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The LARGEST Collection of African American Literature in the PacificNW

The LARGEST Collection of African American Literature in the PacificNW

Dark Star: Marlon James previews first book in fantasy series, Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Here at EW, we’ve been eagerly anticipating Marlon James’ epic new fantasy series Dark Star, which he describes as an “African <i>Game of Thrones</i>.” At …

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Reminder: Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion From The Iraq War - The Intellectualist

The US has overwhelmingly borne the brunt of both the military and reconstruction costs, spending at least $138bn on private security, logistics and …

Violence in Schools Is a Tragedy—and It’s Been a Systemic Part of Life for Black Students

The word “accident” kept appearing in headlines when Courtlin Arrington was killed at Huffman High School on March 7 in Birmingham, Alabama. Though …

Bronx woman fatally shot, off-duty correction officer claims his gun went off accidentally

THE BRONX — A correction officer has been charged after a woman was fatally shot inside a Bronx apartment building overnight. The officer claims his …

Former University of Cincinnati Cop Who Killed Sam Dubose Awarded $350,000 Settlement

Talk about adding insult to injury. Not only did former University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing walk away with zero repercussions after …

50 Restaurants, 50 States: The Best Black-Owned Restaurants In America

Owning a restaurant is tough. It can be expensive just to get started and most restaurants fail within the first year. Black-owned restaurateurs face …

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AvailableNow@BlackRoseBooks BlackRoseBooksPDX.net Michael@BlackRoseBooksPDX.net Code: BlackRoseBooks 10% The best of friends…. Since they were five years old, Jasmine Cox Larson Bush and Kyla Blake had a bond that could not be broken. They shared secrets, marked milestones, and held each other up through life’s adversities. It was a friendship that they both thought would last forever. But when Jasmine’s jealousy led her to seduce Kyla’s husband, Dr. Jefferson Blake, that bond was severed and their friendship was damaged forever…. The worst of times…. Now, twenty years later, a major tragedy brings the two together when Jefferson, in New York for a medical convention, is shot in an attempted robbery. It’s the love that Jasmine once had for Kyla that sends her rushing to the hospital to be by her friend’s side. Kyla, despondent and distraught, just wants answers….and when a mysterious woman appears, it’s Jasmine who believes that woman may hold the key to what happened to Jefferson. While Kyla doesn’t believe that this woman has any meaning, Jasmine is not so sure. Will Jasmine uncover a secret that Jefferson is hiding? And when she does find out the truth, what will she do with it? Will she destroy Kyla’s life or will she do anything to protect her friend from the same devastation that she caused her twenty years before? In a riveting twenty-year anniversary sequel to the bestselling Temptation, Victoria Christopher Murray weaves a tale of what happens once friendships are bonded, then broken and all the consequences of the aftermath.

AvailableNow@BlackRoseBooks BlackRoseBooksPDX.net Michael@BlackRoseBooksPDX.net Code: BlackRoseBooks 10% Kyla and Jefferson Blake count their 16 years together as a wonderful blessing from God. Their marriage is passionate, their daughter is a joy, Jefferson's medial career is prospering and they have loyal friends. Kyla knows her newly divorced and lifelong friend, Jasmine, is desperately unhappy and no amount of prayer or encouragement seems to help. But what Kyla doesn't know is that Jasmine has a plan to move her life forward with the type of man she feels she should have married in the first place. A man like Jefferson. Alexis Ward, Kyla's, best friend, is single and successful and willing to wait for the right man for all the right reasons. But, when "Mr. Right," Dr. Brian Lewis, finally appears she finds herself facing a new challenge. Does she really have to walk away from what she believes in order to have a man in her life? As people who love God, Kyla, Jefferson and Alexis discover, each in their own way, what happens when they truly allow God to be first in their relationships. Full of contemporary characters who struggle to keep their strength, friendships and daily lives framed by the Word of God, Temptation is a novel no reader will soon forget.

2018 Vanport Jazz Festival tickets on sale in 10 days. Don't miss Najee, Norman Brown, Jonathan Butler, Jazmin Ghent, Kenney Polson and Lalah Hathaway!!¡

2018 Vanport Jazz Festival tickets on sale in 10 days. Don't miss Najee, Norman Brown, Jonathan Butler, Jazmin Ghent, Kenney Polson and Lalah Hathaway!!¡

We Can Now Add Schoolchildren to the List of People Forced to Clean Up the Mess White Men Made

The biggest surprise of being a parent so far is how often my daughter surprises me. She’s a little over 2 years old now, and it seems like every …

Amazon's Jeff Bezos Just Proved That All Those Rich And Famous Do-What-I-Do Stories Are Nonsense

We can't go a day without hearing how someone made a million dollars, started a billion-dollar startup, or won a Nobel Prize, and being told how we 'can do it too.' Nonsense.<p>Sometimes, luck wins.<p>"How to be successful" returns 843 million results on Google. "I will teach you to be rich" is an actual …

New Study Claims White Men Buy Tons Of Guns Because They Are Afraid Of Black People

As thousands of young people across the country march against gun violence, a new study has shed light on America’s obsessions with guns — …

This shamefully ignored school shooting is why kids should walk out for 18 minutes, not 17 | Will Bunch

It was a moment of sheer terror that surely none of the hundreds of kids flooding the corridors for the end of the school day will ever forget. One …

National School Walkout

Alvin Horn - Bad Before Good & Those In Between

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AvaliableNow@BlackRoseBooks www.BlackRoseBooksPDX.net Michael@BlackRoseBooksPDX.net $12.00 ShipsFree #GofundMe www.gofundme.com/read-all-summernwblackbookexpo Dr. John Henrik Clarke s African People in World History inaugurates the Black Classic Press Contemporary Lecture Series. This series is devoted to the publication of views expressed by leading contemporary thinkers and essayists. Dr. Clarke qualifies as both. He is Professor Emeritus of African World History at Hunter College. As a historian, educator, and author, he has dedicated his life to uncovering the identity and place of African people in world history.