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Li Edelkoort publishes manifesto explaining why "fashion is obsolete"

News: trend forecaster Li Edelkoort has published her Anti_Fashion manifesto, outlining why she believes the fashion industry "is going to …


Organized Crime Threat to Wild Species on the Increase, Says UN on Wildlife Day

Organized Crime Threat to Wild Species on the Increase, Says UN on Wildlife Day di, mrt 3, 2015

UN General Assembly Marks the Day with Special …


How lax legislation is killing the wildlife in Europe

There are no elephants or rhino to kill in Europe, but birds are being hunted with impunity because of loopholes and inconsistencies in conservation laws

Reports of elephants and rhino being massacred for their tusks or horns due to demand in Asia often make the headlines.

But illegal activities are …


Earth - Peacocks' tails make noises too low for humans to hear

Peacock tails are one of the most beautiful sights in the animal kingdom. But they're not just pretty to look at. The birds also use their huge tails …

Animal Kingdom

How do owls fly so silently? - Natural World: Super Powered Owls Preview - BBC Two

Rooms on Wheels: Mobile Kitchen, Bedroom & Office Spaces

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]A step beyond flip-down beds and foldaway furniture, this series of modular rooms packs whole …


Plant growth patterns changing on much of Earth’s surface

Patterns in when and how much plants grow have changed markedly over the past 30 years, scientists report March 2 in Nature Climate Change.

Researchers …


Svalbard's icy vault welcomes first tree seeds

The Global Seed Vault on the island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean has added the first forest tree samples to its collection -- Norway spruce and Scots pine.

The vault was established in 2008, and stores more than 840,000 varieties of seed from across the world -- just over half of the total …


The Birds and the Trees

Today’s “Museum Monday” video shows how museums are central to the process of shedding new light upon the relationships within the avian Tree of Life.

“If you’ve seen one little brown bird, you’ve seen them all.”

As any beginning bird watcher can tell you, many bird species tend to look alike, even …


Why Are Elephants and Other Animals So Wrinkly?

For African elephants, baggy skin keeps them cool in the hot sun.

When you write a column called Weird Animal Question of the Week, it's inevitable that you get some smart-aleck inquiries. Recently someone asked me: "What happens when you put anti-wrinkle cream on an elephant?" (See National …


Poetic NASA Visualization Shows How Everything Is Connected

NASA visualizes the 22,000 tons of life-giving dust that flows between Africa and South America.

On Earth, there couldn't be a bigger difference between the Amazon rainforest and the African Sahara. The latter is a brown streak of wasteland; the former, green and teeming with life. Polar opposites …


This Lifeguard Tower Becomes An Igloo When It Snows

Who brought a bathing suit?

Nobody wants to go sunbathing on a Toronto beach in winter, but what if the beaches could be enjoyed even when it’s cold? What if those desolate lifeguard stations were repurposed to keep people warm?

Winter Stations is an international contest organized by RAW design, …


Ikea Releases Furniture That Wirelessly Charges Your Phone

Want a world without wires? Ikea wants to make that dream come true, too.

Ikea is adding wireless charging to its furniture, with a new line of lamps, bedside tables, and desks.

Now, unless you’re a tech geek, you might not even realize that we have the technology to charge a phone simply by placing …


Eco-Friendly Burial Pods Will Turn Your Loved Ones into Trees

Instead of the typical coffin burial, Italian designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel developed an eco-friendly alternative. It’s called Capsula Mundi, and it uses egg-shaped pods that hold a deceased human body for burial. Each capsule will turn into nutrients for a tree that will grow out of the …


@Symbiartic Day II #SciArt offering: Image II 'Solid'

Species of Algae Could Protect Coral Reefs From Climate Change

Fire coral. (Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons)

Researchers from the University of Southampton and New York University Abu Dhabi have discovered a …

Climate Change

What Animals Teach Us About Measuring Intelligence

Brain power is not comparative and problems arise whenever we attempt to quantify it.

My dog Maebe gets very excited whenever my roommate comes home. Due to her heightened sense of smell, she starts her happy dance 30 seconds before the door actually opens, giving me time to sneak the bag of chips …


15+ Breathtaking Frozen Lakes, Oceans And Ponds, That Look Like Art

Lakes and ponds might look nice, but the cold of winter just elevates them to another dimension. As you might have seen in our previous post, …


Bluebird moms can make competitive sons

Female bluebirds can produce more or less competitive sons by influencing the amounts of hormones in their eggs, say biologists.“Mothers are uniquely …


Structuring Biomimicry, Improving Building’s Resiliency

The same way Einstein assumes the speed of light to be a constant of reference for his Theory of Relativity, the philosophy of biomimicry assumes


No room in the park? Why not use next door’s back garden?

Squeeze on public facilities behind scheme to turn private spaces into ‘parks’

Open gardens usually conjure up images of older, well-to-do people admiring each others’ chrysanthemums. But now, with a shortage of public space in cities, overcrowded parks and young people increasingly living in rented …


World Wildlife Day: Why We Need Wild Animals

Without plants and animals, our lives would not be possible. Oxygen, clean water and soil, and our earliest tools, food, and clothing came from flora and fauna. Even our fossil fuels are the result of Paleozoic Era ecosystems that captured the sun's energy-the same energy that we are now using …



The project of this tuba-tunnel, hidden behind trees in the forest of Bergen’s most famous mountain, is the result of a design-build workshop at …

Pulsing Xenias

Nervous System

Dr. Margot Krasojević unveiled designs for a futuristic hydroelectric house in Llandudno, Cape Town.


Vienna-based Mischer'traxler based their wonderful collection Reversed Volumes on capturing vegetables and fruits imprints into functional …


Urge LivingSocial to Cancel Cruel Ringling Bros. Promotion!

Please contact LivingSocial and politely ask the company to cancel its Ringling ticket deal and to agree never to promote Ringling again.

Animal Abuse

diversity in fashion: where are we now?

"Role Models Not Runway Models" is the maxim of Carrie Hammer, a virtually unknown designer of women's business wear, who made global headlines a few weeks ago when she cast actress Jamie Brewer, who has Down's Syndrome, to walk in her autumn/winter 15 show in New York. A year ago, she cast sexual …


Resistance (first two minutes)

Final Cut Pro

Mold Time Lapse