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Pizza Hut was hacked, company says

Pizza Hut told customers by email on Saturday that some of their personal information may have been compromised. Some of those customers are angry …

Pizza Hut

House Bill Would Allow Companies to Hack Back—With Limits

The bill would let hacked companies steal back or destroy their files but not cause exact retribution on hackers.

Government Technology

IRS Suspends $7 Million Equifax Contract

The suspension comes after additional security incidents at Equifax.

Government Technology

What NIST Suggests Instead of Passwords

A more secure option.

Government Technology

NASCIO: Federal Compliance Exercises Are Hindering State IT

One point that was clear when the National Association of State Chief Information Officers met last week in Austin, Texas for its annual meeting was …


DHS to Order Agencies Implement Email, Website Encryption Tools

The Homeland Security Department plans to issue a binding directive Monday requiring agencies to implement a slew of new email security …


If Kaspersky Bothers You, So Must Its Rivals

Anti-virus software is an obvious target for intelligence services; but most consumers have different concerns.<p>In all the recent bombshell reports about the Kaspersky anti-virus software, it's easy to focus on the Russian threat and miss the general context: Every government that employs hackers …

Anti-Virus Software

Another AWS leak exposes 150,000 Patient Home Monitoring Corp. client records

Another publicly accessible Amazon S3 repository has been once again been left exposing sensitive consumer information, this time affecting …


Mozilla patches three critical issues in Thunderbird and Firefox

Mozilla issued a security update stating that the newly released Thunderbird 52.4 , Firefox 56 and Firefox ESR 52.4 patch 10 vulnerabilities, two …

Information Security

Equifax takes down consumer webpage to probe possible second breach

Security Analyst Randy Abrams discovered evidence of a second breach, just a month after the company said the data on 145.5 million U.S. consumers …


Hyatt Hotels reports POS data breach

Hyatt Hotels has reportedly announced a point of sale (POS) breach that impacted several dozen of the company's locations between March and July 2017.

Identity Theft

DHS Nominee Would Be Agency’s First Homegrown Cyber Leader

Kirstjen Nielsen would be the agency's first secretary with extensive cyber experience.


Apple issues new security update for macOS High Sierra

Apple issued a supplemental security update for macOS High Sierra 10.13 to patch two issues one of which fixes a keychain


FBI uses PureVPN's 'non-existent' logs to track down internet stalker

No longer operating under the illusion that the internet offers a mask of anonymity, increasing numbers of people are turning to VPN software to …


A Law is Expiring That Allows Ethical Hackers to Help Protect U.S. Elections

Renewing a Digital Millennium Copyright Act exemption for ethical hacking is vital for election security, researchers say.


Cyber Risk Management Lessons Companies Need to Learn Right Now

Don’t want your company to be the next Yahoo, Equifax, Deloitte, or SEC? Don’t ignore cyber risk management.<p>October is National Cyber Security …


Norwegian newspaper reveals Australian police ran child porn site Childs Play for 11 months

Norway's biggest paper has revealed that Australian police secretly ran a major child pornography site. The paper discovered the sensitive operation …


Google uncovered Russia-backed ads on YouTube, Gmail : source

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Google has discovered Russian operatives spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads on its YouTube, Gmail and Google Search products in an effort to meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a person briefed on the company's probe told Reuters on Monday.<p>The ads do not …


Cummings queries Kushner, Ivanka over transferring email to Trump servers

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, of which Cummings is the ranking Democrat, previously had told the president's daughter and …

Donald Trump

NFL player personal data found on open Elasticsearch server

NFL players may not mind having their views on social issues known, but they are probably not happy that a publicly accessible database has been …

NFL Players Association

Secret Service nixes personal mobile devices in West Wing after Kelly hack

Hackers likely made their way into the personal mobile phone belonging to Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly last December.

Secret Service

Job seekers, freelance journalists targeted in Atlantic Magazine scam

Freelance writers were the targets of a phishing scam when they received emails purportedly from editors at The Atlantic offering non-existent jobs.


Meet Danny, the Guy Authorities Say Is Selling Encrypted Phones to Organized Crime

Custom encrypted phones are often linked to serious organized crime. But an intense rivalry has sparked between those selling the custom devices.<p>Danny Manupassa sells everything the paranoid might need. As the director of PI-Products, he offers infra-red cameras, reinforced, security-focused doors …


Ask Amy: Cybersecurity expert gets ‘spousehacked’

<i>Dear Amy: I have been married for 25 years. I recently earned my degree in cybersecurity/computer forensics with highest honors.</i><p><i>Recently, we hosted a social event. The topic shifted to problems with our Internet provider. My husband was attempting to say we could use another service. I explained to</i> …


Kaspersky – “Why didn’t they report it to us?”

Kaspersky Lab chief and co-founder, Eugene Kaspersky, has taken aim at government agencies in the United States after media reports emerged last week …


In wake of recent attacks, it’s time to revisit your patch policy

Hurricanes hammered the United States last month and cyber attacks continue to rain down throughout the world. The EternalBlue v1SMB vulnerability …

Information Security

Dnsmasq vulnerability puts home routers and IoT devices at risk

Vulnerability researchers at Google have uncovered exploitable software flaws in code running on internet-connected devices that could allow a …

Information Security

Israeli army combating a new kind of cyber threat

Prestige, zero risk and a promising career: The benefits of joining a cybersecurity unit are so large, the most desirable draftees are increasingly …


Rise in Insider Threats Drives Shift to Training, Data-Level Security

As the value and volume of data grows, perimeter security is not enough to battle internal or external threats.<p>Data breaches continue to devastate …