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Buchla Easel Manual Figure 21

Buchla Easel Manual Figures 17 to 19

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Another Buchla Easel track, Blackpool by mudlogger #buchla #easel #modularsynth #modular

Buchla CVT Twelve

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Buchla Easel Manual Patches 5 to 9

Where to begin with folk horror

All of these examples were produced for the BBC, but ITV’s various sub-strands produced equally unnerving forms of folk horror, some of which have …

Buchla Easel Manual Patch 14

Syrinx Documentary

RVNG Intl. shared this short documentary on the 70’s Canadian electronic music group <b>Syrinx</b>.<p>Syrinx (synthesist and multi-instrumentalist John …


Buchla CVT Eleven


Alessandro Cortini at the Don Buchla Memorial, April 23, 2017

So, this is (arches), a multi surface tactile interface that will put you at the center of performance.

Buchla Memorial Concert Controllers

14 sci-fi books about climate change's worst case scenarios

Your Earth Day reading list<p>Today is Earth Day, an occasion used to highlight environmental awareness and the state of our planet’s health. Climate change has become a major focus in recent decades, and while 120 nations across the world ratified the Paris Agreement a year ago, significant …

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Buchla CVT Ten

2017 schedule: Predicted records, analysis for all 32 NFL teams - NFL Nation

NFL Nation reporters predict the 2017 regular-season records for every team. Each prediction was made independent of the predictions of their …


Andrei Tarkovsky's sci-fi classic Stalker is getting an HD restoration

A visually stunning science-fiction classic just got more striking<p>Cinephiles, rejoice! Criterion Collection will be adding a major science-fiction classic to its roster this summer: a restored version of <i>Stalker</i>, directed by <i>Solaris</i> filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky<i>.</i><p>Based off the 1971 Russian …

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Book Review: Take a tour through Imaginary Cities, from Blade Runner to High-Rise to Gotham

For as long as human beings have huddled together in communities, architecture has played a role in their lives. From the oldest settlements to today’s metropolises, structures and planned spaces have helped organize social relations in ways both intentional and unforeseeable. And, like a novel, …

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A brilliant sci-fi thriller imagines how the massive floods of climate change could transform Earth

There are times when an author releases a book, and it seems like they've finally pinned down an idea they've been wrestling with for their entire writing career. The science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson has done that with his latest novel, "New York 2140."<p>Robinson's past books mostly been …

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Jack Reynor & Benedict Wong To Star In ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’

<b>EXCLUSIVE:</b> Jack Reynor (<i>Free Fire</i>, <i>Jungle Book</i>) and Benedict Wong (<i>Doctor Strange</i>, <i>The Martian</i>) have been set to star in the second installment of</i> …

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A Guide to Iran’s Electronic Underground

9T Antiope<p>“By the time I was a teenager living in Tehran, underground music was all rock, metal, and hip-hop,” says Siavash Amini from his home in …


Here are the 2017 Hugo Award nominees

The finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards were announced this morning, and the ballot includes a refreshing number of women and authors of color in what has been a historically white male-dominated field.<p>The Hugo Awards, named after <i>Amazing Stories</i> editor Hugo Gernsback, are awarded to recognize the …

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BBC World Service - Outlook, The US woman who revolutionised electronic music

In the 1960s the world of electronic music was dominated by men - and Suzanne Ciani was one of the very few women who started to compose synthesizer music. Her music went on to be used widely in adverts, pin ball machines and influenced many musicians. Suzanne's early recordings have recently been …


How the original 'Ghost in the Shell' changed sci-fi and the way we think about the future

You probably didn't know about "Ghost in the Shell" until the Scarlett Johansson live-action adaptation, out Friday, came around. That movie has now been clouded by the controversy surrounding alleged "whitewashing" of what was originally a Japanese character — a necessary, though complicated, …


Getting Started with the ER-301 #7 - Parallel processing Ideas