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OMG: The 15 Most WTF Moments From American Gods

The first season of American Gods did a wonderful job bringing to life the tangible and intangible aspects of one of Neil Gaiman’s best books.</i> …

American Gods

15 Superhero Movie Tropes Wonder Woman Didn’t FALL FOR

Wonder Woman is defying the odds, in more ways than one. Hollywood spent decades shelving female-driven superhero movies because executives were sure …

Steve Trevor

Can You Name These Alien DC Superheroes And Villains?

The Earth isn’t the only planet in the universe to produce beings with super powers. One galaxy after another has been home to aliens who can fly, …

Super Let Downs: The 20 Most DISAPPOINTING Superhero Movies of All Time

Comic book fans have raised their fists in anger over bad movies for decades. CBR counts down the 20 most disappointing flicks of all time.


Terrible Twosomes: The 15 MOST ANNOYING Couples In The Arrowverse

These 15 most annoying relationships in the Arrowverse are ruining perfectly good TV shows. Find out which couples are the worst of all.


Can You Name The Women Of Marvel?

Marvel superheroines have been shining on the silver screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since “Avengers” in 2012. Black Widow was instrumental …

Thor: Norse Mythology Or Marvel Comics?

Thor was one of the first movies in the MCU to be released. In 2011, audiences had only seen two Iron Man movies, and a somewhat forgettable Hulk …

Marvel Universe

Can You Name The Women Of DC Comics?

Justice League of America. Suicide Squad. Green Lantern Corps. These are only a few of the DC superhero teams who depend on their strong female …

How Well Do You REALLY Know Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter and first appeared in “All-Star Comics” #8 in 1941. In that issue, she met and …

Can You Name These Marvel Extraterrestrial Superheroes And Villains?

Beings from space have always had a starring role in the Marvel universe. During the Golden Age, many of of the mysteries of space were yet to be …

Powerless: 15 Reasons It's The Best DC Superhero Show On TV

If TV viewers are suffering from superhero fatigue, then Powerless was the antidote. CBR has 15 reasons NBC shouldn't pull the plug on this comedy.

POP QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Supergirl?

“Supergirl” has garnered solid ratings and critical praise as one of the Arrowverse TV series on the CW. Executive Producer Greg Berlanti and his …

Netflix Hacks & Secret Codes

List Price<p>$0.99<p>Buy Now On<p>Book Description<p>Use Netflix like a boss! Full of tips, as well secret codes that show you more specific TV and movie …

Harry Potter In-Depth

List Price<p>$0.99<p>Buy Now On<p>Book Description<p>Go deeper into Harry Potter theories. Find out more about Dumbledore's hand and the Crouch family. Get tips …

Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County

List Price<p>$1.99<p>Buy Now On<p>Book Description<p>Calling all Muggles! Have you ever wanted to visit Hogwarts? Or wander through the Chamber of Secrets? Or …

WIN Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County

<b>Published on</b> March 30th, 2017 | <i>by Nancy Basile</i><p>0<p>Back to: Home » Books » WIN Finding Harry Potter in Lancaster County<p>Enter to win a <i>Finding Harry Potter</i> …

Sexism and Androids in Entertainment

<b>Published on</b> February 28th, 2017 | <i>by Nancy Basile</i><p>0<p>Back to: Home » TV » Drama » Sexism and Androids in Entertainment<p>Recently, I wrote about androids …

7 Most Memorable Oscar Quotes

<b>Published on</b> February 28th, 2016 | <i>by Nancy Basile</i><p>0<p>Back to: Home » More » News » 7 Most Memorable Oscar Quotes<p>Everyone has favorite Oscar quotes, …

Avatar: 15 Reasons Legend Of Korra Was Better Than Last Airbender

Aang may have had the original Avatar show, but that doesn't mean his series was the best. CBR looks at 15 reasons The Legend of Korra was better.

Almost Human: 15 Androids Who Fooled Us Into Thinking They're Real

Androids go way back in the history of sci-fi entertainment. CBR runs down 15 of the most human androids we've seen on both the small and big screens.

The Flash: 15 Powers You Didn't Know He Has

The Flash is the DCU's most powerful superhero. Don't believe us? Just take a look at his power set. Here are 15 reasons why he's unstoppable.

15 Ways Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Star Wars

Looks like Guardians of the Galaxy owes a lot of its greatest scenes to Star Wars. CBR takes at look at 15 of the best similarities.

13 Ways 'The Flash' is Wasting Iris West

In just three seasons of <i>The Flash</i>, the characters have been through a lot of changes. I’m always impressed when a TV show doesn’t drag out a story. …

Lucifer: 14 Reasons FOX Needs A Shared Comics TV Universe

Jim Gordon meet Lucifer Morningstar. Wait, what? Fox has two hit superhero TV shows. Why not let them share a universe? Here's why they should.

Lego My Hero: 15 Characters Who Need Their Own Lego Movie

Lots of brick-sized superheroes have awesome powers and snappy dialog. Here are 15 Lego superheroes who deserve their own movie.

Like 'Outlander?' Try These Romantic TV Shows

<b>Published on</b> February 4th, 2017 | <i>by Nancy Basile</i><p>0<p>Back to: Home » TV » Drama » Like ‘Outlander?’ Try These Romantic TV Shows<p>Like ‘Outlander?’ Try …

Adventure Time: 15 Episodes About Finn and Jake's Bromance

"Adventure Time" may be ending in 2018, but the spectacularly strong bromance between Finn and Jake will live on forever.

The Fortress by Danielle Trussoni

★★★☆☆ Reading a memoir adds another story layer to what’s happening between the book covers. While you’re engrossed in the story the author is …


5 'Rogue One' Revelations

<b>Published on</b> January 24th, 2017 | <i>by Nancy Basile</i><p>0<p>Back to: Home » Movies » 5 ‘Rogue One’ Revelations<p>5 ‘Rogue One’ Revelations<p>I offer the revelations …

3 Very Different Empowering Movies for Girls

<b>Published on</b> January 23rd, 2017 | <i>by Nancy Basile</i><p>1<p>Back to: Home » Movies » 3 Very Different Empowering Movies for Girls<p>Last week I saw three …