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A castle for everyone

Your piece on Astley Castle winning the Stirling prize comments that "Eyebrows may be raised that the award has gone to a luxurious holiday home, which costs up to £2,500 a week for eight people … over the reinvention of an affordable housing type, or the renovation of a concrete council estate" …

How to take better pictures with a camera phone

Sometimes you don't want to carry around a camera that screams tourist. Or you're off to a local club and all you have to capture a shot of neon-lit buskers is your phone. Phones are perfect for snapping spontaneous moments without fuss. Here’s how to make the most of your light and megapixels and …

Mobile Photography

6 Sky Events This Week: Dragon Spits Fire and Jupiter’s Moons Play Tag

<b>Sky-watchers double down on shooting stars this week, while the largest planet in the solar system plays host to a rare triple play of tiny moon shadows racing across its face.</b><p><b>Moon joins Venus.</b> After sunset on Monday, October 7, and again the next evening, watch for the thin crescent moon gliding …

Ulu Temburong National Park is full of rare medicinal plants, towering dipterocarp trees and a 50m-high canopy walkway – perfect for peering into the virgin rainforest below:

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