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Hospital Bag Checklist for the Minimalist Mom

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Source: Megan Van Sipe

Even minimalists like to be well prepared. Packing for the hospital is one of the many preparations you have to …

A Taste of Home: Thanksgiving After Moving Away - Hearth & Kin

This is a tale of starting over and creating new traditions in a foreign place.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because of …

Palo Alto

My First Authentic Thanksgiving - Hearth & Kin

I celebrated my first authentic Thanksgiving with people that I hardly knew.

As an American child, I participated unquestioningly in the pageantry …

Primary Education

Organized Coffee Cabinet

Happy Thanksgiving Week! I just returned home from a week away and I feel like I am being thrown full force into the hustle that is hosting …


The #1 Nutrition Rule I Live By: A Cardiologist Explains

My brother Daniel died from an incurable disease when he was three. I was seven, and I remember wanting to throw stamps into his grave so he could …


When The Quest For "Holiday Nostalgia" Takes Over - Hearth & Kin

When you curse an anguished homeless person over a jar of horseradish, you might be losing grip of that true holiday spirit. That’s what pressure to …

Holiday Recipes

What can I do with my three year old?

My youngest child is now four years old so three is still very clear in my mind. The three year old loves practical life, being involved and is often …


Fight Off the Crud with 10 All-Natural Immunity Boosters

I’ve made a decision not to get sick this winter. (I know, I know…we’ll see if I’m still singing that same tune come December.) Extra precautions to …

Vitamin D

10 Signs You're On Track To Find Your True Calling

Finding and fulfilling your calling can be confusing , and your soul's true purpose might not be what you think it should be. Here are 10 signs that …


Children of divorce: 82% rather parents separate than 'stay for the kids'

Most young people who have experienced divorce do not believe parents should stay together for the sake of the children, according to a survey by the family law organisation Resolution.

The poll found that 82% of those aged 14 to 22 who have endured family breakups would prefer their parents to part …


Thanksgiving Without My Spouse - Hearth & Kin

It’s Thanksgiving morning. It’s chilly outside, but inside we’re toasty warm.

The turkey, stuffed and dressed, is in the oven and I’m cuddled on the …


MOMS: Why You Need to Give Yourself a “Time-Out”

Not too long ago, I was talking with a mom and I was saying something about the books I was reading. She immediately shot back, “Oh, I love to read

Frugal Living

4 Reasons Bedtime is Our Family Time

Next Week's Book Club Book Pick: Just Show Up by Kara Tippetts

| Crystal Paine

Next week, we’re going to start reading through Just Show Up by Kara Tippetts.

I’ve been reading this book the past few days and …

Frugal Living

10 Activities To Make You Happier Today — That Don't Involve Spending Money

Five years ago, I embarked on my spending fast — a challenge to only spend money on necessities for an entire year. I was looking to get my spending …


7 recent nonfiction reads.

Author: Jessica Lahey

Will and I talk a lot about natural consequences in our parenting, but when it's time to put those principles into practice, we …


After 16 Years With My Wife, It Still Feels Like The Honeymoon Phase. Here's Why

I met the love of my life at 17, while both of us were working at Burger King. She hated me at first — thought I was an arrogant know-it-all. Over …


A Homeschooler’s Early Childhood Gift Guide

{disclaimer ~ affiliate links are used}I get asked a lot how I acquired so many fabulous early learning toys for my children. One of the most helpful …


What can I do with my infant (birth to six months)?

Did you know there is such a thing as infant Montessori? There really are things you can do with your newborn! This post features lots of the …


3 Best Face Masks for Oily Skin

My mom used to tell my teenaged self that in 20 years I’d be thankful for having oily skin. And I suppose she was right because oily skin does tend …

Witch Hazel

New Wash From Hairstory: Industry veteran Michael Gordon perfects his detergent-free formula for soft, clean hair

It takes a hair industry veteran to call out the fact that almost every shampoo on the market has detergent (aka sodium lauryl sulfate) in it—an irritant that strips and dries hair, fueling the perpetual cycle of buying products like conditioners, masks and treatments. These are unnecessary …


5 Ideas to Simplify Christmas & Save Your Budget

| Crystal Paine

Guest post from Crystal of Serving Joyfully

Simplifying Christmas is important to us because of our family values, but also because of …


Knowing myself, knowing my kids, and taking 4 kids to NYC without losing my mind.

Last month Will and I took our four kids—ages 12, 10, 8, and 5—to New York City for six days, just for fun. It was my fourth time, Will’s second …


Only Child Reflects On Being An "Only" - Hearth & Kin

I’m an only child, and despite what you might have heard about other people like me, I am not alone.

Dependent on context, the word “only” can imply …


Make Your Own Spice + Herb Firestarters

If you know someone with a fireplace - or even a backyard chiminea - they will love these spice and herb firestarter packages.


Serenity Now: 9 Simple Ways to Instantly De-Stress

I don’t know about you, but as the holidays get closer, stress levels tend to increase a little more every week—which is totally counterintuitive to …


The #1 ritual to do every day.

I love reading about other people’s rituals. I’m a sucker for blog posts about the morning routines of interesting women, short guides on what the …


Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life - Hearth & Kin

Learning the art of acceptance can help you achieve emotional stability and inner peace despite constant external frustrations of the modern …

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

by Two Peas on November 9, 2015

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes-creamy mashed potatoes that are made in the crockpot. These easy mashed potatoes are

Slow Cooker Recipes

Food Waste Saves, Times 7

Since you all said that your favorite part of Food Waste Fridays was the saves rather than the losses, here’s a roundup of the rescues I made last …