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Termites Engineer Solar-Powered Ventilation Into Their Mounds

Central air? No Problem

Termites get a bad reputation in the housing business. They are often looked at as signs of the domestic apocalypse, causing billions of dollars in damage to houses every year. But when it comes to building their own homes, termites are master engineers. Such is their …


Underwater Animal Colonies Work Together To Move

They're all in this together

Think about how jellyfish or squid move. You're imagining a graceful display of jet propulsion, right? It's not uncommon for underwater species to take advantage of their environment to propel themselves through it. In a study released in Nature Communications today, …

Life Sciences

Made of Bacteria, This Living Type Morphs Into New Letterforms

Ori Elisar's project Living Language blurs the lines between designer and mad scientist with his Hebrew symbols grown in petri dishes.

While most people create type on a computer, Israeli designer Ori Elisar creates his in a lab. For his final project at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Elisar …


Model with Bionic Arm to Walk in New York Fashion Week: 'It's Been Quite a Journey'

She's the bionic model.

Born without a right forearm, Rebekah Marine was told as a young girl that modeling wasn’t the career for her. Now, she's about to walk in New York Fashion Week.

The 28-year-old model, who has an i-limb quantum prosthetic hand, will appear in the FTL Moda show on Sept. 13, …

Fashion Modeling

Scientists reveal there are 3tn trees in the world in latest count

Scientists have already calculated how many fish there are in the sea (230,000 species), and how many species there are on the planet overall (8.7m). Now they have had a crack at counting all of the world’s trees.

Using a combination of satellite and ground measurements, researchers estimated that …

University College London

Rising star: Simone Rocha shows artworks alongside fashion at first London store | Fashion | Wallpaper* Magazine

Since her London Fashion Week debut in September 2010, Simone Rocha's fashion star has been rapidly rising. Her bold interpretation of femininity and ability to blend craft techniques with contemporary textures and materials has seen her label scoop a sizable haul of accolades, including the 2013 …


Water heals a bioplastic


"What's unique about this plastic is the ability to stick itself back together with a drop of water," said Melik Demirel.

Credit: Demirel


Blue whale caught on camera in English waters 'for the first time'

The great creature surfaced from the murk of a deep-sea canyon, lingered just long enough for observers to grab a few pictures, and then vanished from sight into the fog and rain.

Oceanographers believe these grainy photographs are probably the first to show a blue whale in English waters since the …

Blue Whale

Coloni and Studio Aikieu celebrate weeds with Plants Out Of Place exhibition

London Design Festival 2015: an exhibition by Swedish gardening house Coloni and trend forecaster Studio Aikieu will celebrate the potential of …


Everyday Aliens Workshop

Thanks to intrepid explorer of the biological kind - interdisciplinary artist and educator Heather Barnett – yesterday, a gathering of curious …

The Arts

Your birdwatching can now help save your favourite species

If you are a nature lover, you are probably familiar with web portals such as Observado, Portugal Aves eBird or BirdTrack. These apps have quickly …


Morpho Butterfly Scales Could Make Excellent Sensors

The structure and surface chemistry of Morpho butterfly wings have inspired a gas sensor that changes color depending on the varying levels of …

The world's first rooftop vineyard is about to open in Brooklyn

Sarah Jacobs / Business Insider

Devin Shomaker came up with the idea of a rooftop vineyard when he was still studying viticulture at Finger Lakes Community College in upstate New York.

That was back in the beginning of 2013, and Shomaker has been working on the idea ever since.

Over two years later, …

New York City

This startup can grow metal like a tree, and it's about to hit the big time

A little known Seattle startup could do for metal what 3D printing is doing for other materials like plastic.

A Seattle startup has found a way to grow high performance metals in a cheap and energy efficient way, marking an important breakthrough for industries like construction, automotive, and oil …


The Creeping Garden (2014) Official Trailer

Kickboxer - The Eagle Lands - Jean-Claude Van Damme

Shy Octopus Hides under His Tentacles

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Earth - Secrets of the species that thrive in the big city

"Daddy, what's that?" says Nicholas, aged six, pointing at a large red-brown insect that has just fallen off a cast iron gatepost. A bearded man in …

Food Science

Add a little Nature to your City Walks

31. August 2015 Comments Off on Add a little Nature to your City Walks Views: 16 All Snapshots, Green City

The Walkonomics app helps you find the path …

Smart Cities

Phychip teaser

Pulsum: Live Setup @ Mutek_MX

#newpublicart From @alalannahland In a better neighborhood than we should be. #graffiti #streetart #bats

Bluem Carpet


No More Air Conditioners: This "Skin" For Buildings Keeps The Inside Cool With Zero Energy

The facade works with no power at all—not even solar panels—and keeps the temperature comfortable and light bright inside.

For most of human history, buildings were essentially net zero energy systems. Thick walls kept out cold and simple windows let in fresh air and daylight. Then came complex, …



Paula Studio | design boutique
Born in 2008, it operates in the fields of product design, architecture and visual communication, providing consulting …

Industrial Design

A Cheap Modular System Will Provide Better Shelter To Indians With Shoddy Metal Roofs

Made from cardboard waste and coconut fibers, ReMaterials roofs are more affordable than concrete but a whole lot better than corrugated iron.

Much of the world will go to sleep tonight under a corrugated iron roof, a quite bumpy, ill-fitting way to cover a house. They'll get hot in summer, get no …


Scientists just discovered a deepwater reef more diverse than the Great Barrier Reef

Park officials in the southern Australian province of Victoria say a deepwater reef has been discovered there that may have more coral, sponge, and …

Great Barrier Reef

Jessica | Nervous System on Instagram: “Coral mushroom #fungi #tweet”

BBC Blogs - Springwatch - Citizen Science: What's it all about?

Citizen Science: What's it all about?

Guest blogger


This guest blog was written by Sarah West, and looks at the ever evolving world of citizen science. Sarah West is a researcher at the Stockholm Environment Institute at the University of York. She has been designing and running citizen

Citizen Science