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Designing For All Five Senses

Do your designs touch every sense possible?

Our perceptions of the world are built on multiple senses. They interact to help us make sense of our surroundings, so a car will seem to be traveling faster if it makes a lot of noise. And whether we want to buy a sports car, or a vacuum cleaner, it’s our …

Domestic Technology

Ecotourism could bring new dangers to animals

Ecotourism seems like it should be a win-win. Visitors get to experience exciting, often exotic locales and see creatures in their natural habitats. …


AADRL behavioural affects workshop

Design Research

Fungi time lapse videos: mould, mycelium and bioluminescence.

Playboy magazine to stop publishing pictures of naked women

Playboy magazine will stop publishing pictures of fully nude women because the ubiquity of internet pornography has made such images “passé”, the company’s chief executive has revealed.

In an interview with the New York Times, CEO Scott Flanders said founder Hugh Hefner, 89, had agreed with a …

Hugh Hefner

The bird that's more valuable than ivory

The illegal trade in elephant tusks is well reported, but there's a type of "ivory" that's even more valuable. It comes from the helmeted hornbill - a bird that lives in the rainforests of East Asia and is now under threat, writes Mary Colwell.

It wouldn't be wise to go head to head with a helmeted …

UK News

Pernod Ricard Is Expanding Its Vodka Empire One Town At A Time

With Our/Vodka, Absolut's parent company is relying on local distillers to help expand its presence around the globe.

When the small-batch spirits movement began gaining momentum about seven years ago, few were watching as closely as Åsa Caap, who was then the innovation director for Absolut Vodka. …


A Snail That Has a Jump on Climate Change

A coral reef can be a scary place. There are predators like the marbled cone snail, with its deadly darts. They can make other snails jumpy. Literally.

The humpback conch is one of them. It also known as a jumping snail. And one of the things that make it jump is the smell of a nearby predator. That …

Climate Change

Mesmerizing Hourglass Tells Time with Bubbles Instead of Sand

The sands of an hourglass can make you feel as though time is slipping away. Norihiko Terayama has created an object that, although shaped like an hourglass, has the opposite effect. The Awaglass replaces the minuscule pebbles with frothy bubbles that pass upwards at different speeds. Unlike a …

Watch: Boeing On How They Developed The World's Lightest Material

Their "microlattice" metal is 100 times lighter than styrofoam but strong enough to be used as structural components in airplanes.

For years, Boeing has been developing an extremely lightweight material that could be used for airplane parts. Despite being made from metal and being nearly as strong …


The anglerfish: The original approach to deep-sea fishing

M&S moves to hand out thousands of tonnes of food waste

Marks & Spencer is to distribute thousands of tonnes of surplus food under a scheme that will use a social networking app to link all 500 of its UK stores to local charities, including food banks.

The retailer, which has committed to cutting food waste from stores by a fifth by 2020, has been …

Food (UK)

Building an improved #photobioreactor installation for the upcoming GrAB (Growing as Building) exhibition in #Vienna.

Elephants Can't Reach Water For The Most Ridiculous Reason

People wanted to play golf — and their hobby has already caused the death of three elephants.

Even though Kaziranga National Park in India was …


Fish have had telescoping jaws for 100 million years

For the last 100 million years, fish have steadily refined the art of tossing their own jaws forward.This hunting trick, known as jaw protrusion, …


Sharks in Your Lipstick: What You Need to Know About Liver Oil


posted: 10/07/15

by: Danny Clemens

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A juvenile blacktip reef shark swims in a tank at a seafood market in Hong Kong. …


Mussels Inspire New Flame Retardant

A 'strong' alternative to the toxic kind

We learn so much from mussels. They've taught us how to make underwater glue, they're working to clean up oil spills, and they taste fantastic steamed in white wine and garlic. Also, they can prevent fires.

In a new study published today in Chemistry Of


Stop the sale of cruel rodent glue traps!

Tell UK retailers to stop selling cruel glue traps!

Act Now!

Take action to encourage UK retailers to suspend the sale of cruel rodent glue traps, …

United Kingdom

More than 100 seals shot this year to protect salmon industry

Figures show seal shooting is on the decline but 51 licences were granted this year permitting the cull of more than 850 marine mammals.

Philip …

UK News

Meet the Chimps That Lawyers Argue Are People

In a new study, chimpanzees were trained to walk upright. The fine print: They’re also plaintiffs in a landmark lawsuit.

The plaintiffs of a historic lawsuit seeking legal rights for chimpanzees finally made a public appearance—not in court, but in a study on the mechanics of walking on two feet.

The …

Animal Behavior

12 bird species risk extinction due 2 #ClimateChange #mural by @lnylnylny w @audubonsociety @gitlerand & @cassieopia

DNA nanomachine detects HIV antibodies in minutes, not hours

Current methods for detecting the antibodies that indicate HIV infection are agonizingly slow and cumbersome. However a new DNA nanomachine developed by an international team of researchers (and funded, in part, by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) could shorten the process to a matter of …


uBiome Teams Up With Apple To Study Your Gut

The biotech startup wants everyone to explore gut bacteria and health

From asthma and acne to obesity and schizophrenia, the microbiome—the billions of bacteria that take up residence in and on our body—plays a crucial role in human health. However scientists are only just beginning to understand …

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Bursts of bold colour and intricate feminine details in the #Summer16 collection. #StellasWorld

11 Zimbabwe elephants found dead from cyanide poisoning in Cecil's park

Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe has been the scene of another unnecessary killing, as park officials have confirmed they found 11 elephants poisoned …


Hussein Chalayan talks making dresses dissolve on the runway

In a new film, the conceptual designer discusses fashion risk-taking and his viral water-soluble designs

In what was one of the most spellbinding moments of SS16, Hussein Chalayan’s Paris Fashion Week show closed with two models standing under a shower, their clothes completely dissolving. It was a …

Fashion Photography

Gwendoline Christie steals the show at Iris van Herpen

The Game of Thrones actress lay in the middle of the runway while a dress was 3D printed onto her

Dutch couturier Iris van Herpen’s shows often border on art installations – remember the vacuum packed models of AW14? This season, the designer’s Paris Fashion Week show starred Game of Thrones and soon …

Set in Stone: Archium’s Roughly Hewn Sculpture Gallery Lets Nature Flood In

Some of the greatest cultural buildings in modern history have been defined by stone, from the travertine tiles of Richard Meier’s Getty Museum to the great carved walls of Snøhetta’s Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The material is loved by architects the world over for its contrasting qualities of …