Bionic City

By Melissa Sterry | Biomimetics, Biotechnology & Biology for the Built Environment

“#urbanmorphogenesislab #midtermjury #bacterialcellulose #growing #materialcomputation #biocities @bartlettarchucl”

“#urbanmorphogenesislab #midtermjury @bartlettarchucl #bacterialcellulose #growing #materialcomputation”

Joris Laarman opens first major solo show at the Groninger Museum

Open-source chairs made of puzzle pieces and 3D-printed furniture based on bone growth feature in an exhibition of work by Dutch designer Joris …


The Bacteria of NYC's Subway Turned Into Art

Craig Ward rode every train in New York, swabbing the subway poles and creating beautiful Petri-dish art.

Ever wonder what germs are really growing on those subway poles? Brooklyn-based artist Craig Ward decided to find out. After riding all 22 of New York's subway lines, he collected bacterial …


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Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius

Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius is the internationally-acclaimed, must-see exhibition of 2016.

It's your chance to investigate both the …

Leonardo Da Vinci

Green Form and Function versus Green Nativism: In changing urban spaces full of novel ecosystems and natural assemblages, is native purity a viable option?

Every month we feature a Global Roundtable in which a dozen or so people respond to a specific question in The Nature of Cities.

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The Smallest Man-Made Object Ever Filmed Highlights the Fragile State of Elephants

on November 15, 2015 | Follow @BenjaminStarr

Continually walking the line between art and science, Jonty Hurwitz (featured previously) has recently


Carolin Pertsch's stools feature seats made from washed-up seagrass

German designer Carolin Pertsch has used bundles of seagrass to create an eco-material that forms the seats for a collection of stools.Pertsch …


Intricately Crafted Marine Life Specimens Suspended in Glass

Artist Steffan Dam produces fantastical and intricately-crafted specimens that look as though they exist in the real world. Suspended in glass jars and on plates, their forms mimic well-known creatures of the sea and budding plants. Although Dam’s work is based in imagination, his skills as a …

Marine Biology

Papaver rhoeas - Lost lives and fading memories

As we pause to mark Armistice Day, artist Paddy Hartley considers the act of remembrance. His delicate ‘Papaver rhoeas’ poppy sculptures, made from

United Kingdom

Digging Deep Reveals the Intricate World of Roots

If you’ve ever driven past wild prairie grasses swaying in the Kansas breeze and felt a wave of appreciation for America’s heartland, you should know that those visible grasses are just the tip of the iceberg.

“We’re pretty blind to what’s going on beneath the soil,” says photographer Jim …


Learning to Live With Leopards

As humans encroach on their habitat, the big cats are adapting. Can we do the same?

Story By Richard Conniff

Photographs by Steve Winter

We were sitting in the dark, waiting for the leopards beside a trail on the edge of India’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park, 40 square miles of green life in the middle of …


Agricultural Guerrillas Are Secretly Transforming Urban Saplings into Fruit-Bearing Trees

Launched in 2011, the group known as the Guerrilla Grafters has been secretly (and illegally) modifying ornamental trees along the streets of San Francisco. These fruit-lovers make it their mission to graft fruit bearing branches onto the non-fruit bearing trees that line the city, in efforts of …


Nature Is The Ultimate 3-D Printer: Can We Make Our New Manufacturing As Clean?

We must green 3-D printing while the technology is still in its infancy.

Before the Gutenberg press, the mechanical loom, the steam engine, or the computer became ubiquitous, there was a pause. The inventors had hatched the next big thing, and they wondered what would happen next. We’re living …


BBC - Earth - Japanese inspired bridge sparks hope for Britain's dormouse

A Japanese inspired bridge on the Isle of Wight aims to show it can be a successful and cost effective method for helping the UK's dwindling dormouse populations

Roads, railways and the rapid rate of land development are breaking up the landscape and fragmenting habitats, causing big problems for …

UK News

Bamboo fibre is stronger and cheaper than steel says ETH professor

World Architecture Festival 2015: bamboo could "revolutionise the building industry" and replace steel as the dominant reinforcing material, …


Why hedgehogs are under threat in the UK

The changing environments in urban and suburban areas are stopping hedgehogs in their tracks. Campaigners are urging homeowners to cut a hole in their fences so hedgehogs can get through to find food. [Additional reporting by The Associated Press]

United Kingdom

Glasgow meadows set to benefit city's struggling house sparrows

Last modified: 03 November 2015

Glasgow’s dwindling population of house sparrows is receiving a boost from a series of small wildflower meadows at …


Remember Nature


Steal This Forest!

Last May hundred decorated birch trees were placed at one of Cologne’s most crowded places, waiting to be picked up and moved around by pedestrians. …

Lawn Mowing

Soil at Tate Modern

IAAC Researcher’s Pylos 3D-Prints with Soil

Sofoklis Giannakopoulos, a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), has designed Pylos, a 3D printer that utilizes …


architectural soft skin developed by team at IAAC in catalonia

. the work investigates the possibilities of using air inflation in architecture as an active response to changing environmental parameters.The post …


Penda highlights global water crisis with meadow pathway installation

Architecture studio Penda has designed a meadow containing sunken pathways and concealed meeting places, which opens next month as part of China's …


Chongqing Taoyuanju Community Center

Project Description


The community center is located in the mountains of Taoyuan Park in Chongqing. The starting point is …


“Artisan Moss: Made from 100% real plants, each beautiful and lightweight “plant painting” can last for decades if kept out of direct…”

The Darwin Aquarium Displays Jellyfish - Design Milk

Is it an aquarium? A kinetic sculpture? An ambient light? The Darwin Tank is all of these things, a mesmerizing magnifying receptacle for watching …