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Martial arts: Gentle Monster opens a kung fu-fighting London boutique

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Martial Arts

#Shaolin monks practiced #kungfu in the air. (Photo: VCG)

The Yellow River, Zhang Kechun


Tai Chi Master trailer

Qi Gong: Relax Music for Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi and Buddhist Meditation

Tai chi - Chinese Relax Music - 8 hours

Tai Chi - Eine Reise zu den Quellen der Kraft - Doku


–<b>太極法說</b> <b><br>EXPLAINING TAIJI PRINCIPLES</b> <b><br>楊班侯</b> <b><br>attributed to Yang Banhou</b> <b><br>[circa 1875]</b>[translation by Paul Brennan, Sep, 2013]–[On the front cover, there are two …

The 108 Postures of Yang Cheng Fu

Pencil drawings of Yang Cheng Fu (1883–1936), undoubtedly the most influential figure in the popularity of modern day Tai Chi. This video features …

Tung Ying Chieh Performs Yang style Tai Chi Chuan

Here is Tung Ying Chieh/Dong Yingjie (1898-1961) performing the Traditional Yang style of Tai Chi Chuan. Filmed in Bangkok, Thailand in 1947, Tung …

Hong Kong

Tai Chi makes your brain bigger and improves memory

Tai Chi makes your brain bigger and can improve memory and thinking - possibly delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease, claim scientists.<p>A new study has revealed how elderly people practising Tai Chi - an ancient Chinese form of slow, meditative exercise - just three times a week can boost brain …

SHAOLIN DEADLY KICKS | Lieh Lo | Shaolin Kung Fu Action Movie | 香港 | 武术电影 | English | HD | 720p

Chinese Kung Fu Film Classic "Yao's Young Warriors" - Best All Time

Serious kungfu in the snow! Watch rare display of martial arts at Shaolin Temple

The Karate Master: A Beginner’s Guide to Elvis Presley’s Martial Arts Obsession

Fightland Blog<p>Willie Nelson blew his fair share of minds last week when he announced that he was about to be awarded his fifth degree black belt in Gongkwon Yusul, but he’s far from the first famous musician to achieve a high rank in a martial art. He wasn’t even the most unlikely or outlandish one …

Exiled by Taliban, karate black belt trains asylum seeker children

In a crowded hill town outside Jakarta, a karate champion exiled by the Taliban helps young refugees battle the soul-destroying boredom of years in …

Video Reduces Kung Fu To Its Essence, And It’s Gorgeous

They’re called martial arts for a reason. A kung fu master moves with all the choreographed grace of a prima ballerina. But that can be easy to forget as fists and knives fly, and the id-infused glee of watching bad guys getting kicked in the face hits you full bore.<p>Something about these …

Buddhist monks attend an evening prayer to mark the Buddha's 2561th birthday at the Maya Devi temple in Lumbini, Nepal on May 9th (EPA)

Tai Chi Swimming Dragon For Spinal Health

Swimming Dragon<p>Today I watched this video of (Taiyi) Tai Chi Swimming Dragon shared in a group I subscribe to. I recognized the Swimming Dragon title …

The Eyes and Tai Chi Training

The use of the eyes in traditional Tai Chi Chuan is an often misunderstood or even unknown element of training in many schools. So then, what is the …

Little Girl Performing Chen Style Tai Chi

Absolutely amazing! Here is a wonderful Tai Chi Video of a little 6-year-old girl demonstrating a Chen style routine in a Tai Chi competition.<p>I love …

5 Element Qigong Practice - full version

8 Brocades Qigong Practice

Tai Chi advocates campaign for UNESCO listing

By CGTN's Xia Ruixue<p>Tai Chi is one of the most popular forms of exercise in China, especially for the elderly. The martial art, which combines slow …

Tai Chi

The Flying Monks of Mailītis Architects' Wind Tunnel Amphitheater

The Shaolin Flying Monks Theatre, built by Latvia's Mailītis Architects in the Songshan Mountains of central China, incorporates a branch-like wind tunnel at its center which is used by the monks for levitation. The amphitheater itself plays homage to the region, matching the nearby mountains and …


Japan Is Getting a Ninja Museum

Ninjas are undeniably cool—and not necessarily because they always wear black. Though pop culture ninjas have a monochrome look, historically …