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By Melissa Sterry | Biomimetics, Biotechnology & Biology for the Built Environment

Researchers created a platform that prints with living matter

Bacterial Inks<p>From pizza to urine-based space plastic and even blood vessels, it seems there’s no limit to what can be 3D printed. A new 3D printing …


Dutch designers convert algae into a biopolymer that can be used for 3D printing

Dutch designers Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros have developed a bioplastic made from algae, which they believe could completely replace …


How Michigan State researchers are creating sustainable plastic from sunlight: BTN LiveBIG

Sustainability is a hot topic right now, particularly in biology and chemistry. But the urgency of it is sometimes obscured by the term’s use as a …

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Self-healing materials inspired by plants

A cross-disciplinary research project, mimicking plants to create self-healing composite materials.<p>The picture on the right shows a cross section of …


Journal of Biourbanism

Open access, peer-reviewed, and featuring contributions from leading-edge researchers and practitioners worldwide, the Journal of Biourbanism is the …

Philosophy Of Education

Living Light is an off-grid lamp powered by photosynthesis

Dutch designer Ermi van Oers has created a lamp that uses a living plant to generate its own electricity – and plans to scale up the technology to …


Geovation Challenge

The Geovation Challenge seeks to find and support ideas that benefit human and environmental health and wellbeing. Successful entrants will receive …


New database catalogues plants that soak up contamination - Scienmag: Latest Science and Health News

Hyperaccumulators are unusual plants that can absorb much larger amounts of metal compounds in their leaves and stems than normal plants, and they …

Magnitude and correlates of bird collisions at glass bus shelters in an urban landscape

Abstract<p>Wildlife residing in urban landscapes face many human-related threats to their survival. For birds, collision with glass on manmade …

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Ice Crystals Growing Time lapse

Time-lapse Photography

Forming Ice


5 Incredible Ice Formations in Nature Earth Unplugged


"The Crystal Cave" - Iceland Ice Cave (extended cut)


Bioluminescent Extraterrestrial Message Project (BEMP)

<b>“This is the first version of BEMP, a unique living parabolic antenna for sending electromagnetic signals of biological origin into space”</b>Throughout …

Jules Verne

Seeing the Beautiful Intelligence of Microbes

Bacterial biofilms and slime molds are more than crude patches of goo. Detailed time-lapse microscopy reveals how they sense and explore their …


Line streets with trees to prevent serious asthma attacks, say scientists

Asthma hospital admissions could be cut dramatically by lining streets with trees, the largest ever study has found. Researchers from the University of Exeter's medical school studied the impact of urban greenery on the respiratory condition and say the results suggest planting trees could help …


‘Gene Drives’ Are Too Risky for Field Trials, Scientists Say

In 2013, scientists discovered a new way to precisely edit genes — technology called Crispr that raised all sorts of enticing possibilities. Scientists wondered if it might be used to fix hereditary diseases, for example, or to develop new crops.<p>One of the more intriguing ideas came from Kevin M. …


GEO ECO NET: Ecological and Social Network

Humans aren’t the only ones that need traverse cities. Both here in the UK, and worldwide, innumerable faunal species need travel about urban …


Fungus Cannon In Super Slow Motion - Slo Mo #35 - Earth Unplugged


BBC Four - Forest, Field & Sky: Art out of Nature, David Nash's Ash Dome

In a secret location Dr James Fox encounters Ash Dome an extraordinary living artwork created by David Nash. Begun in 1977 the Ash Dome, is an evolving, ever changing artwork made from life itself, a monument to humanity cooperating with nature but a work of modern art.


A spider-obsessed artist is collaborating with MIT to spin the architecture for climate change

Inside a dark exhibition hall at the Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, South Korea, a gigantic spider is crawling along the web she has built with her own silk threads inside a cubed frame. Thespinning processand the sound of her creation are amplified by a microphone and the image is projected on the …

South Korea

A giant sculpture translates vibrations of 40,000 live bees into an explosion of light and sound

In the heart of London's Kew Gardens, sitting on a pedestal within the trees, is Wolfgang Buttress's unique sculpture, 'The Hive.'<p>Connected …


Crumbs of soil in a circle of bioluminescent bacteria. Minute soil creatures move over it, the bacteria light up their footprints/tracks

Exploring biomimicry—building the next generation of adaptable materials from nature

"Adapt, grow, heal" probably sounds like sage parental advice to students just off to college. In fact, it is the biological rationale behind recent …



<b>SWARM | CELL | CITY</b><p>A collective experiment with Heather Barnett & plan b<br>(Sophia New & Daniel Belasco Rogers)<br>working with the slime mould, <i>Physarum</i> …

Fast moving ciliates and bacteria. #Algae are keeping still and photosynthesizing #plankton #microscopy

Exhibition: Grundon & Fletcher

Tessa Grundon<p>Tessa Grundon grew up in the Middle East, UK and the United States. She now divides her time between the UK, her home in lower Manhattan …