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From virtual bobbleheads to smart peepholes: Highlights of the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards

Category: VR and AR<p>Looking a lot like the laser-shooting combat remote Luke Skywalker trained with aboard the Millennium Falcon in <i>Star Wars: A New</i> …

Police Tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers Are Strangely Beautiful

When law enforcement agencies get tracked military vehicles, the result is a vehicular rainbow.<p>The Department of Defense's 1033 Program began in 1997 with the idea of transferring surplus military equipment to police departments nationwide. Although the program was recently amended to prevent …


New Bionic Eyes Beam Pictures Right Into Your Brain

This camera will send wireless signals to a chip surgically implanted in the brain.<p>Australian researchers from Monash University are developing new "bionic eyes" that don't rely on the organic ocular system to restore sight to the blind. Rather than using a retinal implant that stimulates the optic …

Australian Universities

25 Best Military Photos of 2015

Explosions, flyovers, breaking the sound barrier, and more. Here are some of this year's thrills, in pictures.<p>Whether it's tanks on the ground, aircraft carriers at sea, or fighter jets in the sky, 2015 was a year full of stunning and captivating photography, especially from our armed forces. We've …


NASA's 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Roars Into Action

Just look at that baby cook.<p>NASA's been working on 3D-printing new rocket engines for years. In that time, a whole bunch of different pieces have been tested successfully, but NASA's newest trial run has more of them working together than ever before. In a series of tests this past October, NASA's …

3D Printing

A Supercut Showing the Rough Life of a Boston Dynamics Bot

It ain't easy being at the forefront of robotics research, especially when you're the robot.<p>Working at Boston Dynamics is a pretty sweet gig. They've had DARPA research money flowing in for ages, are generally recognized as being among the best in robotics research and engineering, and got acquired …


'Facewatch' Security Cams Give Store Owners a Taste of What It's Like to Be Big Brother

Facial recognition technology in the United Kingdom alerts shopkeepers when a former criminal or other "subjects of interest" enter the store.<p>Facewatch is a surveillance video sharing program used by about 10,000 business in the United Kingdom. The system allows store owners to share closed-circuit …


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? The rise of mind control

Mind control still sounds like the stuff of sci-fi movies. But it’s coming closer, with implants that can help people with paralysis and, further off, devices to send thoughts between humans<p>Ahundred electrodes are pressed tightly against my scalp and a mixture of salt water and baby shampoo is …

Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

<b>What is a Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC?</b><p>If you’ve used a computer, and you’ve used an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any number of other microcontrollers, you might think that a computer based on the physical world is a relatively new concept. A digital input causes some sort of conditional …

Information Systems

$7 million in grants awarded to projects that will stop an AI taking over the world

It seems like a month doesn’t go past without some high-profile person commenting on the potential for machines with Artificial Intelligence to take over the world. Elon Musk is on record saying that AI systems are “potentially more dangerous than nukes.” But he isn’t the only one, Stephen Hawking …

Artificial Intelligence

Nanogenerators Will Let Car Tires Pull Electricity From The Ground

Reinventing the wheel<p>It’s becoming clear: electric cars are the future. Between electric mainstays like Tesla and legacy car manufacturers like Ford and Chevrolet, the auto industry is racing towards making truly viable electric cars. Now, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are …

This Liquid Metal Antenna Adjusts Itself to Receive New Signals

It's radio reception done T-1000-style<p>With a core made of liquid metal, this new antenna coming out of North Carolina State University can adjust itself to pick up a certain wavelength. It looks a little like a thermometer for radio waves: It can inch up and down, making the millimeter-scale …

North Carolina State University

This Poop-Powered Bus Is Now the Fastest in the Land

It's number 1 at driving on number 2<p>Good news, everyone! A bus that is powered by poop just set a land speed record with a confirmed speed of 76.785 mph.<p>Now for the caveats:<p>"Bus Hound"—the aforementioned bus that is powered by poop—is not powered by poop directly, but rather by biomethane that …


Threat Report: How the U.S. Plans to Battle Terrorism on Land, Sea, and Air

The most dire threats, and the counterterrorism technology to thwart them.<p>Protecting the United States from violent extremists requires creativity, hard work, and technological expertise. Here are a few of the more dire threats—and the counterterrorism technology to thwart them.<p>The Land-Based …

BAE Systems

Scientists Make Lab-Grown Muscle That Flexes Like the Real Thing

All it takes is a little zap of electrical stimulation.<p>Researchers at Duke University have engineered the first lab-grown muscle capable of contracting. It's a big step toward doctors being able to restore mobility to atrophied muscle groups, create custom muscles tailored to a patient, and test …


World's Most Asked Questions: Why is the Sky Blue?

World's Most Asked Questions: What Is Energy?

3 Great Discoveries of 2014

How to Supercool Water: A SciShow Experiment

Why Isn't "Zero G" the Same as "Zero Gravity"?

Why Does Time Move Forward Instead of Backward, Anyway?

The arrow of time—why time goes forward and not backward—is one of the longest-standing and most mind-bending mysteries in physics. Tim Koslowski, a theoretical physicist at the University of New Brunswick, who studies gravity and time and recently made a theoretical breakthrough, explains it to PM.<p>…


Single Layers of Carbon Could Make Armor Stronger Than Steel

<i>Materials scientist Edwin "Ned" Thomas, left, dean of the George R. Brown School of Engineering at Rice University, and Jae-Hwang Lee hold a polymer encasing bullets, the focus of a previous experiment. (Photo Credit: Tommy LaVergne/Rice University)</i><p>Single layers of carbon just one atom thick can be …


A New Chip Could Double Your Phone's Data Rate

A University of Texas team invents a circulator using conventional electronic parts.<p><i>(Photo Credit: University of Texas)</i><p>A simple circuit could double data rates on most cell phones, opening up wider possibilities for sending and receiving information.<p>Known as the "circulator," the device invented at …


How to Keep Your Car Battery Alive Through a Long Cold Winter

Cold weather is negative, but focus on the positives.<p>(Photo Credit: Alex Kierstein)<p>Batteries are a lot like people in winter; they like to stay warm and be fed regularly to keep their internal chemical reactions happy, even if they're getting less exercise. We compensate with multiple holiday …

Electric Vehicles

Winter Driving Tips from a Pro Trucker

Inertia is everything.<p>(Photo Credit: Dan Barnes)<p><i>In eight years as a truck driver, Alan Wrobel has driven 810,000 miles (accident-free) in 45 states and Ontario. He now covers Ohio, Michigan, Ontario, and Wisconsin for a beverage distributor. Here's his advice on how to handle yourself when the snow</i> …


The 50 Most Essential Kitchen Secrets

These helpful tips and tricks, adapted from Rebecca DiLiberto's Penny Saving Household Helper, will save you time and money.<p>These helpful tips and tricks, adapted from Rebecca DiLiberto's Penny Saving Household Helper, will save you time and money.