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Stunning Images of the Solar Eclipse

Buchla CVT Twenty-One

CEC — eContact! 13.4 — History of Electronic Sound Modification by Harald Bode

Social top<p>English<p>History of Electronic Sound Modification<p>Harald Bode first presented his lecture “History of Electronic Sound Modification” in the …


Four book series that are shaping the future of science fiction on television | Ars Technica

Here are the searingly original visions that will soon set your monitors on fire.<p>If recent Hollywood deals are any indication, science fiction on TV …

Science Fiction

Hugo awards 2017: NK Jemisin wins best novel for second year in a row

The Obelisk is headline winner in a year marked by diminished presence of conservative Sad Puppy lobby and strong showing from women<p>A year after NK Jemisin became the first black person to win the Hugo award for best novel, the African American author has landed the prestigious science fiction …

Science Fiction

Luc Besson fires back after being hammered for Valerian in the US

Leading French filmmaker Luc Besson has a clear idea why the sci-fi epic <i>Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets</i> flopped in the US after being …

Science Fiction

Nostalgia Incarnate, by Collin Russell

Nostalgia Incarnate is an aimless stroll through memory and affection.<br>An intimate journey through the brush of realization and acceptance.<br>A trail …


'Valerian' Is a Flawed Journey Into a Fascinating Sci-Fi World

Luc Besson returns to sci-fi with a CGI wonderland of characters, setting, and action.<p>8 articles<p>'Mad Max: Fury Road' Is Pure, Ridiculous Mutant Car Fun<p>A 9-Year-Old Reviews 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'<p>The Fast and the Furious, Cuban Style<p>Though not a Pixar film, <i>Valerian and the City of a Thousand</i> …

Science Fiction

The Farmers Are Silent (Buchla 200e) by mudlogger

Xaoc Praga arrived! #modularsynth #eatsleeptweakrepeat #eurorack

偽Buchla Music Easel Ambient#2

Just some work on fine tuning the CV controlled preset selection... my kind of music. #intellijel #eurorack #plonk

A Florida woman discovered a treasure trove of rare space documents in the trash

A Navy veteran accidentally stumbled upon a number of rare documents and images from the height of the space age — in the trash outside of a home in Florida.<p>Former aviation electrician Yvette Quinn discovered the documents several weeks ago, and turned them over to WKMG News 6, concerned about the …

Neal Stephenson on magic, technology, and the lure of long books

One of Justin Trudeau’s and Barack Obama’s favourite writers teams up with Nicole Galland for ‘The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.’<p>If any writer should be …

Finding Beauty In Imperfections – Q&A With Hainbach About His KOMA Field Kit Setup

The KOMA Elektronik Field Kit is one of the most inspiring sound tools we have seen in the past few months, a sort of egg of Columbus for all those …


10 Books With Positive Visions Of The Future, Because Sometimes The Real World Is Dystopian Enough

Between hip teen dystopias like <i>The Hunger Games,</i> sobering adult dystopias like <i>The Handmaid's Tale,</i> and actual real life dystopias like the current …

Sounds Of Science: The Electronica Pioneers You Never See

In much the same way that a cherished love song seems to uncannily mirror one’s own experiences, circumstances or desires, abstract electronica can …

Buchla Easel Manual Figure 21


Buchla Easel Manual Figures 17 to 19


Envelope following @t.chiwinpiti #buchla #modular #modularsynth

Another Buchla Easel track, Blackpool by mudlogger #buchla #easel #modularsynth #modular

Buchla CVT Twelve

...and this one too . #portabellabz #bobexpander 👾👾👾

Buchla Easel Manual Patches 5 to 9

Where to begin with folk horror

All of these examples were produced for the BBC, but ITV’s various sub-strands produced equally unnerving forms of folk horror, some of which have …


Buchla Easel Manual Patch 14

Syrinx Documentary

Founder John Mills-Cockell tells the story of the group and its rise and fall. … Read More Syrinx Documentary