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New firefly species discovered in California

Fireflies aren't a common sight in Southern California, but a college student has found a previously unknown species living just outside Los Angeles.


Recently Spotted 103-Year-Old Orca Is Bad News For SeaWorld -- Here's Why

UPDATE: Since this post, Granny has been making serious waves, by guiding her family, swimming hundreds and hundreds of miles off the Pacific coast


How do blue birds get their color?

Photo: Larry Keller/MNN Flickr Group


Wonders of nature: Michael Hoppen Gallery debuts an online collection of works by Karl Blossfeldt | Art | Wallpaper* Magazine

As evidence that the visual arts are flourishing in the digital age, esteemed London gallery Michael Hoppen is launching its third online-only exhibition – a virtual showcase comprising 30 first edition photogravures by 1920s German photographer, sculptor and design teacher Karl Blossfeldt.

Regarded …


Great Apes Emphasize Biosphere Importance

Chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans are essential to the visibility and viability of many biosphere reserves across Africa and Asia, according to an …

United Nations

Tool lets users promote charities through the content that inspire them

Add / Remove Earlier this week, we wrote about Ideal Impact, an app which aims to raise support for charitable organizations by mobilizing readers …


Our on-street mini meadows on RedX Way looking blooming wonderful @BetterBankside

Who runs public parks and are they in danger of privatisation?

London’s local authorities have issued a stark warning: if government cuts continue on the same trajectory, the capital’s boroughs will not be able to prevent a “slide towards privately-run parks” by the end of the decade.

But how big is the risk? Who owns the nation’s parks? Are they underfunded …


Sure looks like these monkeys are domesticating wild wolves. What's the deal?

All right, we knew monkeys were smart. But this is just ridiculous.

Photos have surfaced recently of what looks like Ethiopian gelada monkeys …


Will Humans Survive the Sixth Great Extinction?

Species are disappearing at an alarming rate, a new study finds. Author Elizabeth Kolbert says that raises questions about our survival.

In the last half-billion years, life on Earth has been nearly wiped out five times—by such things as climate change, an intense ice age, volcanoes, and that space …


Ask Hermès to Stop Selling Items Made From Crocodile and Alligator Skins!

PETA US conducted an eyewitness investigation into the exotic-skins trade and found live reptiles sawed open and left to bleed to death on farms that …

Exposed: Crocodiles and Alligators Factory-Farmed for Hermès 'Luxury' Goods

Thousands of crocodiles are crammed into concrete pits and alligators packed into filthy pools—all killed for their skin before even reaching …


Fight to stop 27 elephant calves from export to Chinese 'circus' park

Outrage is growing at plan to export 27 elephant calves from Zimbabwe to the Chinese park

(Two African elephant calves – PICTURE: Gallo Images/


This Sleek Electric Tuk-Tuk Is Designed To Battle Traffic In Your City

These popular three-wheeled taxis zip around overcrowded cities like Mumbai and Nairobi. Could a greener version catch on in the Western world?

Tuk-tuks might be everyday, ubiquitous transportation in Nairobi or Phnom Penh, but can these tiny three-wheeled taxis also find a place in sprawling, …


Watch Britain's first wild beaver kits for 400 years take a dip

The first breeding colony of wild beavers to live in the UK for over 400 years has produced kits.

The birth of the babies was announced by the Devon Wildlife Trust and footage of the beavers was captured on camera by local filmographer Tom Buckley. It shows the babies taking their first swimming …

United Kingdom

The New Way to Track Animals Is Tagless - Inkfish

By Elizabeth Preston | June 23, 2015 11:43 am

There’s good news for scientists who study animals that are too small to carry a GPS monitor, or that …


Woman Saves 100 Dogs From Being Eaten at Dog-Meat Festival 

100 dogs in Yulin are now safe from being eaten at the annual dog-meat festival, thanks to the bravery of Yang Xiaoyun. Xiaoyun traveled over 1600 …


World’s First Prosthetic Leg With Real Sense of Feeling

Researchers at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria are reporting the installation of the first prosthetic leg with the ability of …

Activist groups are going to fly 'abortion drones' over Poland

Drones have been used to deliver everything from vaccines to people in remote parts of Africa to products in China. But this weekend, the device will be used to make another kind of delivery— a political one.

On Saturday, several international women’s rights groups are planning to use the flying …


Micron3DP Unveils Glass 3D Printing Technology

By Michael Molitch-HouRecently, Israel-based Micron3DP released its latest all-metal 3D printer extruder, the Cobra. That’s all metal, inside and …

3D Printing

Citizen Science Tuesday: Chimp & See

Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in the forest at Mahale National Park on Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. Photo © Ami Vitale.

Citizen Science Tuesday

Citizen Science

Tell your politicians to protect the natural world you love

In Europe, vital laws protect our most precious nature. Our wildlife and most valued natural places all depend on these rules.

Sadly, right now the …


Lion among 23,000 species threatened with extinction, say conservationists

The mighty lion, reclusive cave crabs and the world’s rarest sea lion are among nearly 23,000 species at risk of dying out, a top conservation body warned on Tuesday.

In an update to its “Red List” of threatened species, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) hailed some clear …

Biological Species

This Ancient Paper Art Makes Flexible, Super Strong Electronics

Kirigami is changing the way we design materials

Thanks to the art of paper cutting, Kirigami, soon stretchable plasma displays and batteries will become a more viable reality.

Material design teams across the country are taking cues from this variation on origami—popularized in the US in the 1960s …

Computer Hardware

BanksideUrbanForest в Твиттере

Even the metro stations in #Brussels pays homage to the city's #urban #forest - Gare du Nord @EFUrbanForestry


So flashy! This small but feisty flamboyant cuttlefish is unlike the rest, walking along the seafloor on arms and fins–and standing its ground when threatened. Flashing its hypnotic color scheme and...

So flashy! This small but feisty flamboyant cuttlefish is unlike the rest, walking along the seafloor on arms and fins–and standing its ground when …

Iris Van Herpen: fashion’s hi-tech priestess

The visionary designer talks growing up without fashion, getting ‘inspired by the impossible’ and why she’s always been attracted to chaos

Iris Van Herpen is a fashion pioneer. One part couturier, one part scientist, her high-voltage, high-concept collections bridge the gap between the lab and the …


Plant Wall Art by Art We Heart

You’ve seen vertical gardens, wall planters before but this is next level stuff. Art We Heart makes unique wall art using plants and moss. From …


A Shocking Look At How Contemporary Fashion Blatantly Rips Off The Past

A Shocking Look At How Contemporary Fashion Blatantly Rips Off The Past They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but out of all …


Towering New Pigeon Murals by ‘Super A’

Ah yes, the majestic pigeon. An unlikely source of inspiration for such dominating murals, but at the hands of Dutch street artist Stefan Thelen aka …