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Programming a song on Nintendo Labo with Toy-Con Garage took all of my brainpower

Over the last few weeks on YouTube, Nintendo’s been teasing what you can do with Labo — the DIY cardboard accessory kit for the Switch — which comes out this Friday. One of the most intriguing videos was a demonstration of Toy-Con Garage, the programming platform within Labo’s software. Using the …

Nintendo Labo

Abylight Shows Hyper Light Drifter Running On Nintendo Switch

<b>Hyper Light Drifter</b> was originally supposed to come out on the Wii U, but in 2016 it was officially confirmed that it wouldn't be happening.<p>The …


Rocket League Fan Rewards Now Available On Nintendo Switch

Psyonix has announced that Fan Rewards are now available in Rocket League on Nintendo Switch, which, once you have linked your account, will let you …


Classic Sega Titles Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch

A recent Sega event in Japan is turning up all kinds of interesting news for the publisher, including the fact that a collection of Genesis and …


Nintendo’s new multi-screen patent isn’t just crazy—it might already hide in Switch | Ars Technica

Is this vaporware? A new system? Or a soon-to-be Switch feature?<p>Anybody familiar with Nintendo's hardware history knows better than to expect the …

Nintendo Labo

With 2 million units sold, Shovel Knight generated the most income from Switch sales

Yacht Club Games announced on Twitter this afternoon that <i>Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove</i> has sold 2 million copies since launching back in June …

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The Best Nintendo Switch Deals, Bundles, and Essentials Online

We're incredibly optimistic about the Switch's future and believe it sets a new standard for game systems. But since it's so new, there aren't a ton …

Nintendo Switch

GameStop CEO hints at strong second year for Nintendo Switch

As far as launch years go, the Nintendo Switch had a good one, but if a recent hint from the CEO of GameStop is anything to go by its second could be …

Nintendo Switch

Bethesda Has More Exciting News For Nintendo Switch Owners

Bethesda has definitely warmed up to the Nintendo Switch, throwing their support behind the console more than most 3rd party publishers. It has released excellent versions of <i>Skyrim</i> and <i>DOOM</i>, and is crafting what appears to be a promising port of <i>Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus</i> on the way.<p>When …

Nintendo Switch

Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch With These Clever DIY Lego Accessories

Nintendo’s upcoming Labo accessory for its portable Switch console certainly looks like it introduces some unique gameplay mechanisms. But do you …


Nintendo Switch Getting A Classic SNK Game Collection This Fall

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of retro video game company SNK, and to commemorate the milestone, the studio is compiling some of its classic titles together into one package for Nintendo Switch. During a panel at PAX East 2018, SNK announced the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, an anthology of …


The Nintendo Switch's Parental Controls Are Amazing

Pretty much every games platform in the market today, from phones to tablets to consoles, has some form of system that lets parents lock kids out of …


SNK Anniversary Collection coming to Nintendo Switch

With no Switch Virtual Console in sight, retro compilations are the next best thing<p>SNK is bringing a selection of its classic arcade and console games to Nintendo Switch this fall as the <i>SNK 40th Anniversary Collection</i>. The compilation focuses on the company’s games released during the 1980s — the …


Nintendo issues warning for Switch owners after charging cable incidents

In theory, Nintendo’s decision to do away with proprietary chargers and furnish the Switch with a USB-C port should have benefited consumers, giving …


Video: There's A Chill In The Air With This New Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Trailer

A cold day in paradise


One Of The Wii U's Best Video Games Comes To The Nintendo Switch In May, But There's A Catch

In one month, one of the very best games from the Wii U era will make its way to the Nintendo Switch.<p><i>Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze</i> isn’t just one of my favorite games released on the Wii U, it’s one of the best platformers ever made. It’s challenging, filled with hidden secrets and bursting …


Astro is making a headset for the Nintendo Switch

Let’s hope that one of the best in the business can create an elegant solution<p>Finding a pair of headphones for the Nintendo Switch is a real pain, mainly because of Nintendo’s decision to run voice chat through a mobile app. So far, we’ve found only one all-around solution to the problem. But it …

Nintendo Switch

Firewatch announced for Nintendo Switch

Firewatch, the engrossing indie adventure which won praise when it first launched in 2016, will be released for Nintendo Switch.Developer Campo Santo …

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Survival game 'Don't Starve' hits Nintendo Switch April 12th

Klei's <i>Don't Starve</i> has been a hit ever since it came out for PC in 2013. It's since appeared on the PS4 (as well as the PS3 and Vita), iOS and Android, and continues to thrill with various DLC ("Reign of Giants") and spin-offs (<i>Shipwrecked</i>, <i>Don't Starve Together</i>). You'll now have a good reason to …

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Limited Run Games

Limited Run Games is a publisher and distributor of strictly limited PlayStation 4, Vita, and Nintendo Switch games.

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Upgrade your Nintendo Switch with our favorite accessories

So you’ve got a Switch — now what?<p>The Nintendo Switch is a bona fide hit. By the end of 2017 — the system’s first 10 months on store shelves — Nintendo had sold nearly 15 million units of the Switch, eclipsing the entire lifetime sales of the Wii U. During that same period, Switch sales in the U.S. …


Nintendo Switch eShop update stars a classic puzzle game

Plus: a little somethin’ for JRPG fans<p>There aren’t any huge names in this week’s Nintendo Switch eShop update — but for genre fans, there are definitely at least two games to consider. A Game Boy Color classic is back again, nearly 20 years after its original 2001 release; meanwhile, a cult …

Nintendo Switch

Don’t buy a third-party dock for your Nintendo Switch

There’s still too much risk<p>Nintendo is advising owners of its Switch console to stick with the company’s own docking station for the gaming device and beware of third-party alternatives. Since the Switch’s launch a year ago, a number of companies have produced docks that plug into televisions and …


Get ready for an INCREDIBLE adventure with the Parr family! LEGO The Incredibles will be available 6/15 on #NintendoSwitch! https://t.co/W014cYZwWq

Switch Owners Say Third-Party Docks Are Bricking Their Consoles

Sean G. says his 80-hour <i>Zelda: Breath of the Wild</i> save file no longer exists, along with the other contents of his Nintendo Switch, after the …


A reviled Nintendo Switch menu icon is finally better, one year later

Snake Pass gets a big update, but the icon matters most<p>What may be the most notoriously maligned Nintendo Switch home menu icon has finally been updated, more than a year after its game launched. A big update for the throwback platformer <i>Snake Pass</i> is out now, adding a sizable new mode — and …

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Arms director Kosuke Yabuki on the past and future of the Switch fighting game

Nintendo game director speaks on Twintelle, Arms comics, Smash Bros and more<p><i>Arms</i>, the Nintendo Switch fighting game released last year, was a breath of fresh air from the company. It was “a wholly original property starring all-new characters in a new world,” I said in my review of the game. <i>Arms</i> …

Mario Kart

Manticore Devs Issue Apology Following Last-Minute Delay On Switch

"We’re working hard to bring the best-possible sci-fi gaming experience"


Shadow Bug Strikes Nintendo Switch This Week

Muro Studios has announced that Shadow Bug will release on Nintendo Switch, which promises a completely new take on platformer games.<p>As the …

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Reveals The 10 Best-Selling Indie Games On Switch

Players of indie games on Switch are driven in great part by “nostalgia,” Nintendo said today at a Game Developers Conference event at which it …

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