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Warum Abschiebungen für Airlines lukrativ sind

Die Passagiere wissen es nicht, nur die Crew ist informiert: Abschiebungen per Linien- oder Charterflug sind häufig. Für die Gesellschaften lohnt …

The Perfect Day Trip From Berlin

Only an hour by train from the capital, Leipzig is drawing the next generation of German creatives. Just don’t call it the new Berlin.

As Berlin …


Sicherheitscheck: Piloten kritisieren Flughäfen Lübeck und Mannheim

An den Flughäfen Lübeck und Mannheim gibt es aus Sicht der Pilotengewerkschaft Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) sicherheitsrelevante Mängel. An beiden …

8 Airlines to Avoid When Planning Your Next Trip

Travel Tips

8 Airlines to Avoid When Planning Your Next Trip

Marisol Fokes / July 6, 2015 / 0 / 3k

Photo Credit: Meinzahn / iStockPhoto.com

Although it …


Is It REALLY OK To Recline Your Seat On A Plane?

Air travel is uncomfortable to begin with: The seats are tiny, the cabin is stuffy and the combination of airplane food and the sweat of a hundred traveling bodies doesn't exactly smell great. Not to mention people snoring and germs circling and turbulence bumping and ... a seat reclining almost …

Air Travel

'It Was Infested With Flies': Horror Stories From The World's 23 Worst Airlines

Last week, Skytrax named and shamed the world’s worst airlines via its annual Star Ratings report. Airlines that received two stars or less were …


Berlin Gleisdreieck U-Bahn station, with a test run of the Magnetbahn on the track coming in. August 1988

Berlin Gleisdreieck U-Bahn station, with a test run of the Magnetbahn on the track coming in. August 1988.

Rumpsteak mit Spargel in Berlin

Rumpsteak mit Spargel in Berlin

Here's why wine tastes different when you're on a plane

Wine is increasingly becoming a major priority for flyers (CNN dubs them "oeno-flyers"), and airlines are investing more and more time and money into hiring expensive sommeliers to curate their wine offerings.

But it's not as simple as good wine on sea level = good wine at altitude. Sommeliers need …


Air NZ's cool new technology

Coffee on arrival What it does : You've reached the airport, bustled your way through security and headed for the Koru Lounge. As soon as you walk …

New Zealand News

When Airlines Looked Cool and Showed It

In more ways than one, “Airline Visual Identity, 1945-1975” (Callisto Publishing) is a hefty piece of work, landing at 430 pages, weighing 14 pounds and selling for $400. But the true size of its ambition is how it reveals the optimism of the Jet Age through nearly 400 posters and images from …

Graphic Design

Ranking the World’s Best Airline Food

There are some topics that come up repeatedly in the tiny corner of the world that Fly&Dine occupies. One of them is why airline food tastes so bad. …


TUI first airline to let passengers order food, beverages and duty free items via their own devices

Images from MI Airline. Arke’s ‘TUI Cloud’ is branded in the airline’s colours

By Raymond Kollau, airlinetrends.com

31 August 2015 | Earlier this year …


Misfired champagne cork forces easyJet flight to divert to Italy

Be careful where you point the cork the next time you open a bottle of bubbly on an airline flight.

A Turkey-bound EasyJet flight from the United Kingdom was forced to divert to Italy after a popped champagne cork smashed into a ceiling tile hard enough to force the plane's emergency oxygen masks to …


MIT Researchers Devise A More Fair System To Decide Who Gets Screwed By Flight Delays

Your flight is still getting delayed, you might just be a little less angry about it.

When there’s a sprinkling of snow and your flight is hours delayed, it can be incredibly frustrating to watch other flights from another airline take off on time as if it were a sunny day in June.

The problem is …


Social media is tearing down silos says Cathay Pacific's new social lead

Cathay Pacific has named long-serving marketing executive Dennis Owen as group manager of social media, taking over a rapidly growing area of its …

Cathay Pacific

Was Your EU Flight Canceled? The Airline May Owe You Money

The European Union has some strong rights for passengers, including compensation of up to €600 for a delayed or canceled flight. Make sure you file a …

Air Travel

7 Things You Shouldn't Touch On A Plane

Getty Images

Air travel is not the most sanitary experience: Super-tight seating arrangements force hordes of humans with all types of coughs, colds and questionable hygiene habits into one tiny space to share air, armrests and all the germs that come with travel.

And the results are not so …


Malaysian flagship has green light for relaunch

Published: 31/08/2015 - Filed under: News »

Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has been granted its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the country's Department …

Malaysia Airlines

Drunk passenger allegedly punches flight attendant en route to party island

Photo: Clément Alloing/Flickr

Kate Moss is no longer the only one who’s made a big drunken fuss on an easyJet Ibiza flight. The supermodel has been …

Kate Moss

do-before-you-die for every aviation enthusiast. It’s difficult to imagine there was ever a time when flying wasn’t a chore. For the next-generation frequent flyer – anyone who, like myself, missed out on the Golden Age of Flight – […]

FlyerTalk Gets the Pan Am Experience

Air Hollywood invited FlyerTalk on a trip back in time aboard the unforgettable Pan Am Experience, a


Reiseblogger berichten: Mein schlimmstes Urlaubserlebnis

In Reiseblogs bekommen Leser meist euphorische Berichte über spektakuläre Ziele präsentiert. Hier erzählen die Macher einmal von ihren Pannen - von …

China Southern Airlines reports sharp operating profit growth in 1H2015 | CAPA

Total operating revenue: CNY53,359 million (USD8711 million), +6.2% year-on-year;

Passenger: CNY48,141 million (USD7859 million), +6.9%;
• Cargo and …


What Your Flight Attendant Thinks of You

I have a number of friends who work as flight attendants. One of them recently retired after 20 years flying for the most storied name in commercial …


Easyjet will Zubringer für Langstreckenflüge werden

Es wäre ein Novum im europäischen Luftfahrtgeschäft: Die Billigfluggesellschaft Easyjet könnte künftig Zubringer für die Langstreckenflüge der …

Is a 'no show' just an excuse to sell the same seat twice?

Why do we need to check in for a flight?

It should be possible to assign a seat directly after booking.
When airlines are selling tickets for $100 and …

Air Travel

“Buletten mit Kreuzkümmel und Kohlrabi-Möhren #CulinarySymphonies #Imtoosexydiet”

Best Part of owning an apple watch. Silence.

No more jarring ringtones or alarms. No more constant chiming from annoying text groups (you know who you are). Just peaceful silence.Especially …

Apple Watch

France unsure plane part came from MH370, source says

(CNN) — Experts in France have not been able to determine with certainty whether a piece of airplane wing found July 29 on an Indian Ocean island belongs to MH370, the Malaysian airliner carrying 239 people that disappeared 2014, a French source close to the investigation told CNN on …


Flight diverted after passenger becomes unruly over cat

Two fighter jets had to divert an international flight for an emergency landing after a passenger became unruly over her cat.

The flight from Las …