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4 Moves Every Body Should Do Every Day

Whether you do weights, cardio, both or neither, you should also be doing these moves to instantly feel better in your body.<p>A Move to Help Prevent …

Massage Therapy

A Happier You

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16 Florists to Follow on Instagram

Your fast pass for wedding day décor inspiration.<p>Aside from finding the perfect dress, finding the perfect floral arrangements and design for your big day seems like an equally daunting task. Luckily, there are a ton of floral designers on Instagram with breathtaking feeds that showcase their …

How to Nail It: Neo-Rustic Wedding Decor

Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua shows us how to arrange farm fresh flowers in a modern way.<p>Saipua's co-founder Sarah Ryhanen is incredibly humble. In speaking to the go-to in wedding floral design about the evolution of her brand, which industry vets will acknowledge is at the top of its game, and her …

5 Great Stretches Even the Least Flexible People Can Do

Some fun spots

Kids' Favorite Cupcakes

Kids will get a kick out of these cute and cleverly decorated creations. The following 21 cupcakes are decorated with insects and animals as well as a few scary and creepy designs.


Yoga For the Mind Spend a few minutes adding to a drawing - you don't have to be an artist - focus on a tiny area at a time.

Propagating Succulents

10 Popular Wedding Flowers and the Meanings Behind Them

Throughout history and mythology, flowers have emerged as symbols of everything from purity and faithfulness to wisdom and joy. And there is no …

Dr. Oz's 5-Step Health Challenge


Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety 

Fear is a natural reaction built into the mind-body system triggered by danger. After the danger is past, so is the fear response. But when fear …

Four Principles for Mindful Transformation

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9 Jim Rohn Quotes That Will Inspire You To Work Harder on Yourself

<b></b> I love Jim Rohn! I can’t seriously tell you how many times I listen to his audiotapes. After meeting with his mentor at the age of 25, Jim Rohn …


Quatre bouquets de mariée

Faits de roses du jardin, parsemés de pois de senteur, mêlant pivoines, végétaux sauvages ou encore dahlias colorés, les bouquets apportent la touche …


Illustrator brilliantly depicts teen life using nothing but a Biro

These images haven’t been done on a computer. They are created using only Bic Biros. True story.<p>They are the work of Paris-based illustrator Helena …

Bleuet Coquelicot, le fleuriste romantique

L'été est là et nos envies de fleurs aussi... Direction le Canal Saint-Martin à la rencontre de Tom, un poète du bouquet.<p>Véritables shoots de …

Lieux Insolites

These are the 10 most used words in the English language

<b>The of and to in a is that for it.</b><p>No, we haven’t lost our ability to form a sentence.<p>Those are actually the ten most used words in the English …

The Most Popular Flowers For Each Month Of Summer

These are the beautiful blooms you'll be seeing all season long.<p>Christine Noelle, BloomNation florist and owner/creative director of Chicago's Dilly Lily, opens up about the blooms people just love to see in their bouquets during warm-weather season.


2015 Audubon Photography Awards

More than 2,300 photographers entered the sixth annual Audubon Photography Awards competition, submitting images in several categories, including Amateur, Professional, Fine Art, and Youth. Nearly 9,000 images depicting birdlife from around the world were judged and the winners were recently …


4 Simple Spiritual Practices That Lead to Lasting Happiness

You don't have to meditate on a daily basis, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh says. You can, however, meditate in every moment. Watch as he reveals four …


The ten most expensive paintings in history

Wealthy buyers in the Gulf and China have set a string of records as they have snapped up some of the world's most important artworks in recent years<p>When Pablo Picasso's masterpiece, <b>Les Femmes d’Alger, sold for $179 million (£116 million) in New York on Monday night</b>, it smashed the record for a …

Art History

Why The Best Painting At The Guggenheim This Summer Was Made By A Third Grader

Modern Western education traditionally emphasizes two skills: the ability to process text and numbers. The importance of images, however, is often overlooked. While mainstream public schooling treats pictorial information as peripheral, a quick glimpse at the world around us can contradict this …

10 Uncommon Habits of Extraordinarily Productive People

Do what everyone else does and you get the results they get. Here are ways to be different -- and achieve differently.<p>Whatever your definition of success (each person's definition of "success" is and should be different), one thing is true for everyone: Success means getting things done.<p>Highly …

Time Management

5 Ways Ego Interferes With Your Happiness

The word happiness is defined in most cases as a feeling of contentment, or as a feeling ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happiness is an …

36 Ways to Eat Sandwiches for Every Meal