Sunday Reads for November 14, 2021

"It’s tempting to blame the pandemic for the surge in retail trading, but the pandemic was more like gasoline," writes The Verge. Welcome to internet finance. It’s only going to get weirder from here. Fast forward to “Succession,” of course! Marie Claire’s delightful profile of Gerri reveals the "happy accident” that became her character’s trademark. And if you loved “Pose” as much as I did, Chantal Regnault’s photographs of the Harlem ball scene from 1989-92 will be magical.

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Sunday Reads for November 14, 2021


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    Welcome to the stonk market

    Welcome to the stonk market

    In February, a quant fund called Cindicator Capital posted a job listing for someone with three years of trading experience — and at least 1,000 karma on r/WallStreetBets. “Important: NO higher education...

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