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Video Reduces Kung Fu To Its Essence, And It’s Gorgeous

They’re called martial arts for a reason. A kung fu master moves with all the choreographed grace of a prima ballerina. But that can be easy to forget as fists and knives fly, and the id-infused glee of watching bad guys getting kicked in the face hits you full bore.<p>Something about these …

Buddhist monks attend an evening prayer to mark the Buddha's 2561th birthday at the Maya Devi temple in Lumbini, Nepal on May 9th (EPA)

Tai Chi Swimming Dragon For Spinal Health

Swimming Dragon<p>Today I watched this video of (Taiyi) Tai Chi Swimming Dragon shared in a group I subscribe to. I recognized the Swimming Dragon title …

Tai Chi

The Eyes and Tai Chi Training

The use of the eyes in traditional Tai Chi Chuan is an often misunderstood or even unknown element of training in many schools. So then, what is the …


Little Girl Performing Chen Style Tai Chi

Absolutely amazing! Here is a wonderful Tai Chi Video of a little 6-year-old girl demonstrating a Chen style routine in a Tai Chi competition.<p>I love …

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The Spiritual Dimensions of the Martial Arts

He who wishes to live in an oriental martial art, rather than to just practice it on a physical level, must so train his consciousness to attain a …

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Tai Chi makes your brain bigger and improves memory

Tai Chi makes your brain bigger and can improve memory and thinking - possibly delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease, claim scientists.<p>A new study has revealed how elderly people practising Tai Chi - an ancient Chinese form of slow, meditative exercise - just three times a week can boost brain …

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5 Element Qigong Practice - full version

8 Brocades Qigong Practice

Tai Chi advocates campaign for UNESCO listing

By CGTN's Xia Ruixue<p>Tai Chi is one of the most popular forms of exercise in China, especially for the elderly. The martial art, which combines slow …

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Link About It: The Flying Monks of Mailītis Architects' Wind Tunnel Amphitheater

The Shaolin Flying Monks Theatre, built by Latvia's Mailītis Architects in the Songshan Mountains of central China, incorporates a branch-like wind tunnel at its center which is used by the monks for levitation. The amphitheater itself plays homage to the region, matching the nearby mountains and …


Japan Is Getting a Ninja Museum



Hokusai <br>beyond the Great Wave<p>25 May – 13 August 2017<p>#Hokusai<p><b>SOLD OUT</b><p>Advance tickets for the exhibition have sold out. The best way to see the …


Myanmar girls learn karate to protect themselves from the threat of sexual violence.

Tessellated Origami Sculptures by Goran Konjevodby on December 5, 2016

Origami artist Goran Konjevod brings an extensive background in mathematics and theoretical computer science into the folds of his elegant paper …


Kimono comes to NY Fashion Week! / NYファッションウィークに着物が初登場!

This year's #Christmas 🎄 vitrines of @laRinascente in #Milan are dedicated to #MadamaButterfly @teatroallascala #PrimaScala

Kalaripayattu Training ,Techniques & Exercise-Kalari fight -Meipayattu- Kalari exercise documentary

Kalaripayattu Troupe : Indian folklore group, Folk Dance, Fight and Music - +91 9711804975

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Champion Kickboxer Tiffany van Soest to Make Her MMA Debut at Invicta 19

Fightland Blog<p>Tiffany van Soest will be making her professional MMA bow on September 23rd against newcomer Kalyn Schwartz at Invicta FC 19.<p>“Time Bomb” will be stepping into the cage with some hype behind her. The Torrance, California, native—who owns a second degree black belt in karate—is a …

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Are you drinking the right kind of matcha?

Matcha lattes, matcha chia pudding, matcha popsicles, matcha cocktails—the fine-powdered tea has just about conquered the wellness world. But not all …


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Genius karate girl "Mahiro Takano" at Tsubame Martial Arts Festival

Odisha's 'Karate Girls' Teach Eve-teasers a Lesson

<b>Bhubaneswar:</b> A group of karate-trained girls in the city thrashed and handed over to the police five youths, who allegedly passed lewd remarks and …