Sunday Reads for November 28, 2021

Air pollution kills more than 10x as many as the flu every year & yet we hear even less about it. The LRB piece offers a staggering account of the effects of smog. The story of freediver Alenka Artnik is as immersive as water itself — and uses multimedia gorgeously. Is Keanu Reeves really *that guy*? A new cover story says yes. (RZA is another sage.) The interview with Lars Doucet, a game developer living with Tourette’s and Narcolepsy, makes a stranger's life intensely interesting.

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Sunday Reads for November 28, 2021


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    Ten Million a Year: Dying to Breathe

    Ten Million a Year: Dying to Breathe

    Not​ all deaths are created equal. In February 2020, the world began to panic about the novel coronavirus, which killed 2714 people that month. This …

    What's the Secret, Keanu?

    What's the Secret, Keanu?

    Esquire - Ryan D'Agostino

    Guy’s always working—sixty-eight movies in thirty-five years. Playing killing machines, doofuses, romantics, messiahs, and devils. But always Keanu. Which always means something more. Sweater by Dries Van Noten. PARIS, the Day Before Halloween He sits in the black leather booth of a Paris brasserie, a …

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