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North Korea accuses CIA and South Korea of plotting to assassinate Kim Jong Un

BEIJING — North Korea accused the United States and South Korean intelligence agencies Friday of plotting to kill the nation’s leader, Kim Jong Un, using “biochemical substances.”<p>The accusation came amid sharply increased tensions between the United States and North Korea over Pyongyang’s nuclear …

North Korea

DHS: Teenager’s malware disrupted 911 call centers in 12 states

Emergency 911 call centers located in at least 12 different U.S. states, including Arizona, Washington and California, were recently the target of a …


What the Largest Evacuation in Florida's History Looks Like

More than two million people in coastal Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are being told to flee their homes in advance of Hurricane Matthew, the …


Blame Montreal’s airport folly on a broken management model

Perhaps no three words in the French language generate more fear and loathing among air travellers these days than "<i>Bienvenue à Montréal</i>."<p>To land in Canada's second-largest city from an overseas or U.S. destination means experiencing customs wait times that stretch up to two hours (the worst in the …


Our Last Line of Defense Against Gonorrhea Is Failing

Health officials in the US have identified a cluster of gonorrhea infections that exhibited unusual resistance against the last two main antibiotics …


Targeting a Hospital in Pakistan

A suicide attack in Quetta on Monday killed dozens of lawyers and journalists who had come to mourn the death of a prominent attorney.<p><i>Updated on August 8 at 3:45 p.m. ET</i><p><b>NEWS BRIEF</b> A suicide bomber in Quetta, Pakistan, killed at least 50 people on Monday in an attack on a hospital that targeted …


Mexico's Deadly Mudslides

Hurricane Earl dropped a month’s worth of rain in a single night, killing at least 40 people.<p><b>NEWS BRIEF</b> Violent rains caused by Hurricane Earl sent mud flowing down hillsides and killed about 40 people in two Mexican towns along the east coast over the weekend. Meanwhile, towns on the opposite side …

Monte Carlo

Airbnb activates disaster response site for Louisiana flooding

Airbnb has activated its disaster response page following the record-breaking flooding in Louisiana.<p>With at least seven people dead and some 20,000 …

Renewable Energy

Scenes From the Terrifying, Already Forgotten JFK Airport Shooting That Wasn’t

When the first stampede began, my plane had just landed. It started, apparently, with a group of passengers awaiting departure in John F. Kennedy …

TRACIE | Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Information Gateway

Welcome to ASPR TRACIE<p>Brought to you by HHS ASPR, the Technical Resources, Assistance Center, and Information Exchange (TRACIE) was created to meet …

More Than 500 People Rescued From Ferry Fire

Passengers and crew aboard the Caribbean Fantasy off the coast of Puerto Rico were forced to evacuate after the ship caught fire in the engine room.

Syria's White Helmets nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The group of volunteers who brave daily bombings to carry out search and rescues missions across war-torn Syria have been nominated for the Nobel …

What Does It Take to Become Resilient? - The Takeaway

Portland Tests Disaster Response for Massive Quake - The Takeaway

The Takeaway

When disaster-response apps fail

<i>This</i> <i>article</i> <i>was originally published in</i> <i>The Conversation</i><i>.</i><p>When a terrorist struck Nice, France, on July 14, a new French government app designed to …

Achievements of the Emergency Public Health Division

Public Health

Japanese ambulance image of the week

Report on Civil Defense

Bellevue Hospital's Long, Twisted Road to Resiliency

Deadly earthquake rocks central Italy; dozens dead, hundreds missing

At least 120 people were killed after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake and a series of strong aftershocks struck the region.<p>Nearly 300 people have died after a 6.2-magnitude earthquake and strong aftershocks struck the region.<p>AMATRICE, Italy — In this ancient town laid waste in seconds, Sister Mariana …


Help quake victims near you by disabling your Wi-Fi password

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck central Italy on Wednesday morning, killing at least 247 people in the small towns in that area.<p>Disaster relief organizations are already working hard to rescue survivors and search for more of them. To aid their efforts, the Italian Red Cross has asked citizens …


Italy Earthquake: What The Italian Tech Community Is Doing

There’s a “bad” Italy and a “good” Italy, as former Economist editor-in-chief Bill Emmott would say. Disasters like the recent earthquake are litmus tests of sort to highlight the difference between the two.<p>The former does not comply with its own anti-seismic standards, tries to skim money off the …

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ShakeAlert provides earthquake early warning system

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and a series of university partners are developing an earthquake early warning system called ShakeAlert, which aims to provide the general public with alerts up to 10 seconds before an earthquake hits. The system is not yet public, but it is now undergoing testing …


The Chase

How fast can we roll out a Zika vaccine?<p>On a Saturday morning in April of 2014, Nenad Macesic, a thirty-one-year-old doctor-in-training, received an urgent phone call from the emergency room of Austin Hospital, just outside Melbourne, Australia. Lean and taut, with a swirl of dark hair, Macesic …


New Analysis Confirms Why the Skagit River Bridge Collapsed

In May 2013, a bridge spanning the Skagit River along Interstate 5 in Washington state catastrophically collapsed, after an oversized trailer clipped …