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Oven Baked Hard Boiled Eggs

Being the lunch-hater that I am (just making it, I really like eating lunch. I wish restaurant food were free and always healthy and that it either …

Free printable 2015-2016 Preschool Calendar Learning Notebook

| Crystal Paine

Download a free printable 2015-2016 Preschool Calendar Notebook from Mama’s Learning Corner.

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Wizard of Oz Handwriting Freebie - The Multi Taskin' Mom

Growing up I loved the story of The Wizard of Oz. I think most children do. What isn’t to love about a girl who gets swept away into a magical land, …


The Heart and the Bottle: A Tender Illustrated Fable of What Happens When We Deny Our Difficult Emotions

A gentle reminder of what we stand to lose when we lock away loss.

“Children … are the most attentive, curious, eager, observant, sensitive, quick, and generally congenial readers on earth,” E.B. White famously asserted in an interview, admonishing: “Anyone who writes down to children is simply

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9 Tips To Boost Your Happiness (Without Taking A Pill!)

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I left my corporate job several years ago to follow my heart and become a travel writer. Today I get to work from anywhere in the …


Home Made Mini Books - Phonics and Opposites

I have been making mini books for Otis (above picture from here). He loves them and cannot get enough. I think it's part due to their small size and …


8 Widely Held Beliefs You'll Reconsider After You Start Meditating

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Meditation invokes a quieting ocean of calm, but only with time and consistent practice. But I didn't get that until I really …


How to Easily Speed Organize Any Space

Speed organizing is most successful when you have a space that desperately needs a little organization and you only have a few minutes to get it in …

Space Debris

10 Lifestyle Choices That Have Eased My Anxiety

After being diagnosed with generalized anxiety and panic disorder a few years ago, my life became a roller coaster ride filled with drug-induced …


Living Creatively: Independent Art Forever + a $500 Giveaway from Minted!

1. Tapestry 4 by Oh So Suite // 2. Calculation by Stephanie Nowotarski // 3. Tangerine by Alexandra Dzh // 4. Bold Leaves by Kelly Ventura // 5. Hood …


Living With Less Means More

| Crystal Paine

Guest post from Suzi

I’ve noticed some of the “smaller living” posts on lately and wanted to share our story.

We are …

Frugal Living

Healthy Living From the Start {Oak Meadow Review}

Oak Meadow has a new health curriculum called Healthy Living from the Start. I want to preface this review by saying that if you have used Oak …


10 Ways to Survive as a Sleep Deprived Mom

“Better get your sleep while you can!”

That phrase has to be one of the most overly used bits of unsolicited advice known to man. If I had a nickel …


An Open Letter to the Motherless Mothers

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and I want you to know know that I understand how you feel. I know how your heart will ache when you see your social …

Every Breath You Take

6 Tricks That Get You To Buy "Green" Products

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Bringing home a new baby is a beautiful and emotional experience for every new parent. Keeping the baby healthy and safe is your …

Chemical Industry

7 Ways To Nurture Good Gut Health

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When your digestive system is off, your health can suffer in all sorts of ways. In addition to digestive disorders such as …

Healthy Food

Deck Reveal

I am super excited to show you our styled up deck! For the last couple weeks, you and I have been hand-holding on this journey to make the space more …

Free app download: Toca Nature

| Crystal Paine

The Toca Nature app is free to download right now. Here’s more about the app:

Shape nature and watch it develop. Plant trees and grow a …


Homekeeping Skills You Need to Know

ow to

Keeping house is not instinctual for most people, it’s a learned behavior and habits that need to be repeated (all the time, unfortunately) to …

Personal Organizing

Natural Remedies for Heartburn

When I was growing up, my Dad would occasionally get heartburn, and my brother and I really never understood why it seemed to bother him so much. …


Strawberry Muffins

Packed with sweet strawberries, these tender muffins with crisp, golden tops are perfect for a special breakfast or brunch. They’re a nice change …


32 Books That Will Actually Change Your Life

And all you have to do is read them!

1. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

This heartbreaking memoir, written by Jean-Dominique Bauby, follows the life of a narcissistic editor turned ward of the hospital after a sudden stroke leaves him paralyzed and unable to communicate. It’ll make you realize how …


Natural ways to dye your hair when pregnant

It’s estimated that 75% of women over 18 have colored their hair at some point in their life. While our hair often gets thicker and more lustrous, …


How Is Blank Holding Up?

Over the last seven years I have blogged. a lot. And one of the biggest things I get asked is “How is blank holding up?”. Everybody is interested in …

What I Was Born To Do

(me on the left, age 6, with my baby sister)

As soon I learned that you could connect the curves of letters together to form a story I started writing …


House Painting Tips for Busy Moms

For those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I have been busy painting my house in preparation for our big move. I painted 8 rooms in about …


10 Ways Minecraft Can Help Your Kids!

So, by now, either your kids are totally obsessed with Minecraft or they aren’t- and if you are in the camp that I am in, you are being asked day in …


Baby Advice From Your Mom That Are Actually Really Good

Bringing your sweet bundle of joy home for the very first time comes with its share of excitement and fear. You got to enjoy the first days with your …


This is what love looks like

Before Gwen was even speaking in sentences, she decided that she was head over heels for the small, stuffed horse that her Aunt Colleen gave her. She …

Living Rooms

5 books with thought-provoking structures. - Modern Mrs. Darcy

Like most readers, I love books with strong characterization, compelling plots, and beautiful prose. However—and this may reveal the depths of my …