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When in trouble or in doubt, invent new words. We have bibliometrics and scientometrics from the Age of Print. Now they are joined by informetrics, …

Finding Insights in Article-Level Metrics for Research Evaluation

The use of Article-Level Metrics (ALMs) as an indicator of an article’s quality and impact has dramatically increased in the last year. Publishers continue to add ALMs to research articles and new organizations have been created to aggregate ALMs across multiple fields including usage, citations, …


Thoughts from the Fishbowl: PLOS ALM Workshop 2013

Mascot President Icinghower visits Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco with the Altmetric team. Alcatraz is visible in the background.

Mingling with the

Helping scholars tell their stories using altmetrics

Academic research and publishing have transitioned from paper to online platforms, and that migration has continued to evolve from closed platforms …

Altmetrics and the Global South: Increasing research visibility

Altmetrics (alternative metrics) are being hailed as a novel way to track the less tangible social impacts of research. Importantly too, altmetrics …


chem-bla-ics: An #Altmetrics page in Wikipedia

An #Altmetrics page in Wikipedia

Today I learned that #altmetrics did not have a Wikipedia page. It's notable, so I decided to get together some …


Do blog posts correlate with a higher number of future citations?

Do blog posts correlate with a higher number of future citations? In many cases, yes, at least for (RB). Judit Bar-Ilan, Mike …

Medical Journals

PlumX now supports VIVO

We have recently added a feature where populating a PlumX researcher profile is as easy as creating a link to an existing VIVO profile.

(VIVO is an …

Semantic Web

New data source added to PLOS ALM

We’re expanding the range of data sources in PLOS ALM to provide users with additional ways to evaluate the importance of research. F1000Prime …


In search of article-level impact with PLOS

All articles published in Public Library of Science (PLOS) journals that have been recommended in F1000Prime – more than 3000 articles – now include …


Broaden your horizons: impact doesn’t need to be all about academic citations

TL;DR: The whole point of altmetrics is to move away from a single way of assessing a single type of impact (citations & influence on other articles)


ISQ - National Information Standards Organization

Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) is NISO’s print and electronic magazine for communicating standards-based technology and best practices in …

Open Access

Let’s stop wandering the altmetrics grocery store…

As a research community, we have long gone hungry for ways to assess research. With journal-based evaluation, we were feeding off of flies – perfect …


Level Metrics Primer

Today, SPARC released a new community resource, Article-Level Metrics -- A SPARC Primer, delving into Article-Level Metrics (ALMs) an emerging hot …


Pubs - Charleston Library Conference: Overview of the Altmetrics Landscape


While the impact of article citations has been examined for decades, the “altmetrics” movement has exploded in the past year. Altmetrics …


It's Time for Better Project Metrics

I’m involved in lots of projects, based at many institutions, with multiple funders and oodles of people involved. Each of these projects has …


Altmetrics: an alternate perspective on research evaluation | Rasmussen | ScieCom Info

The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat …


Summary + Slides for 2013 SSP Panel – Measure for Measure: The role of metrics in assessing research performance


Altmetrics – defining quality, standards and best practices: AAUP 2013

I am looking forward to speaking this afternoon at the 2013 Association of American University Presses Conference and Annual Meeting, in Boston …


New Feature: E-mail Alerts

Be notified when papers of interest are mentioned

As an author of a scholarly paper, it can often be informative to read what people are saying and …


National Information Standards Organization

For release: 20 Jun 2013

NISO to Develop Standards and Recommended Practices for Altmetrics

Grant from Sloan Foundation will fund community-informed …


Why a NISO effort to standardise AltMetrics?


If there’s one consistent lesson from standardisation processes, it’s that standards which codify existing practice do well, while those that try …


Announcing ALM Reports - a new tool for analyzing Article Impact

PLOS is a leader in transforming research communication through Open Access and we are also committed to improving the evaluation of research through …

Open Access

Do Altmetrics Work? Twitter and Ten Other Social Web Services

1. Priem J, Hemminger BM (2010) Scientometrics 2.0: Toward new metrics of scholarly impact on the social web. First Monday 15. Available: …


The Challenges of Measuring Social Impact Using Altmetrics


Altmetrics gives us novel ways of detecting the use and consumption of scholarly publishing beyond formal citation, and it is tempting to …

Social Networks

Scientists join journal editors to fight impact-factor abuse

If enough eminent people stand together to condemn a controversial practice, will that make it stop?

That’s what more than 150 scientists and 75 …


Alternative metrics for measuring the quality of articles and journals

Richard Smith

Director, UnitedHealth Chronic Disease Initiative; Chair, Patients …


Elite journals are losing their position of privilege

Having first documented the large-scale demise of the impact factor as a predictor of quality research, George Lozano and team examined whether this



Médecins Sans Frontières Scientific Day

As a charitable organisation that contributes to research, how do you measure the impact of your publications? …