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“Pequeña ventana” a panteón prehispánico, tumba de tiro hallada en la ciudad de Colima

“Pequeña ventana” a panteón prehispánico, tumba de tiro hallada en la ciudad de Colima. Foto Rafael Platas INAH <i></i> <b>*** En el espacio funerario se</b> …


Mexican archaeologists excavate 1,600 year-old shaft tomb in the State of Zacatecas

<b>ZACATECAS</b><b>.-</b> Although it has been known since the 1950’s that inhabitants in the southern part of Zacatecas participated in the tradition of shaft …



More than 1,000 march in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.<p>Justice Now<p>Grad student aspires to ride in grueling Russian race.<p>Trans-Siberian …

Mexican archaeologists find a 1,500 year old shaft tomb in the state of Colima

<b>MEXICO CITY</b><b>.-</b> A shaman’s sculpture (represented with a long face and a weapon at hand), is the guardian of a shaft tomb discovered in the state of …

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Western Mexico shaft tomb tradition

The <b>Western Mexico shaft tomb tradition</b> or <b>shaft tomb culture</b> refers to a set of interlocked cultural traits found in the western Mexican states of …

Archaeological Finding Confirms Ixcateopan Produced Cotton

<b>MEXICO CITY.-</b> Ixcateopan, in Guerrero, was one of the last settlements to be subjugated by Mexica Empire, becoming tributary in the late 15th and …


Prehispanic West México

Click on image to enlarge<p>Table of Contents <br>Vea este informe en Español.<p>The first archaeologists that wrote about western and northwestern México …

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Recent Research In Western Mexican Archaeology

Introduction: Special Section on Mortuary Practices and Shaft Tombs in Western Mexico: An Homenaje to Phil Weigand.

The Ex-Laguna de Magdalena and pre-Columbian settlement in Jalisco, Mexico: The integration of archaeological and geomorphological datasets

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Community vs. Lineage Strategies and Built Space in Late Formative through Middle Classic Jalisco.

Public Architecture: Navajas, Jalisco, Mexico

With contributions by Gregory Tyndall, Bruce Benz, Sarah Jennings, Kathy Beekman, and Bruno Calgaro.<p>Research Year: 2003 <br>Culture: Teuchitlán …

El Grillo and Epilogue. The Reestablishment of Community and Identity in Far Western Mexico.

Kerr Portfolio Results

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Mesoamerican Symbols of Authority in the Shaft Tomb Figures of West Mexico

Corporate Power Strategies In the Late Formative to Early Classic Tequila Valleys of Central Jalisco

The Chronological Context of the Central Jalisco Shaft Tombs

The Shaft Tombs of the Atemajac Valley and Their Relation to Settlement

Chinesca Culture Offering Found in Tepic

<b>MEXICO CITY.-</b> A funerary offering of Chinesca culture integrated by 8 ceramic pieces created between 200 BC and 400 AD was found in Tepic …

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Green Stones in Central Jalisco

Green Stones in Central Jalisco <br>Translation of the Spanish by Eduardo Williams <br>Ver este informe en Español.<p>Research Year: 2004 <br>Culture: Teuchitlán …

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El Teúl

<b>El Teúl</b> is an important archaeological mesoamerican site located on a hill with the same name in the Teúl Municipality in the south of the Zacatecas …

Diferimiento de fallo. Servicio de vigilancia E16

Diferimiento de fallo. Licitación Pública Nacional Electrónica. LA-011D00001-E16-2016. Servicio de vigilancia en inmuebles del INAH Ciudad de México, …

Agricultural Pole Rituals and Rulership In Late Formative Central Jalisco

The Teuchitlan Tradition: Rise of a Statelike Society

The Pyramids at Teuchitlan, Mexico - Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Teuchitlán represents one of the first settlement systems with a civilized lifestyle in this area. The circular structures, over two thousand years …