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Sieht sicher etwas komisch beim Boarding aus, aber es funktioniert. Die @lufthansa AppleWatch App selber ist lahm! http://t.co/WtKPrehynl

Ein Wochenende im August

Wochenendtipps 31. Juli – 2. Augsut

Panda – Ein Phänomen in schwarz-weiß

Er gilt als Nationalheiligtum Chinas, ziert Logos, ist Hauptfigur eines …

Interview: Etihad CEO on Disrupting Alliances and the Passenger Experience

James Hogan, the CEO of Etihad Airways, sees his airline as a disruptor — and this has nothing to do with the Open Skies controversy.
With minority …


Etihad vows to fight case brought by man seated next to obese passenger

Etihad Airways has vowed to keep fighting court action brought by a man who is suing the airline for health problems he says he developed after sitting next to a sick, obese passenger.

Brisbane man James Andres Bassos, 38, has claimed his 2011 flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney caused a back injury …

News (Australia)

Video Of Cathay Pacific’s Terrifying Diversion Over The Pacific

Flight diversions are rather common, so in and of themselves aren’t really noteworthy. If anything, a lot of the attention from diversions seems to …

Cathay Pacific

Shoot-out near Ku'damm leaves bystander injured

According to police reports the exchange of fire took place at around 9 pm, the Tagesspiegel reports.

Witnesses reported that several people were …


Video from on board CX884 diversion - Wandering Aramean

The diversion of Cathay Pacific’s flight CX884 from Hong Kong to Los Angeles on Wednesday drew a decent bit of attention for, among other things, the …


Berlin bleibt Berlin

Berlin bleibt Berlin

How to get banned from airlines for life

Being asked to leave a plane before your flight certainly is dramatic. Having the police waiting for you after a flight might even get you on the news.

But there’s a select few in-flight misbehavers whose actions are so egregious, so over-the-top, that airlines have deployed the nuclear option …


Air passenger suing for a back injury 'caused by sitting next to obese man'

A man is suing an airline after claiming that he has suffered back pain since he was sat next to an obese man on a flight

James Andres Bassos said that during an Etihad Airways flight from Sydney to Dubai, he was forced to contort his body for long periods because of the “grossly overweight” person …


Zukunft der Luftfahrt – Etihad CEO James Hogan sieht mehr Kundenservice als Motor

Auswahl für die Kunden und Innovationen sind wesentliche Wettbewerbstreiber in der internationalen Luftfahrtindustrie. Das betonte Etihad Airways …

Neue Strecken bei Eurowings

Die neue Eurowings baut ihr Kurz- und Mittelstreckenangebot mit neuen, attraktiven Destinationen weiter aus. Ab dem Flughafen Wien wird die neue …

Der Flugzeugabfertiger Swissport, bisher im Besitz der französischen Beteiligungsgesellschaft Pai Partners, wird nach China verkauft. Käufer ist der Konzern HNA Group mit Sitz im chinesischen Haikou. Der Kaufpreis beläuft sich auf 2,73 Mrd. Franken.

Für 2,73 Milliarden Franken: Chinesen kaufen Swissport

Der Flugzeugabfertiger Swissport, bisher im Besitz der französischen Beteiligungsgesellschaft …

Alaska Airlines testing eye scan, fingerprint tech to replace boarding passes

Alaska Airlines has been on the cutting age of technology in the past, and the company is doing it again by testing a revolutionary process that could theoretically speed up airport experiences.

According to a report from Sophie Mattson of MercuryNews.com, Alaska Airlines is testing a machine at the …


Delays Continue at Fiumicino Airport Fiumicino, July 30 : Ongoing disruptions…

Delays Continue at Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino, July 30 : Ongoing disruptions and delays were reported at Rome's Fiumicino airport on Thursday after a …

'Something's not right on this flight': Passenger's video captures panic as smoke forces Cathay plane to make emergency landing

Watch: Eyewitness video inside Cathay Pacific flight 884 as it was forced to make an emergency landing

The terrifying moment that every air traveller …

Hong Kong

Bad Weather Delayed 10 Flights, Affected 1,800 Passengers More than 1,800…

Bad Weather Delayed 10 Flights, Affected 1,800 Passengers

More than 1,800 passengers were affected as total 10 flights including five incoming and …

You’ll Never Tune Out The Safety Announcements On Priscilla Airlines

If only we could exclusively fly Priscilla Airlines from now on.OK, it may be a made-up airline, but after nodding our heads to the beat of the …

Secrets of the Singapore Girl Flying College

There are five approved hairstyles for Singapore Air's flight attendants. A bun, for example, must measure between 6.5 and 7.0 cm wide, and be centered between the 1 and 3 o’clock positions on the back of the head.

Singapore Girls are icons of the aviation industry, ambassadors of the Singapore …


Pretty schmick for a low cost airline

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Airbus A330-300. AirAsia has 26 of these …


Passenger suing Etihad Airlines after being seated next to ‘grossly overweight’ passenger

A MAN who claims he hurt his back when he was forced to sit for hours on a long flight beside a fat passenger whose body spread into his seat is

Air Travel

Emirates bringt 600-Sitzer nach Bangkok

DUBAI - Am 1. Dezember wird die Golfairline erstmals mit einem 615-sitzigen Airbus A380 nach Bangkok starten.

Derzeit bieten die A380 von Emirates …

There's Nothing Funny About Flight Safety


Virgin Australia posts loss of $49m in last financial year

VIRGIN Australia has managed a $213 million turnaround in the year to June 30, to post an underlying loss of $49 million.

The figure was revealed in …


Frontier Airlines will attempt to reinvent the middle seat

The dreaded middle seat is getting a makeover at Frontier Airlines. The low-cost US carrier will be widening the middle seats on its Airbus 319 and 320 planes, so that cramped passengers feel a bit more at ease in what’s traditionally the least-preferred spot on the plane.

The new seats will measure …


British Airways' Emily Dunn found dead in Angola hotel room by colleagues

Emily Dunn, pictured with her boyfriend James, was found dead in her room in Angola after she failed to arrive for a flight to Heathrow.

Air Travel

Why You Should Buy In-Flight Wi-Fi Before Your Flight

Surfing the web while in the sky can be a pricey privilege. Here's how to keep the cost down.

In-flight Wi-Fi is one of our favorite modern …


Scoot to spread wings, may fly as far as London

TODAY reports: New destinations are on the cards, with the low-cost carrier considering to fly west to the Middle East and up to the United Kingdom, …


Passenger stranded in Stephenville praises pilot, local residents

A passenger aboard a United Airlines flight that made a three-hour stop on the tarmac in Stephenville is thanking plane staff and local residents, …

North America Travel

Another merger ahead for Southwest Airlines?

In the wake of Southwest Airlines completing its merger with AirTran, speculation has surfaced that CEO Gary Kelly could be contemplating another …