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First-ever cyborg roses can change color with the flick of a switch

Cyborg roses could become the first "smart" plant.

Scientists at Linköping University in Sweden created the first electronic rose in a lab, they reported Nov. 20 in the journal Science Advances.

This technology could create plants that light up to signal what they need, though the researchers admit …


Kids Are Tying Coats to Street Poles for Homeless People to Wear and Stay Warm This Winter

Halifax, Nova Scotia's residents have recently been seeing an interesting sight: coats tied to street poles. At first, one might think that these clothes are lost, but they've actually been put there for a specific reason. If you look closely, there are labels attached to the jackets that read, …


New Balance Pushes Ahead In Design Race To Bring 3-D Printed Shoes To Consumers

Look for them in Boston in April.

In an attempt to appeal to design-conscious consumers, major athletic shoe brands like Nike and Adidas have been investing heavily in 3-D printing. Now, New Balance is aiming to beat both Nike and Adidas to the finish line.

Today, the company announces a new running …

New Balance

Color-Changing Rain Shelters Add Cheer To Dreary Days

The experimental Italian design studio Fabrica created hydro-chromatic structures that produce brilliant patterns in the rain.

Like a French version of Seattle or London, the northern city of Lille, France, has a reputation for being a gray, gloomy place. But even though rain falls for nearly half …


The Bacteria of NYC's Subway Turned Into Art

Craig Ward rode every train in New York, swabbing the subway poles and creating beautiful Petri-dish art.

Ever wonder what germs are really growing on those subway poles? Brooklyn-based artist Craig Ward decided to find out. After riding all 22 of New York's subway lines, he collected bacterial …


Studio RAP completes first robotically fabricated building in the Netherlands

A team of architects and designers have used a huge robot to construct a 130-square-metre building inside a former industrial machine hall in …


Paloma Germain Turbans: Parisian-made accessories that keep the head up high

Paloma Germain made quite the first impression during our chance encounter in Tuileries Garden in Paris. She stood out from the picnicking locals and camera-toting visitors because of the way she instinctively held her head high, hair tucked into a multi-colored turban. Compared to the passers-by …


How this innovative temporary tent design could change the way refugees live


Home, on demand

This striking pop-up, designed to meet the needs of refugees by Jordanian-Canadian architect Abeer Seikaly, is still a work-in-progress. But once built, it will do things that other temporary emergency tents have not: filter water, store solar power, survive storms – and, …


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Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius

Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius is the internationally-acclaimed, must-see exhibition of 2016.

It's your chance to investigate both the …

Leonardo Da Vinci

Over half of world's primates on brink of extinction: experts

More than half the world's primates, including apes, lemurs and monkeys, are facing extinction, international experts warned Tuesday, as they called …


Conservationists urge Mauritius to halt cull of threatened fruit bat

Conservationists are calling for an end to a government cull of tens of thousands of fruit bats in Mauritius that they say is putting the survival of the threatened species at risk.

Authorities began shooting 18,000 Mauritius fruit bats (Pteropus niger) on 7 November, despite protests and even …


Very excited to start with the amazing @unseenemporium Beautiful work with incredible science at its core

Green Form and Function versus Green Nativism: In changing urban spaces full of novel ecosystems and natural assemblages, is native purity a viable option?

Every month we feature a Global Roundtable in which a dozen or so people respond to a specific question in The Nature of Cities.

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Drone-Stealing Eagles Show a DJI Phantom Who's Boss

​There are several risks that come with shooting video on an unmanned aerial vehicle, none of which as epic as having your gear snatched mid-air by bald eagles.

That's exactly what happened when two eagles spotted this quadcopter filming some gorgeous scenery on their turf. Though to be fair, the …


The Smallest Man-Made Object Ever Filmed Highlights the Fragile State of Elephants

on November 15, 2015 | Follow @BenjaminStarr

Continually walking the line between art and science, Jonty Hurwitz (featured previously) has recently


How frogs switch vision to see in murky water

For nearly a century, scientists have puzzled over how freshwater fish and some amphibians, including frogs, can do something humans can’t.They can …


Algorithmic Clothing Lets You Pick a Design Scheme

The Processing Foundation provides the glitch art, Print All Over Me provides the final printed design—all in the name of community

Print All Over Me, …

The Arts

Loss of diversity near melting coastal glaciers: Sedimentation impacting an entire ecosystem on seafloor

Nov. 13, 2015 — A new article has identified escape from aquaculture facilities, releases in the wild due to pet/aquarium trade and stocking …

Climate Change

The People’s Uber: Why The Sharing Economy Must Share Ownership

Workers are often taken advantage of by the on-demand economy. What if they ran it instead?

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently discovered, during his short-lived campaign against Uber, that saying no to a popular, convenient new technology doesn't tend to win many friends—or win much at all. In just a …

Silicon Valley

Open Architecture develops reconfigurable construction system

This showroom for a real estate developer in Guangzhou, China, is a prototype for a modular building system designed by Open Architecture to be …


Now You Can Genetically Engineer Living Cells with a Home Kit. Should You?

The Amino DIY bioengineering kit.

Amino, a complete starter kit for folks who want to get in on the bioengineering game, starts at $700 (significantly …


NASA announces new plan to study how plants and oceans absorb carbon

Today, NASA announced a new plan for studying growing carbon emissions, but instead of focusing on the carbon that's trapped in our atmosphere, the space agency said it plans to focus on analyzing the "other half" of the carbon that humans emit — the half that gets absorbed by Earth's oceans and …


Male tits would rather starve than give up their partner, study suggests

Oxford University found male great tits would rather starve than leave their mate

It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but a new study suggests that when it comes to love males will actually forgo food rather than give up their mate.

Oxford University has been monitoring …


Dish and DU/ER's Technologically-Minded "No Sweat" Pants: Understanding the brand's Nature2X fabric

After wearing our DU/ER's slim fit "No Sweat" pants for several weeks now, and experiencing just how comfortable and functional they are, we wanted to explore their proprietary fabric even further. The pants not only look great but also have ample stretch for more movability, softness for comfort, …


Carolin Pertsch's stools feature seats made from washed-up seagrass

German designer Carolin Pertsch has used bundles of seagrass to create an eco-material that forms the seats for a collection of stools.Pertsch …


3-D printing gets boozy with filament made from recycled beer waste

Most types of production create waste products that either end up in our air, oceans, or landfills. One lesser known contributor to this problem is …

3D Printing

Paper dress designs | Petra Storrs

Paper dress designs by Petra Storrs

Paloma Faith // Paper Dress Costume

Paloma Faith // Paper Dress Costume

Paloma Faith // Paper Dress Costume

“Petra …

Fashion Design

Dress changes color to convey the wearer’s emotions

Dress changes color to convey the wearer’s emotions

A person’s posture and body language subconsciously conveys their emotions to those around them, …


Mauritius wants to shoot 18,000 imperiled fruit bats for no good reason

Photo: Simon J. Tonge

On the island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, the government has just declared open season on 18,000 fruit bats. As you …