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Monthly Horoscopes January 2017

Mercury retrograde continues until January 8th, which means we must be proceed carefully and actively work to avoid miscommunication. This is a ripe time for planting new seeds in fertile ground, making this the perfect time to embrace change and new ways of doing things, as there's a tremendous …


I just spent a day in a mindfulness program developed at Google and left with 5 key lessons

It was a fitting start to a day of mindfulness training.<p>Search Insider Yourself (SIY) is a two-day program that teaches participants skills around mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and resilience. It was originally developed at Google, by the company's 107th employee, Chade-Meng Tan (a.k.a. the …

This Birth Month Test Revealed My Personality Perfectly

This test actually works. A lot of people find their birth month to reveal a lot about their personality, even more so than their weekly horoscope.<p>I …

5 Shortcuts To Effective Leadership

In the course of my career as a business journalist and in writing this leadership blog, I’ve come across tons of information in print, on video and in-person that cuts to the core of good leadership. Surprisingly little of it has to do with getting an MBA or going through executive training …

TED Talks

رئيس زيمبابوي (موجابي 92 عام) يأمر باعتقال بعثة أولمبياد ريو2016  وحبسهم في السجن لعدم حصولهم على أي ميدالية أولمبية

صور لبعض رؤساء الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية قبل وبعد توليهم الرئاسة.

Happiest Birthday Ever 💙🎈

In Order To Achieve Lasting Success: 10 Tips To Become An Attractive Person