technology.

Homeland Security

States to Feds: Enough With the Red Tape Already

Although companies and public sector organizations bemoan the time spent complying with federal rules, there are opportunities to improve the …

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Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

Remote-access software and modems on election equipment 'is the worst decision for security short of leaving ballot boxes on a Moscow street corner.'<p>The nation's top voting machine maker has admitted in a letter to a federal lawmaker that the company installed remote-access software on …


Microsoft shares evidence Russia hacked 2018 Congressional candidates, House votes down additional state election funds

Once Microsoft discovered the malicious activity, it shut down the domain and alerted government authorities.


Business Email Compromise Losses Top $12 Billion Globally, Says FBI

Business email compromise scams have been reported in all 50 states and in 150 countries<p>Global losses from business email compromise scams, a highly …


If Your Weapons Aren’t Cyber-Hardened, Expect to Lose Pentagon Contracts

The Pentagon intends to start assessing its weapons’ resistance to hacks, instead of leaving that to manufacturers.


Bill to Block Feds' Personal Email, Social Media Access Advances

The bill would authorize agency leaders to block any website for cybersecurity reasons without negotiating with unions.

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Security Think Tank: Passwords alone are not good enough


X-Agent malware lurked on DNC systems for months after hack


Ticketmaster breach part of worldwide card-skimming campaign


Risk & Repeat: New concerns about smartphone spying


With deadline looming, 74 percent of fed gov't domains implement DMARC

GCA said more than 600 agency email domains are set to DMARC's "reject" setting with 26 set to "quarantine," the next highest security level.

U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

Jersey woman charged with allegedly hacking Selena Gomez's email

A New Jersey woman who allegedly couldn't keep her hands to herself was formerly charged in Los Angeles County on July 13 with hacking the email …


U.S. lifts ZTE ban amid congressional concerns, company shares jump

The company has paid a $1.4 billion fine, $400 million of which goes into escrow at a U.S. bank, and changed its management and board to meet terms …

Marco Rubio

Millions of Verizon customer records exposed in security lapse

Customer records for at least 14 million subscribers, including phone numbers and account PINs, were exposed.<p><i>Security TV: Can cyber insurance bring</i> …


Northeastern student’s code could’ve stopped the Equifax hack

When Blue Gaston started her co-op at Polyverse Corp., she was given the simple task to “fix the internet.” A tall order, but one made easier with …

Northeastern University

Telefonica breach leaves data on millions exposed

Census Should Be More Transparent About Cyber Protections, Former Officials Say

The Census Bureau will conduct its first largely online decennial census in 2020 but hasn’t said how it will secure the process.

Government Technology

4 Big Ideas in the DNC Hacking Indictments

The indictments show how complicated spear-phishing really is.

Donald Trump

White-hat hackers find record number of vulnerabilities

White Hat

Researchers Find That Filters Don't Prevent Porn

According to a new paper from Oxford Internet Institute researchers Victoria Nash and Andrew Przybylski, internet filters rarely work to keep …

Hackers increasingly targeting cloud infrastructure

SEC Probes Why Facebook Didn’t Warn Sooner on Privacy Lapse

Facebook faces questions on what it knew and when about Cambridge Analytica’s use of social-media data<p>Securities regulators are investigating whether Facebook Inc. adequately warned investors that developers and other third parties may have obtained users’ data without their permission or in …

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Timehop data breach is worse than they initially said

Dates of birth and gender were also stolen by hackers.<p>Author:<p>Published<p>in Data loss 0<p>‘Time capsule’ app Timehop has revealed that it made a boo-boo …

IT security

Average cost of a data breach exceeds $3.8 million, claims report

The Ponemon Institute study interviewed nearly 500 companies that had suffered a data breach, analysing the many different costs including incident …

Information Security

Here's Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS

It was Jan last year that I suggested HTTPS adoption had passed the "tipping point", that is, it had passed the moment of critical mass and as I said …

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