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iPhone first went on sale 8 years ago today

The original iPhone first went on sale eight years ago today, on June 29, 2007 — a simpler time when Pixar released the movie Ratatouille, the NFL shut down its European league, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” topped the music charts, and Apple stock sold for a measly $17.43.

If only we knew then what we know …


How Sweden became the startup capital of Europe

Stockholm is the second most prolific tech hub in the world on a per capita basis, behind Silicon Valley. How did that happen and where does it go from here?

When Apple, the Silicon Valley veteran that revolutionised the music industry by unbundling the physical album and allowing individual digital …


Apple Suppliers Start Making iPhones With Force Touch

Apple Inc. has started early production of new iPhone models with a feature called Force Touch, which senses how hard users are pressing down on a …


Apple has a new flag proudly waving outside its headquarters

Last week, the Supreme Court reached a decision to support gay marriage nation-wide. Many tech companies in California exploded in cheer. For example, Snapchat added gay-pride filters to its app, and Uber changed car icons on its maps to rainbows.

Apple is currently the only Fortune 50 company with …

Tim Cook

DJI Phantom 3 review: an aerial photography drone for the masses

Almost a year ago to the day, I wrote about the impact DJI's Phantom 2 Vision+ might have on our skies. Up to that point, drones (or quadcoptors/multirotors, for the purists) had been slowly edging their way into mainstream consciousness. DJI's ready-to-fly Vision series, with their built-in …


Ryan Seacrest's iPad keyboard is surprisingly good, but expensive

It's hard to expect much from Typo, a company that was co-founded by Ryan Seacrest and whose legal tango with BlackBerry has forced it to stop selling phone keyboards. But with its new iPad keyboard, Typo has at least proven it's worth keeping an eye on. For $189, you get a Bluetooth keyboard that …

Ryan Seacrest

Greece Will Close Banks to Stem Flood of Withdrawals

ATHENS — Greece will keep its banks closed on Monday and place restrictions on the withdrawal and transfer of money, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a televised address on Sunday night, as Athens tries to avert a financial collapse.

The government’s decision to close banks temporarily and …


LeBron James will be free agent July 1, according to sources

LeBron James will bypass his $21.6 million player option with the Cleveland Cavaliers and become a free agent on July 1, sources told

The move, which was expected, marks the third time in the past six years that James will be an unrestricted free agent. This time is expected to have a …

Lebron James

Panic Among Hedge Fund Investors in Greece

ATHENS — For investors around the world looking at Greece, there was but one question Sunday: What is going to happen when the markets open on Monday?

That question is particularly acute for the hedge fund investors — including luminaries like David Einhorn and John Paulson — who have collectively …


Technology and The Evolution of Storytelling

by John Lasseter

It is such an exciting time to be a filmmaker.

I do not believe the notion that the cinema is dying or dead because it’s amazing what …


Papa John's spending $100 million a year to clean up menu

Papa John's International Inc. is spending $100 million a year to eliminate artificial ingredients and other additives from its menu, underscoring the cost of the restaurant industry's shift to more natural foods.

The company removed monosodium glutamate, or MSG, from its ranch dressing last year …


Writer James Salter remembered for his sophisticated prose

James Salter, the prize-winning author acclaimed for his sophisticated, granular prose and sobering insights in Light Years, A Sport and a Pastime and other fiction, has died at age 90.

Mr. Salter, who had been in good health, collapsed and died June 19 while at a gym in Sag Harbor, N.Y., his wife, …


18-foot great white shark the biggest among 15 at popular Monterey Beach (pics)

A scientist in a helicopter sighted and photographed a great white shark at Monterey Bay estimated at 18 feet long and perhaps 5,000 pounds.

It was the biggest of 15 great white sharks that marine biologist Giancarlo Thomae counted from a helicopter last week. Most the sharks were within short range …

Great White Shark

Paris Confronts Airbnb’s Rapid Growth


The late winter sunlight strikes apartment buildings on the Ile de la Cité in Paris, a popular area for Airbnb rentals. Photo: Reuters

Updated …


The 9-to-5 office workday is dying in America

With the rise of flexible working schedules, the freelance economy, and video conferencing, more Americans are getting their jobs done without ever heading into an office, according to new data from the American Time Use Survey released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Among all workers, 23% …


Bring back the bad boys of tennis, says John McEnroe

John McEnroe says it's time to shake-up the rules of Wimbledon to make matches more exciting

He is one of the greatest bad boys of tennis, his legendary meltdowns and across the net confrontations remembered fondly in an age when fans complain the game no longer produces big characters.

But if John …


Automakers Tackle the Massive Security Challenges of Connected Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is accelerating its efforts to mandate vehicle-to-vehicle communications, a step that could help lower the number of traffic deaths in the U.S., but also creates a major challenge for data security and privacy.

NHTSA plans to submit a proposed …


Apple Can Skate by Taylor Swift, but Not Product Missteps

When the pop music star Taylor Swift publicly criticized Apple’s royalty payment plans recently, government regulators that had been investigating the company for various other reasons might have thought, Get in line.

In the past few years, Apple has become the most valuable company in the world as …

Taylor Swift

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket explodes mid-flight

The Falcon 9 rocket that SpaceX launched from Cape Canaveral this morning exploded 2 minutes and 19 seconds after liftoff. The rocket was supposed to deliver cargo to the International Space Station, and no humans were on board. It was the first Falcon 9 that has ever failed, following 18 …

Falcon 9

iOS 8.4 to be released 8 AM PT on Tuesday, iTunes Match song limit will increase to 100,000 with iOS 9

Apple directors have been somewhat talkative over the weekend about the imminent release of Apple Music. Former Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers, who now works as a Senior Director of Apple Music, blogged about the product’s launch. He reminisces on the history of digital music and radio saying that …


Apple Music is coming to Sonos by the end of the year

Sonos let its fans know weeks ago that the company's multi-room, wireless speakers would not support Apple Music at launch. But there is some good news: we now know that Apple and Sonos are trying to make it a reality. A Sonos spokesperson has confirmed to The Verge that the two companies are …

Apple Music

Jay Z just fired the boss of his streaming music service

Jay Z’s new streaming music service barely launched at the end of March, and while the company has been trying to use exclusive music videos and concerts to gain traction, subscriptions are still low, so Hov just decided to fire Tidal’s CEO.

Tidal announced this morning that it has fired Peter …


Marvel has found its star and director for the next Spider-Man movie

The search is over. Marvel today announced that 19-year-old English actor Tom Holland is set to star in the upcoming Spider-Man. Holland is best known for his star turn as the title character in Broadway's Billy Elliott. Up-and-coming indie director Jon Watts, whose most recent film Cop Car debuted at …


Pixar’s Best Director Is Also Its Most Underrated

There's Brad Bird and John Lasseter, but of the Pixar's core directors, is the best of them actually the man behind Inside Out?The post Pixar’s Best …


Audiences in raptor: Jurassic World hits billion-dollar milestone in record time

Jurassic World has become the fastest film to reach the magic $1bn mark at the global box office, achieving the feat in just 14 days.

While Box Office Mojo reported a return of $987.2m for the film as of 21 June, a number of respected Hollywood sites report that it has since crossed the mark. Colin …

Entertainment (UK)

Inside Wall Street’s Most Enduring Rivalry

One grew up in Brooklyn public housing, the son of a postal worker, and shared a bedroom with his grandmother. The other was born half a world away, …

Pete Rose: Caught Red-Handed

In the wake of an ESPN report that proves he bet on baseball as a player, it's time to say goodbye to MLB's all-time hits king

Pete Rose, again? Well, that's just great. Just what I wanted to spend my e-column inches on this week.

In case you missed it – and by "you" I mean the Rose apologist with a …

Pete Rose

LeBron James still bummed about Finals, looking ahead to next year

For fans still bummed out about the Cleveland Cavaliers' loss in the NBA Finals, LeBron James has a message: He's not happy either.

"It hurt to lose, and I'm still in a little funk right now, but I'm trying to work my way out of it," James said in a video posted Saturday for Bleacher Report.

James …

Lebron James

How email became the most reviled communication experience ever

By John Pavlus

It wasn't until I heard that a colleague had nuked his personal email account—on purpose, for good—that it hit me: Email is the most reviled personal technology ever. Mat Honan, the San Francisco bureau chief at BuzzFeed, was so fed up with email that he did the 21st-century equivalent …