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Peer pressure forced whales and dolphins to evolve big brains, like humans

The human brain has evolved and expanded over millennia to accommodate our ever-more-complex needs and those of our societies. This process is known as “encephalization” and has given us the big brain we need to communicate, cooperate, reach consensus, empathize, and socialize. The same is true for …


Stella McCartney Is Weaving A New Way Forward

The designer has always eschewed leather, fur, and feathers in her collections. Now she is going even further. Will luxury fashion follow?<p><i>Editor’s Note: This story is one of two covers of</i> Fast Company Magazine’<i>s Tech + Culture Issue.</i><p>Consider your favorite T-shirt. Maybe it’s soft and worn, or …


Gucci Takes a Giant Leap Into the Future and Goes Fur-Free!

It is a joyous day in the world of fashion, as international luxury mega-brand, Gucci, announced they will be going fur-free! This exciting news has …


Coco Capitán’s Art Is All Over Your Favorite Gucci T-Shirt

“What are we going to do with all this future?”<p>Metamodernist statements aren’t necessarily what you’d expect to find on a full range of products from an Italian high-fashion house like Gucci. Yet, from T-shirts through to waist bags, the scrawled messages of Spanish artist Coco Capitán appear all …

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Sand becomes "increasingly scarce and expensive", threatening glassmaking and construction

A symposium taking place at Dutch Design Week later this month will discuss the rapid depletion of the world's sand reserves, which could leave …


Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) #butterfly wing development from the start of pupation to the time of eclosion.

2017 Nikon Small World in Motion Competition - Second Place


Foster + Partners provides support for interdisciplinary research into the structure of bones | Foster + Partners

As part of the practice’s aim to strengthen connections between industry and academia, Foster + Partners has been working with Alessandro Felder, PhD …


Scientists have discovered this drug fixes cavities and regrows teeth

Goodbye, Fillings<p>Dental fillings may soon be left in the ash heap of history, thanks to a recent discovery about a drug called Tideglusib. Developed …


Link About It: McLaren's "Project Invincible" Human Armor

It may comes as a surprise to some that McLaren does more than release supercars and dominate Formula 1. Their fast-growing McLaren Applied Technologies sector tackles health and wellness, and the division's team of doctors and engineers have done something remarkable under the bannister of …


Link About It: All-Female Design Team Has Revamped the Classic Bra

Redesigning the classic bra isn't a small feat. Bree McKeen first had the idea a decade ago when discussing her constant discomfort with a chiropractor, and they discovered her problem wasn't her posture but her bra. The main issue was the underwire, an invention that was designed some 84 years …


LiveCycles IAAC's Installation at the 4th Tallinn Architecture Biennale

Curated by IAAC MAA Faculty <b>Claudia Pasquero</b>, the <b>2017 Tallinn Biennale bioTallinn</b> aims to challenge typical assumptions of what constitutes the …

Baltic Sea

Migration, Interrupted

bioGraphic<p>Encroaching development is putting pronghorns at risk, but new conservation strategies are giving these record-setting runners a leg …


LiveCycles - Teaser // IAAC's Installation at the 4th Tallinn Architecture Biennale


Post #nate clues on the beach show most recent prevailing wind direction. This is what I was trying to explain last night @JimCantore

The purple pigmented bacterium C. violacium infiltrates and colonises the page of a science fiction book. Autogenic/living illustration

Wave Form

[Image: San Andreas Fault mechanics in Parkfield, California, visualized by Ricky Vega].With the San Andreas Fault on the brain, I’ve been thinking a …

San Andreas Fault

V&A · Friday Late

The original contemporary late night event. Friday Late celebrates all aspects of contemporary visual culture and design in society, bringing …

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'Sooty birds' reveal hidden US air pollution

<b>Soot trapped in the feathers of songbirds over the past 100 years is causing scientists to revise their records of air pollution.</b><p>US researchers measured the black carbon found on 1,300 larks, woodpeckers and sparrows over the past century.<p>They've produced the most complete picture to date of …

Climate Change

Ok. Fair enough. Bless Jigsaw for this.

Adidas uses Parley ocean plastic to update one of its classic shoe designs

As part of its long-standing collaboration with environmental initiative Parley for the Oceans, Adidas has updated one of its classic shoes from the …


Mona Lisa printed on a leaf with photosynthesis🌿 #photosynthesis #photography #biodesign #art #science #lab #exhbition #biology #biotech #photosynthegraph

In a First, Archival-Quality Performances Are Preserved in DNA

If civilization stopped right now, in a thousand years all the magnetic tape, compact discs and hard drives humanity stores its digital media on …


GROW: A Lamp YOU Grow from Mushroom Mycelium by Ecovative & Danielle Trofe Design

Inspired by nature, designed in Brooklyn, GROWN by you!

Scientists create 'brain-like' photonic computer microchips — Mathematical Physical and Life Sciences Division

The research team has made the pioneering breakthrough of the development of photonic computer chips that imitate the way the brain's synapses …

Quantum Mechanics

The Shirt Of The Future Will Be Made By Methane-Eating Bacteria

By using a greenhouse gas as the basis for a new material, Mango Materials wants to create a new model of garment production that cleans up the atmosphere as it makes us new clothes.<p>When it wafts from landfills or dairy farms, waste methane–a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than CO2–is usually …


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Scientific evidence has now demonstrated that crabs, lobsters, prawns and crayfish are highly likely to experience pain and even emotional anxiety[1].<p>…

Scientific Research

Screen legend Helen Mirren hits the catwalk for L'Oreal Paris

Helen Mirren

Futurists grade Blade Runner 2049's vision of the future

"It's a fable," says <b>Melissa Sterry</b>. "This is what our world could be." The London-based futurist is talking about <i>Blade Runner</i>, and its upcoming …

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Decoy sea turtle eggs help track down poachers

In Central America, sea turtle nests are in constant peril. It's estimated that 90 percent of nests are destroyed by poachers that go on to sell the …

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