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The Key Differences Between Culture, Purpose And Employee Engagement

I have several favorite chocolate bars. Crunchie is one. Toffee and chocolate. What a combination. So too is a Reese Cup. Peanut butter and chocolate? Yes please. And don’t get me started about a caramel-filled Dairy Milk bar from England.<p>As your mouth waters and the endorphins kick into high gear, …

Employee Engagement

Candidate A Has Too Much Experience. Candidate B Has Too Little. Whom Should You Hire? |

Recently, my company was stuck on a hiring decision. Our choice came down to two candidates. One candidate had great vision but came with too much experience for the intermediate-level position. The other person didn't have enough experience but had lots of creativity. Each candidate met with the …


We asked 750 hiring managers what makes a great job candidate — and almost all of them are looking for the same person

And don't worry, these are traits that anyone in any profession or industry can have.<p>Results from the survey told us that nine in ten (88%) hiring decision makers agree that an informed candidate is a quality candidate. Because they know more and self-select for the positions that are right for …


I've managed hundreds of recruiters, and I can tell you they're looking for 4 things on your résumé

Some people just cut and paste their job descriptions into a document. Others list all their duties, their impact and make sure it is laid out meticulously.<p>Still others write a (slightly fictional) masterpiece that embellishes all of their best traits. No matter where you fall on that spectrum — …


An ex-Apple recruiter says there's an unexpected dark side to hiring for 'culture fit'

• <b>HR expert Rachel Bitte says that there's a potential downside to hiring for culture fit.</b><p><b>• The hiring strategy can lead to a more homogeneous workplace.</b><p><b>• Research also indicates that interviewers sometimes look for "potential friends" rather than qualified candidates.</b><p>Hiring for cultural fit sounds …


It's OK to Disagree, Just Don't be Disagreeable |

One of the biggest mistakes happening in business right now is that people do not know how to disagree agreeably. Being disagreeable in an agreeable manner promotes alternate and oftentimes improved ways of thinking. When differing opinions are present, the synergy of intelligence can be released. …


How Do I Tell Jennifer I Can't Recommend Her For A Job?

Dear Liz,<p>I’ve known my friend Jennifer since seventh grade.<p>We are 42 now. Jennifer is a wonderful person. I am her daughter’s godmother. I adore Jennifer and we are like sisters, but she wants me to recommend her for a job at my company and I can’t do it.<p><b>Watch on Forbes:</b><p>Jennifer has a very …


Why Behavioral Interviewing Still Works

This column is authored by Andrew Armstrong, Managing Partner at KickStartThe post Why Behavioral Interviewing Still Works appeared first on iamwire.


A Study of More Than 50,000 Employees in Over 1,000 Companies Says These Are the 10 Things Workers Need the Most to Succeed |

Late last year, Officevibe, the leader in employee engagement software, released an unprecedented, real-time report on the "State of Employee Engagement," based on hundreds of thousands of answers from their customer survey software.<p>Unlike so many dated reports, what employees are telling their …

Employee Engagement

A résumé writer shares 7 mistakes that make you look like you're trying too hard

Is it an impeccably dressed sales consultant at an Aston Martin dealership, ushering you into a private room to discuss your needs and how to address them in the form of a six-figure automobile?<p>Or is it a sweaty-palmed hustler at a used car lot, trotting out every tired closing technique in the …


These 4 Second-Round Interview Questions Are What Actually Mattered When I Met With Over 1,000 Candidates |

Hiring for culture fit is one of the hardest and most important parts of starting a company. There's no way to avoid this challenge, but you can certainly get a lot better at handling it. In my last piece I offered the 4 interview questions that have helped me hire for culture fit. After giving …

Human Resources

What Do Millennials Want from Their Employers, Exactly? This Study Sums It Up in 1 Sentence |

One of my go-to resources for discovering the latest insights on Millennials is Deloitte's reputable Millennial Survey. This year's report -- based on the views of almost 8,000 Millennials questioned across 30 countries -- grabbed my attention.<p>For companies looking to attract and retain Millennial …

The Workplace

A Navy SEAL explains 8 secrets to grit and resilience

Sometimes you just want to quit. You know you shouldn’t but nothing seems better than crawling back into bed and hiding under the covers. (I am there …

Nobel Prize

How to Get Noticed at Your New Job

<i>The Leadership Insiders network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in business contribute answers to timely</i> …


10 Literary Classics Every Business Leader Should Read |

Biographies of inspirational figures, leadership how-to titles, and management case studies will all give you great insights on how to be a better entrepreneur and leader, but if that's all you read, you're really not getting a well-rounded diet of books.<p>Scientific research and much admired leaders …


Want Your Best Employees to Never Leave You? Ask Them 5 Simple Questions |

Want to do something that will launch you into the new era of HR? Get rid of your exit interviews and replace them with "stay interviews."<p>If you're new to this concept, unlike the exit interview, managers are using stay interviews to get fresh insight into improving the work environment or their …

Employee Engagement

The 12 worst mistakes you can make in video job interviews

If you are unable to meet face to face, video interviews are the next best thing. But the convenience of performing an interview over a webcam can be a breeding ground for complacency.<p>It's important to remember that, just because you're in the comfort of your own home, you need to approach the …


Why (Almost) Everyone Should Study Ryan Seacrest's Career Strategy |

With the announcement of Ryan Seacrest as Kelly Ripa's new morning-show co-host, the former <i>American Idol</i> host now has six (yes, <i>six!</i>) jobs. Besides deeming him this year's "hardest working man in show biz," there's something else (almost) all of us should do: study his career strategy.<p>Today, every …

Reality TV

Pay Attention to These Surprising 6 Red Flags Signaling Burnout. You May Be Closer Than You Think |

Contrary to what you might think, it's surprisingly easy to ignore the signs of burnout. You might be so determined to meet a deadline or achieve some goal that you miss the red flags or warning signs that something is about to go very wrong. If you're not conscious of what your body is telling you …


Please stop saying these ridiculous buzzwords at work

At first, euphemisms surfaced in the workplace to help people deal with touchy subjects that were difficult to talk about. Before long, they morphed …


One Answer That Will Increase Your Probability of Getting Hired |

In 1995, I was approached by two classmates in college. They, apparently, had started a company, and were considering offering me a job as the lead developer. No doubt, I was fascinated. But then, one of them asked me if I was familiar enough with the Motorola (later Freescale) 6805 processor …


I Took The Wrong Job -- How Long Do I Have To Stay?

Dear Liz,<p>I started a new position in January. By the middle of February I could tell I took the wrong job.<p>My boss “Stan” is terribly under-qualified for his job.<p>He hired me in part to fill in the gaps in his subject-matter expertise, but it’s not working — because Stan doesn’t want my advice or …


10 Signs You're a Follower Instead of a Leader |

Anyone is capable of becoming a leader, but not everyone is cut out for leadership. That doesn't mean they're less capable of making an important contribution, just that they bring a different set of skills to the table.<p>There's nothing wrong with being a follower--the world needs them as much as …


9 Brutal Truths Every Millennial Looking for a Job Needs to Hear (It Will Put Things in Perspective) |

Well, chances are you're not just looking for a job--you're looking for a particular kind of job. You want something fulfilling. Something that's going to make you happy. Something that pays well, and most of all, has some sort of clear trajectory toward a bright and promising future.<p>I hate to be …


What Veep can teach us about the job search

With Season 6 of HBO’s Veep starting, we wondered what might be in store for ex-president Selina Meyer, as played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as she gets …