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The Future of Aviation and Weather Forecasting

As air traffic controllers safely direct the arrival and departure of airplanes at a major airport, a convective thunderstorm engulfs the once-sunny skies, unleashing a flood of downpours, raging winds and dangerous lightning.

The treacherous weather across the airfield scrubs the flight plans of …


Airlines Use Wireless Networks to Deliver In-Flight Pitches

Rose Wang, a frequent traveler, is willing to concede that she sort of misses the kitschy SkyMall catalog and its quirky roundup of gadgets, pet accessories and other oddities.

But Ms. Wang, who lives in the Washington area and is a consultant to government contractors, is less than enthusiastic …


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How to Make Coach Feel Like First Class (Sort Of)

Just because you're flying in economy doesn't mean you can't have some of the little luxuries found in the first-class cabin. Here are six ways to …


Regierung kauft Aktien zurück: TAP gehört nun wieder halb dem Staat

Man sagt bekanntlich, man könne nicht nur halb schwanger sein. Genauso kann ein Unternehmen eigentlich nicht privatisiert sein und doch noch dem …

Portugal buys 50 percent of TAP airline for $2.1 million

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — The Portuguese government says it has agreed to buy 50 percent of the country's carrier TAP Air Portugal for 1.9 million …


Portugal buys 50 percent of TAP airline for $2.1 million

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — The Portuguese government says it has agreed to buy 50 percent of the country's carrier TAP Air Portugal for 1.9 million euros ($2.1 million).

Speaking after a signing ceremony Saturday, Humberto Pedrosa, who heads the Atlantic Gateway consortium that held 61 percent of the …


Sparkurs: Führungskräfte und Piloten von Air Berlin verzichten auf Gehalt

Etwa 80 Manager erhalten in diesem Jahr bis zu zehn Prozent weniger Gehalt. Auch die Piloten wollen ihren Beitrag zum Sparkurs der angeschlagenen …

Iran is targeting more than fleet renewal after the lifting of aviation sanctions

AVIATION geeks love Iran Air, but for all the wrong reasons. Decades of sanctions have left Iran's flag-carrier with one of the oldest fleets in the …


Here's what happens in a plane's cockpit

As you step off the jet bridge onto an airplane, you have just a moment to take a look around the corner to see who, and what, is in the cockpit.

Since the people in the cockpit are in charge of your life for the next few hours, passengers often wonder who they are and what they do.

You might get a …


“Periodic table of plane types. Busy gate 4 at Danang International (DAD) #mileburn2016”

His In-Flight Concert Caused 5 Jet Airways Crew Suspensions

How many of us have thought of how cool it would be to be on the same flight with a celebrity? Well, during a chartered Jet Airways flight from …


British Airways flight attendants win the right to wear pants

You'd be forgiven for thinking that, in the year 2016, female flight attendants working for British Airways are allowed to wear pants.

But if you thought that before Friday, you'd be wrong.

Female cabin crew who have joined the airline's "mixed fleet" since 2012 have been subject to a dress code that …


Is Zika Virus Putting Airlines at Risk?

Photo courtesy of Thinkstock

The Zika virus has certainly made headlines in recent weeks. The mosquito-borne disease is not as severe as dengue fever …

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Heathrow’s days as Europe’s busiest airport are numbered

JUST two years ago, Heathrow airport in London was the busiest international airport in the world. Last year, it lost its mantle to Dubai. It is …


Our family is growing! Today, we're adding our 300th aircraft to our evergrowing fleet! https://t.co/2JAk2DbhvB

All-new Global Monthly OTP Reports for Airlines and Airports


World's Most Overstaffed Airline Can't Find Stranded Passengers

The world’s least productive airline has lost track of passengers that may be stranded anywhere from New York to Beijing.

Workers at Pakistan …

Gol, Latam Airlines most exposed to Zika travel concern: Moody's

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Gol Linhas Aereas SA and Latam Airlines Group SA through its TAM subsidiary are most exposed to an expected reduction in air travel to Latin America due to the Zika virus, ratings firm Moody's said on Thursday.

However, Moody's said the potential credit impact on the airline …

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Finnair mulls culling domestic flights over spate of crew illnesses

National airline Finnair said that so far this winter it has had to ground a number of domestic flights due to bouts of illness among cabin crew …


China’s Airlines Launch Blacklist Of Misbehaving Customers

Five airlines band together to make the skies friendly again.

Customers behaving badly may finally get their comeuppance, thanks to an airline blacklist that’s in the works. Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines, and Spring Air have teamed up to prevent unruly passengers from …


Airlines are trying to make in-flight meals better than ever before — for some people

Airplane food is often disgusting. After paying hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for a flight, passengers are served sad trays of rubbery chicken, powdered mashed potatoes, and tiny iceberg salads with ranch dressing.

Now there's a growing movement from US airlines to do better — for first class …

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Why airlines burn money every day? | Lufthansa Systems

Since 2008 I'm visiting airline operations control center world wide, in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Seven years later I'm still trying to …


Top US airlines are offering to re-assign flight crew from Zika-hit routes

(Reuters) - Top U.S. airlines United and Delta have offered to re-assign certain flight crew concerned about contracting the Zika virus from routes to Latin America and the Caribbean, the companies told Reuters on Wednesday.

The previously unreported policies show how the mosquito-borne virus, …


How to Not Feel Awful After Air Travel | FWx

This piece originally appeared on Fix.com.

Air travel days are exciting and fun but can also wreak havoc on your health as you lose sleep, eat off your usual schedule, and share space with strangers, often in cramped quarters. The good news: there are easy travel health hacks that make flying more …


I Want to Be Happy That Delta's CEO is Retiring. Here's Why it Makes Things Worse.

Scott Mayerowitz reports that Delta CEO Richard Anderson will retire in May, to be replaced by airline President Ed Bastian.

Anderson was CEO of …


O’Leary: Ryanair will overtake Wizz Air in Central Europe by 2018

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How an Airline Put Dubai on the Map

The ever-expanding Las Vegas-like lavishness of Dubai would not have been possible without the city’s status as a hub for Emirates Airline.


Emergency landings after explosions, structural damage

A pilot who made an emergency landing in Somalia's capital after an explosion blew a hole through a jetliner says things would have been much worse had the blast occurred at a higher altitude. That's because it could have led to explosive decompression on the Daallo Airlines-operated plane, which …


What happens when a plane loses cabin pressure?

'A loud bang, thump or clap' are among the signs cabin crew are told to listen out for if a plane suddenly loses cabin pressure - but what happens next, and how long have passengers got to act?

Frequent fliers have heard it dozens of times over – “Should the cabin experience sudden pressure …