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Can big brands catch up on sustainable fashion?

Imagine a pair of trousers you could throw on the compost. After years of use, they could decompose among the eggshells and tea bags to leave behind nothing but some fertile soil to help grow new raw materials. It takes the circular economy to a whole new level.

This is the idea behind F-ABRIC, a …


Starling slaughter leaves northern Nevada awash with rotting birds

Land owners surprised to discover tens of thousands of dead birds across the high desert are criticising the federal government over a mass killing of starlings in northern Nevada.

The US Department of Agriculture said a pesticide was used to destroy the birds to prevent the spread of disease to …


Live at the NHM en Twitter

You'll be able to see more of #CoralReefs tomorrow, once the press have snapped their photos; here's a little preview

Is Earth running out of wilderness? 70% of forests are less than 1 mile deep

A new study on habitat fragmentation looked at data gathered over 35 years on 5 continents and quantified the alarming state of true wilderness on …


#SLA #3dprinted dress by #IrisVanHerpen hits the cover of @TushMagazine's 10th anniversary issue #IVH #3dprinting

Dolphin Stampede Captured by Flying Drone

Drones are capturing images of dolphin and whale migration from a whole new vantage point.


World's top zoo organisation accused of links to Taiji dolphin slaughter in Japan

The world’s leading zoo organisation has been accused of being complicit in the infamous dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan, by helping secure captured dolphins for one of its members, despite publicly condemning the practice.

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (Waza) is being taken to a Swiss …


If life was wiped out on Earth, could it evolve again? | Space Facts – Astronomy, the Solar System & Outer Space | All About Space Magazine

The question of the likelihood of life evolving from nothing is one we contemplate every time we wonder if we are alone in the universe. Is life a …

Scientific Research

How a Wolf Named Romeo Won Hearts in an Alaska Suburb

It’s one thing to have a tolerant meeting with a wild wolf that goes on for a matter of minutes. But this went on for six years.

In the winter of 2003, a jet-black wolf appeared at the edge of suburban Juneau, Alaska. It was not the snarling villain of folklore. This wolf seemed to crave the company …

Indigenous Peoples

This Impossible Rocking Chair Wouldn't Exist If Not For 3-D Printing

This alien-looking rocking chair shows us how weird design could get when we start designing in earnest for 3-D printers.

With its vaguely Caribbean aesthetic and ovum-like design, the Durotaxis Chair looks from a distance more like an alien egg than something you sit on. Look closer, though, and …


Four jellies that diffract rainbow light like iridescent spaceships

What does it mean to be blue? Let's look deep into something called structural coloration, the physics of light, and how it's possible that the …


New study shows net value of seagrass to fishing in the Mediterranean

Seagrass meadows could be worth around €190 million every year to commercial and recreational fishing in the Mediterranean according to a new study …

Scientific Research

Gulf of Mexico Turns Deadly for Dolphins

Dolphins are dying in great numbers in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Since February 2010, 1,308 dead or dying marine mammals — mostly bottlenose dolphins, including juveniles or aborted fetuses — have washed ashore on beaches and wetlands from Texas to Florida, or have been discovered floating in the …


Poachers slaughter 30 elephants in DR Congo

Ivory-hungry poachers have killed 30 elephants in a Congolese national park in the past two weeks, park authorities said Monday, adding that the …


Revealed: Owls Mistreated at Harry Potter Tour

An eyewitness investigator found distressed birds kept tethered in tiny cages for hours and forced to perform tricks at Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Harry Potter

Millions of pounds of public money to pay for grey squirrel cull

The Forestry Commission has drawn up plans obliging landowners to rid their estates of grey squirrels

Landowners are to be paid millions of pounds of public money to cull grey squirrels under the first national plan for managing their numbers.

Under the scheme, designed to protect red squirrels and …


Tell Congress to restore marine mammal rescue funding

I am a rescuer.

It is not only what I do; it is who I am.

As a marine mammal rescuer for more than 20 years, it has been my job to respond to live …

Animal Rescue

Mosquitoes could bring deadly diseases to UK within years, study warns

LONDON — Warmer conditions are making the UK a more attractive place for disease-carrying mosquitoes, according to a new study.

Researchers writing in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal say warmer temperatures in the UK provide more hospitable conditions for the Asian Tiger mosquito or Aedes …

United Kingdom

Are seaweed snacks the future as the tide turns on meat consumption?

When Lisette Kreischer created the Dutch Weed Burger, a plant-based burger, she and her co-founder Mark Kulsdom didn’t just want it to be a vegan alternative to meat; they wanted to encourage people to rethink their consumption habits through the promotion of a food source that’s at the bottom of …


Sewage could be a source of valuable metals and critical elements

Poop could be a goldmine—literally. Surprisingly, treated solid waste contains gold, silver and other metals, as well as rare elements such as …

Natural Resources

Good Clothing Company Provides Independent Designers with Low Minimum Production

You know how the headache of small run production and all the stress that comes along with it can sometimes bring you to tears?It’s so difficult. As …

Fashion Design

Online Store Profile: Trash to Trend

The Essentials

Trash to Trend was founded by Reet Aus—a clothing designer who has been experimenting with upcycling since 2005. The web shop sells …

Proof That Sustainable Fashion Found At The Mall Can Be Beautiful

We've been told before that good things take time. But, if that notion is true, H&M hasn't heard it. Or, at least, they're willing to prove otherwise. For the latest installment of the Conscious Collection — the 2011-launched initiative that's comprised of ethically sourced and organic materials — …

Sustainable Fashion

Saharan Refugees Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Amazing “Gold” Jewelry

All that glitters is not gold. From the sloping dunes of the Sahara comes a groundbreaking design process that turns waste from refugee camps into …


Thailand Faces Sanctions If It Fails to Stop Ivory Trade

Thailand has until the end of March 2015 to take measures to shut down domestic trade in illegal elephant ivory or it will face trade sanctions under …


How chemistry affects the evolution of life

A feature of natural selection, or “survival of the fittest”, is that context defines what is “fittest”. Traits that are “fittest” in one habitat can become liabilities in others. This was observed first-hand across Britain when it was newly industrialising: wing colour of the peppered moth, Biston


Watch a baby hummingbird grow up

Spring is springing! Already, a few of my Seattle birding pals have spotted hummingbird nests. Thus, since today is “Caturday”, I was inspired to share a video of a mother rufous hummingbird as she raises her son from hatching to fledging. In this video, you will see how fast the chick grows …


‘Cruel’ shooters reduce hare numbers by 80%

Hares are the only game animals that can be shot all year round (Phil Noble)

BROWN hares, renowned for their boxing and other “mad March” antics, are …

United Kingdom

Scientific adviser brands badger cull an ‘epic failure’


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The badger cull will continue

THE government’s badger culls have been branded an “epic failure” by the …

United Kingdom

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I found a #Stingray ! This was in #mexico #scuba #diving