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Denali and the Names of the Past

President Obama’s decision that the federal government will now call what was formerly Mount McKinley, the continent’s highest peak, by its older, First Nations name of Denali, which means “The High One,” caused some hysteria this week, though mostly among the predictably hysterical. Part of it may …


Steven Spielberg: The Age of Hollywood Superhero Blockbusters Won't Last Forever

Starting with the first X-Men movie back in 2000, Hollywood entered a new golden age of superhero films. But in case you're among those who don't get excited by capes and tights, know that one Hollywood power player doesn't see this trend as lasting: director Steven Spielberg.

In an interview with …


Bloomberg’s Future Is the Future of News for Everyone

Bloomberg laid off dozens of journalists yesterday and is reorganizing itself to meet the paradoxical imperatives of doing news today.The post …


Robert Redford: From Sundance Kid to Hollywood Legend

GREAT MOVIE STARS age differently from the rest of us. Robert Redford turned 79 last month. Those burning blue eyes have melted back a little into the hollows, and the famous Redford mane, once so blond that Pauline Kael said it wasn’t platinum but plutonium, has lost some of its sheen. But he …

Robert Redford

Has Stephen Hawking solved the mystery of black holes?

(CNN) — Black holes have a way of capturing our imagination. That's why when Stephen Hawking recently talked about them the media went wild.

But what was he really saying? Was it a breakthrough moment?

At the Hawking Radiation Conference organized by Laura Mersini-Houghton, a professor of physics at …


Goodbye Moore's Law! Intel invests $50 million into quantum computing partnership

What would Gordon Moore say?

Intel, the chip giant, has committed $50 million and engineering resources as part of a 10-year partnership with a Dutch university to advance research in quantum computing. The partnership with Delft University of Technology and TNO, the Dutch Organization for Applied …

Quantum Computing

Tesla Model 3 will cost $35,000, launch in 2017

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced the Model 3, the company's latest electric car, will cost $35,000 (£22,900). Billed as a smaller, cheaper alternative to current models, the Model 3 will start production in about two years, according to Musk.

First teased in July last year, the Model 3 will only …

Elon Musk

Alton Brown Has Had It With Foodies

Ten or so years ago, you said that food in this country was like what sex was in the ’70s: our last decadent act. Are we out of the ’70s yet? I think we’ve moved into the ’80s. The decadence is being replaced by a potentially appropriate austerity. The orgy of the unfamiliar and new has given way …

Alton Brown

Netflix will never have everything you want, and neither will anyone else

This past weekend Netflix announced that it was not renewing its streaming deal with cable channel Epix, and as a result, movies like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Transformers: Age of Extinction will be disappearing from the service by the end of September. Hulu signed …


Federal Judge Erases Tom Brady’s Suspension

In a major setback for the N.F.L., New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady prevailed in his battle to have his four-game suspension overturned Thursday, as a federal judge reversed a ruling by Commissioner Roger Goodell to bench one of the league’s biggest stars in a dispute over underinflated …

Tom Brady

Double black hole is powering quasar, astronomers find

(CNN) — Single black holes are impressive enough, but astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a galaxy being powered by a quasar that contains two of the time-space benders, "furiously whirling about each other," the space agency observed in a news release.

The galaxy, known …


Driving BMW’s 2016 7 Series: the $81,300 contradiction

There is a preconception that as a car gets larger, it gets softer and gentler; it disconnects you from the road; it places you gently on a cloud of nothingness while you glide down the highway protected by excessive sound insulation. Even in the driver’s seat, it makes you a passenger.

These …


John Sculley: 'Steve Jobs was misrepresented in popular culture'

Exclusive: The former Apple chief executive on Steve Jobs, the greatest current technology leaders and why Aaron Sorkin’s Jobs biopic will tell the truth about his and Jobs’ “amazing relationship”

It goes without saying that Steve Jobs is perhaps the most famous business leader of the century, if …

Steve Jobs

Apple TV 4 coming in October for under $200, Apple TV 3 stays & gets new streaming service

Rough mockup of fourth Apple TV vs. third Apple TV by Michael Steeber

With the official debut of the next-generation Apple TV less than two weeks away, sources have provided additional details on Apple’s pricing, availability, and product lineup plans for its set-top devices. According to sources, …


Under Armour launches first major brand campaign

Tom Brady won another Super Bowl. Stephen Curry won an MVP and an NBA title. Jordan Spieth won the Masters and the U.S. Open. Misty Copeland became the first African-American to become a principal dancer at a major ballet company.

It has been a big year for Under Armour's most high-profile …


Ghostly Particles Detected Beneath Earth

Using giant vats of organic liquid buried under a mountain in Italy, scientists have shed new light on the origins of ghostly particles known as …

Scientific Research

In a Data-Driven N.F.L., the Pings May Soon Outstrip the X’s and O’s

When 80,000 fans pack MetLife Stadium each time the Giants and the Jets play this season, they are unlikely to notice the 22 new radio receivers placed discreetly around the building. Nor will they see the radio frequency chips embedded in every player’s shoulder pads.

But with this gear, fans …


Why Magnetars Should Freak You Out

Artist's impression of the magnetar in star cluster Westerlund 1.
Credit: ESO/L. Calçada

Paul Sutter is a research fellow at the Astronomical


Baseball’s Last Cuban Escapees

For foreign baseball players hoping to make it in America, just about every conceivable journey — the 1,300 miles from Venezuela, the 5,000 miles from Japan, the 7,000 miles from Australia — has been easier than the 90 short miles from Cuba. That trip, over the last 50 years, has involved almost …


The Noise Around You Could Strengthen Your Passwords

Two-factor authentication is a vital (and annoying) way to protect your information. These researchers have a way to make it easier.The post The …


The deepest dive

Natalia Molchanova, the world’s greatest free diver, was presumed drowned on August 5th, aged 53

IT OFTEN seemed strange to Natalia Molchanova, as she …

Extreme Sports

Tiger Woods misses cut at PGA Championship after second-round 73

HAVEN, Wis. -- Tiger Woods doesn't look at his golf year as being finished, but as far as the record book is concerned, it is all but done after a third consecutive missed cut in a major championship.

Woods faced tall odds early Saturday morning at Whistling Straits, where he had five holes …

Tiger Woods

The Big James Bond Questions That Spectre Will Try To Answer

You know his name, you’ve memorized his number, and you know how he takes his martinis; but do you really know the man who is Bond, James Bond? It’s …

James Bond

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe on the future of virtual reality

With the Oculus Rift headset due to launch early in 2016 after what feels like an eternity of build up, consumer level virtual reality is about to transition into an actual reality. It's potentially a turning point for the games industry, and has huge implications for fields as disparate as …

Virtual Reality

Apple’s electric car is real, and it’s almost ready for testing

Apple is definitely working on a self-driving car project, and according to some new documents, Project Titan appears to be further along than anyone thought.

Rumors of Apple’s car project first starting surfacing at the beginning of this year, with an announcement not expected until 2020 at the …

Electric Vehicles

Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace

SEATTLE — On Monday mornings, fresh recruits line up for an orientation intended to catapult them into Amazon’s singular way of working.

They are told to forget the “poor habits” they learned at previous jobs, one employee recalled. When they “hit the wall” from the unrelenting pace, there is only …


After Nokia Layoffs, Tech Workers in Finland Regroup and Refocus

Kimmo Kalliola knows the feeling that thousands of Finns have been dealing with over the last couple of years. He spent more than a decade working on geolocation positioning at Nokia, a highly technical job, but the Finnish tech giant hit hard times. In late 2012, Mr. Kalliola and 10,000 others at …


Warren Buffett, in a return to basics, nears one of Berkshire Hathaway's biggest deals ever

The $30 billion deal would be a break from Berkshire’s recent blockbuster food deals.

Warren Buffett is going back to his basics.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is reportedly nearing a deal to buy Precision Castparts, a maker of aircraft components, like blades in jet engines, and energy production …

Warren Buffett

‘Fantastic Four’ Lacks Superpowers at Box Office

LOS ANGELES — 20th Century Fox’s big-budget “Fantastic Four” went down in flames at the weekend box office, adding to fears about superhero fatigue and calling into question Hollywood’s willingness to hire novice directors for major films.

“Fantastic Four,” carrying an estimated production and …