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Babyface!!! @russellcrowe #throwbacktuesday

Así ofendió el creador de Deadpool a Russell Crowe

Lección del día: nunca (repetimos, NUNCA) pidas a <b>Russell Crowe</b> que lea un papel para una película. O atente a las consecuencias. Antes de que <b>Josh</b> …

Russell Crowe se sintió "insultado" cuando le ofrecieron ser Cable en 'Deadpool 2' - Fotogramas

Existe un viejo refrán en Hollywood. Hagas lo que hagas, jamás le pidas a Russell Crowe que haga una prueba para tu película. <b>Da igual la película que</b> …

The actor prepares #3

What... this beard ?

Russell Crowe interpretará al controvertido creador de Fox News en la nueva serie de Showtime - Fotogramas

Russell Crowe está preparado para volver a la televisión con su propia serie de alto perfil. Y seguro que aparecerá en los titulares, porque el actor …

Fixed it . iPhones can do anything

Where am i now ?

Dietro di me?

Round and round it goes ... where it stops , nobody knows...

Wandering again ...wondering ... do you think John Travolta has lived past lives ?

Botticelli . What a dude. Just sayin’ ...

Russell Crowe attends 'Gladiator' screening at Rome's Colosseum, where it's shown with a live orches

Tigers, Tigris & Maximus battle at The Rome Colosseum

Rome. Now. You’re welcome.

I don’t know where you are, where you may have been, in reality or in your heart ... if you have ever wondered what it is like to be in Rome at dawn ... imagined yourself there...then this is for you . May every heart find Rome at some time...

Friends ... Romans...

Huge thunderstorm in Rome . Wooohooo!

“Maximus! Maximus! Maximus!” Maximus Decimus Meridius (@russellcrowe) passes through the streets adjacent the Colosseum. A large crowd is waiting for him, chanting his name. An intense moment of the film screening played live by @Orch_It_Cinema #GladiatorLive

Il Gladiatore in Concerto

Massimo Decimo Meridio torna a Roma per l’evento dell’anno 2018: IL GLADIATORE in concerto! In prima assoluta italiana, dopo il grande successo nel …

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?: #RussellCrowe attends a special screening of #Gladiator at the #Colosseum in #Rome with orchestral accompaniment, admitting he hasn’t watched #RidleyScott’s movie in years.

Russell Crowe sorprende con un contundente cambio físico en una reunión del reparto de ‘Gladiator’ - Fotogramas

Se cumplen dieciocho años desde que <b>Ridley Scott</b> volviese a ganarse a crítica, público y académicos con ‘<b>Gladiator</b>’, la historia sobre un general …

I Gladiatori di #Roma: Francesco #Totti e Russell #Crowe insieme al #Colosseo ⚔️ @Totti @russellcrowe

'Gladiator' Cast Reunites at Rome's Colosseum for Charity Screening

Russell Crowe, Connie Nielsen and others gathered to fundraise for Rotary's End Polio Now campaign at the famous landmark.<p>Rome hosted a very special …

Era un soldato di Roma. Onoratelo! @russellcrowe è tornato per la prossima battaglia contro la #polio. Domani 6 giugno con Il Gladiatore al Colosseo. #IlGladiatoreInConcerto #GladiatorLiveinRome #Rotary

Russell Crowe is proudly stepping out with a full beard in Rome as he promotes 'Gladiator Live in Concert!' #TDE7