Deep Fibre Broadband

By Gary McLaren | Articles on the need for "deep fibre" broadband to support the digital networked economy. Covering fixed, mobile and wifi networks - as all need fibre deployed deeper as our digital network grows

Annual FTTH activation rate in France has tripled, which will stimulate investment to finish the planned roll-out

The annual activation rate of FTTH lines in France continues to increase consistently, as the number of new FTTH roll-outs exceeded 2 million lines …

Return on Investment

DT to Ramp Up FTTH Capex Starting in 2019

German incumbent will start to spend more heavily on an FTTH rollout in 2019, CFO tells analysts.


5G’s new frontier

If you think it isn’t long since your smartphone started using 4G, you’re right. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone switched on their networks between 2011 …


NBN - make it better by giving service providers skin in the game

by Ian Martin<p>When Labor's heavyweights Kevin Rudd, Lindsay Tanner, Wayne Swan and Stephen Conroy announced the NBN in April 2009 they promised to …


NBN 3.0 from the Alliance for Affordable Broadband: Open Letter

<i>Computerworld Australia presents the Alliance for Affordable Broadband's open letter on national broadband.</i><p>1. We believe that national broadband …


[AusNOG] NBN and CVC

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NBN Co warns positive financial return on shaky ground

NBN Co has warned it won’t achieve a positive financial return on the government’s multi billion-dollar investment in the network if usage levels – …


NBN Co boss declares war with internet providers

Blames ISPs for performance problems.


'The father of broadband' who built a virus

In one week, Justin Milne will see the sun rise more than most people do in an entire year.<p>The ABC chairman is up at 4.30am six days a week and is …


NBN – it'd be all blue sky if it wasn't for the business model

For those closely watching the rollout of the national broadband network since its inception, the shock and frustration of sluggish speeds now …


Patton urges NBN Co chief Morrow to 'cut out the spin'

In <b>a speech</b> to the American Chamber of Commerce on Monday, Morrow was quoted as saying: "We've built the network so it's readily scalable. And, as the …


How Australia Bungled Its $36 Billion High-Speed Internet Rollout

BRISBANE, Australia — Fed up with Australian internet speeds that trail those in most of the developed world, Morgan Jaffit turned to a more reliable method of data transfer: the postal system.<p>Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have downloaded Hand of Fate, an action video game …

NBN monopoly screws everyone equally and should be privatised

In the time before Kevin Rudd, what customers were willing to pay determined our internet speeds, the technologies employed and the companies that …

David Leyonhjelm

Fiber to enable Europe’s 5G ambition


Broadband limbo remains as ACCC fails to break Telstra, NBN deadlock

Intervention by Australia's consumer watchdog has failed to break a stand-off between NBN, Telstra and retailers leaving homes without broadband for …


NBN cable rollout delayed as HFC 'false activations' leave homes offline for months

Ongoing NBN installation faults have delayed the Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) rollout, while red tape has left hundreds of homes in broadband limbo for …


Verizon allocates $1.05 billion to install new optical fibre across its US network

• <b>Three-year minimum purchase agreement with Corning</b>• <b><br>Up to 20 million kilometres of optical fibre each year</b>• <b><br>Follows last year’s initial deployment in</b> …


The alternative policy universe of the NBN

by The Australian Financial Review<p>In September <i>The Australian Financial Review</i> editorialised about Canberra's alternative policy universe where "both …

Return on Investment

NBN Watch: NBN, and subsequently, the Government, needs to own its network, now

There's an easy fix for sorting out the messy connections and poor service.

Technology (Australia)

Delivering FTTH across Portugal on the road to 5G

Ahead of Gigabit Access 2017 we caught up with keynote speaker Alexandre Fonseca, CTO of Protugal Telecom and Executive Manager at ALTICE Labs, on …


Building ultrafast infrastructure in the UK

Ahead of Gigabit Access 2017 we caught up with keynote speaker Peter Bell, Fibre CIO at Openreach. We spoke about Openreach's progress in delivering …


NBN Co is leaving complex premises for last

Drive to inflate numbers could leave some waiting for years.


NBN 1Gbps services would cost AU$400 due to 'unfair' CVC: MyRepublic | ZDNet

Ahead of launching its gigatown in July, MyRepublic has said that no one else is offering 1Gbps services across the NBN because it would cost RSPs …


ACCC upbeat on support for broadband speed monitoring program

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says it is “hopeful” of an announcement “in the near future” about government funding for an ACCC …

Technology (Australia)

Google Fiber Was Doomed From the Start

The internet access answer won’t come from private markets, but rather from policies that make for competitive networks.<p>Just a handful of newsflashes …

Google Fiber

Why fiber investment is important for cable operators

Cable operators looking to upgrade their networks must deploy fiber to remain competitive, said Iskratel’s Chief Architect Simon Cimzar at FTTH …

Setting the facts straight on Fibre-to-the-Node | nbn - Australia's new broadband network

The <b>nbn</b> rollout is very complex, not just because of the scale and design of the network, nor the passion, the politics and the ideology often …