Scream For Me, Sarajevo

Scream For Me Sarajevo is the documentary film covering Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson and his Skunkworks band in the most unlikeliest music concert ever in war-torn Sarajevo. The film came about after we serialised the story in bassist Chris Dale’s MetalTalk writings of 2012. Bruce has said “It’s not a film about me, it’s not a film about Iron Maiden, it’s a film about Sarajevo made by the people of Sarajevo, of which I just happen to be a bit part."

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Scream For Me, Sarajevo
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    Chris Dale / Scream For Me Sarajevo Part One

    Chris Dale / Scream For Me Sarajevo Part One

    A Mission To Play Heavy Metal In The Bosnian War, December 1994 Back when I was in Bruce Dickinson’s band, I woke up way too early one day with the …

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