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4 Life Practices That Will Boost Your Metabolism & Reduce Anxiety

If you’re reading this, you already know that working up a sweat regularly is good for you —and you’re probably already addicted to the thrill of a …


Natural Ways to Prevent & Fight Drug Resistant Head Lice

Reports have recently surfaced about an outbreak of drug-resistant head lice in half of US states. The timing of this outbreak coincides with the …

marbled acrylic painting

One of my most popular posts of all time is my spray paint marbling tutorial back from 2014. I've received all kinds of questions about this process …


Greek Tacos

by Two Peas on August 19, 2015

Greek Tacos-mix up taco night and make these simple, fresh, and healthy Greek tacos!

Every week, I do a weekly meal plan …


Natural Birth Control - Options & Suggestions

Now that Michael and I have two lovely children, we’re thinking our family is complete. There was definitely some grief in making this decision …


creating with a kid- bubble paper

These days when I plan creative projects for Lucy, I tend to gravitate towards things that we both will have fun doing. Recently we had a TON of fun …


One Mom's Guide to Visiting Chocolate World

Last week I shared about our amazing time at HersheyPark in Hershey, PA, but did you know there is a whole other section of fun at HersheyPark? It’s …


What to Know About Phantom Pregnancy Kicks

If you’ve been stopped in your tracks by what feels like little fetal kicks or movements even though you are one hundred percent positive that you …


The Key to Having a Social Life After Baby Arrival

When a baby arrives, a mom’s needs take a back seat. And in the way back seat? That thing you called your social life. Finding the time and energy to …


Establishing a Routine for Baby

In the world of baby care, your days can feel quite repetitive. Creating a predictable routine for baby may not seem necessary, especially to an …


How To Get A Free Breast Pump With Insurance

Breast pumps are a necessity to almost all new mothers but the high quality (and most effective) pumps are quite expensive! Thanks to the Affordable …


A Week of Easy Dinner Recipes with Quinoa

Just like slow-cooker staples, a big pot of quinoa is a genius way to set yourself up for healthy meals all week. I know what you’re thinking: “I …


15 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters in 2015


This is going to be an exciting year for books and movies. Hollywood has some hot adaptations being released in 2015. If you are looking …

Weekly Father Daughter Date Night

Growing up I was always thankful for the close relationship I had with my father. I have such fond memories of loving that he was my soccer coach, …


Midwife Interview Questions: Find the Right Support for YOU

If you have a low-risk pregnancy and want to have a natural childbirth, working with a midwife may be a great way to go. While there are some …


Start Potty Training in 3 Days

While I was pregnant with my daughter, my 21-month old son started going to a toddler program at a local Montessori school. Children in the toddler …


Geocaching WITH Kids

Geocaching. Have you heard of it? Of course you have. Have you tried it yet? Possibly. I’m newer to the geocaching scene but have fallen in love with …


One Mom's Guide to Visting Gettysburg

We just completed our epic move from Arizona to Pennsylvania and I am so happy to be here for so many reasons, but one is for my kids to grow up in a …


Simple Chore Jars for Kids

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Motherhood is …


5 fiction books to read this summer

*This post contains affiliate links*

One of the main reasons I became an English teacher is because I love to read and I wanted to encourage others to …

Popular Fiction

Preparing for a New Baby

Now that my baby boy is seven weeks old, I’m almost out of the pregnancy haze. You know what I’m talking about – the months where you focus on …

How to get rid of lice with tea tree oil (instead of insecticide)

I know lice are a super unpleasant subject, but if you’ve got school-age kids, pin this for future use. Knowing how to get rid of lice with tea tree

Tea Tree Oil

The Benefits of Montessori Education

Dr. Maria Montessori was a visionary who studied and documented the developmental stages of children in the early 1900s. From this research, she …


How To Choose Abstract Art for Your Home

I’m a big fan of abstract art, and I’m trying to incorporate more into our home, but it can be hard deciding what to go with. So I asked my talented


10 Must-Try Detox Water Ingredients

There’s no easier way to detox than by drinking a lot of water, but plain old H2O can get pretty boring after a while. Make your detox tastier—and …


25 Lightened-Up Desserts For Your Next Summer Barbecue!

With lightened-up recipes for everything from chocolate chip cookies to chocolate brownie cheesecake, this one post has all of your Fourth Of July or …


12 Smart Ways to Save on Air Travel | How to Save on Airfare

Travel season is upon us, and if you are anything like me, you’ve got the bug and you are ready to hit the road…..or the skies! Of course vacationing …

Luxury Lifestyle

10 Pantry Staples to Always Keep on Hand | How to Cook from Your Pantry

Today I am happy to welcome back my friend Cherie Lowe from the Queen of Free, who has graciously joined us here at LWSL as a regular monthly …