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Creative Writing (Scientific Thinking): For MY creative writing section, I wrote a full page reflective journal entry based on all of the topics we learned and the tips on how to write notes (like Cornell notes) that we discussed throughout the first semester. I put this piece of my own writing under scientific thinking because it included information about each chapter we learned and the ways we wrote down notes and observations for labs and other assignments.

New Learning (Cell Transport): Cell Transport is one of the new topics I've learned this year and I didn't know anything about it until this semester. It has taught me how the movement of molecules go in and out of the cell, which is something new I've learned about this year. Therefore, it goes under the topic of New Learning.

Introduction to Honors Biology Reflection/Portfolio Project

New Learning (Respiration): These test tubes are from our Elodea Plant Lab, which represented the cycles of Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis. I put this lab under the topic of Respiration because it showed me the properties of the cycle and how it affects plants, photosynthesis, etc., which was new information to me this year because I've never learned about it before.

Achievement (Collaboration/Teamwork): This assignment was a lab me and my lab group worked hard on, so that's why we are proud to show it to others. Our results were really interesting in a good way, so that's also why we are proud of it. Most importantly, this is a team collaboration because we worked all together to perform this lab properly and get positive results from it; it is one of our best labs yet.

Achievement (Study Skills and Learning New Information): I am proud to show my chapter maps, a type of assignment we do in class, because I feel like they show my ability to keep track of things and make them look nice/colorful. These help as a strategy of studying new information about a chapter, so that's why I chose that topic for these maps.

Achievement (Scientific Communication and Writing): This worksheet was on of he labs we did at the beginning of school with my lab group. I feel like this represents the topic of scientific communication/writing because my group and I talked about every lab procedure and fact about the situation in the experiment. After that, we worked together to write everything we found out and observed during the process.

Achievement (Cell Structure and Function): This picture is my canvas project I did for this class a couple of months ago, and I am proud of it because I put a lot of effort and time to it and thought it turned out great. I am also proud to show this because it looks very neat and colorful and knowing that I worked hard on it makes it feel even better to present this towards others.

Passion (Summer Reading): Over the summer, I have really enjoyed reading about Henrietta Lacks and how her cells lived on. It provided me a higher interest in how the cells of a human body function, which became one of the most passionate and meaningful topics to me.

Passion (Enzymes): The topic of enzymes sparked my interest because I did not know much about them before and I was always curious about what they were and how they affected any kind of organism. This lab our class did with potatoes and peroxide represented how the activity of enzymes work and it helped me understand their function, which was one of my favorite topics to learn about so far.

Passion (Photosynthesis): I chose the topic of photosynthesis to be my passion during the first semester because I've heard about it before and thought it was very interesting. Therefore, when I heard that we were reviewing it, I got very excited because I knew we would be learning new information about how this process works. This coloring sheet assignment, based on photosynthesis, in my notebook helped me understand better about how the cycle functions and it has been a very helpful study guide.

This picture was taken by my friend Michelle. Me and my other friend Michelle are in the picture, so there were three Michelle's! 😂 Lol, this is just an appreciation post for one of my many amazing friends that I love. ❤️ We were also in Disneyland when this picture was taken, so it was a wonderful trip! I really like this picture and wanted to flip it to my Personal Legend magazine because friends are a big part of my life and I don't ever want to lose them when I grow up.

Here are some more pictures , unfortunately I couldn't go a a way to download a video of me spinning and jumping, so I made a couple of collages to post instead. Hopefully this is good enough!

Me doing some spins and jumps at skating, and some of my best friends there. I love them, and I love figure skating!

Danny Boy- Singing Cover by Michelle Bitus

Me at skating with my amazing friends.

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