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The Feminine Side of Comic-Con 2015

BADASSES<p>No, Comic-Con isn't just a boys' club. Meet the badass cosplaying women invading the annual geekfest.<p>07.11.15 8:00 PM ET<p>Daniel …

Like Bulls In A Crowded Street Full Of People

Ouch!<p>07.12.15 12:01 AM ET<p>Joseba Etxaburu / Reuters

Pictures of the day: 13 July 2015 - Telegraph

Pictures in the News | July 13, 2015

Monday’s Pictures in the News begins in Mexico, where Mexican officials inspect the tunnel that Mexican drug lord Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman used to escape from high security prison. Guzman, considered one of Mexico’s most powerful drug lords, made his second escape from a high-security prison using a …

Instagrammer of the Week: Renan Ozturk

07.13.15 6:40 PM ET

أحلام: هيفا وهبي لا ترضى إلا بالعالمية وكليبها الجديد رائع

هنأت الفنانة الإماراتية ​أحلام​، الفنانة ​هيفا وهبي​ على فيديو كليبها الجديد العالمي "Breathing You In"، كما عبّرت عن سعادتها وإعجابها الشديد بالكليب.<p>…