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Parents Might Want to Think Twice About Giving Their Underage Kids ‘Just a Sip’

Self-professed “cool mom” Mrs. George, played by actress Amy Poehler, in the movie “Mean Girls” tells her daughter’s new friend there is of course not alcohol in her “happy hour” after-school drink but quietly adds that should she want a little bit she’d “rather you do it in the house.”

Such is the …


Father, 29, with 15 kids by 10 women costing taxpayer £2million has baby 16 on the way

Keith MacDonald is believed to be due to come a father for the 16th time (Picture: SWNS)A father with 15 children and dubbed Britain’s most feckless …


Meet Jack, the baby born with half a heart who’s fought through a stroke and four open-heart surgeries

Little Jack has fought for survival every step of the way (Picture: Mercury Press)Little Jack Stevens is only 15-months-old but he’s already been …


I spend £9,000 a year on childcare – where does it all go?

Childcare for my two-year-old son costs £9,000 a year for a nursery in a somewhat ramshackle old building in the east Midlands. Like many parents I wonder where on earth the money is going. But in a remarkable act of transparency, the nursery has thrown open its books, warts and all – and it is …

Child Care

The types of mums who make parenthood so much...

Parenthood is hard enough without these eight types of mums sticking their oar in!

You might want to steer clear of them, especially after you have …


How I Became the Worst Critic of Stay-at-Home Moms

It's 8 p.m. on a Thursday night. I've been up since 5:30 a.m., when my littlest woke for his morning feed. His older brother woke an hour later for his cereal, at which point my 3-year-old woke to serenade me with yet another rendition of "Frere Jacques." From that point, I fed three kids …


Fruit and Veggie Muffin for Picky Eaters

Almost every day we get a parent that writes to us about their picky eater. As a parent, sometimes getting your child to eat anything let alone eat …


9 Gorgeous Photos That Capture The Magical First 24 Hours Of Motherhood

Over the past five years, British photographer and mom of two Jenny Lewis has been documenting a particularly special moment in motherhood: the first day. Lewis' new photo book One Day Young showcases the stunning pictures of mothers in London's Hackney borough -- all posing with their newborn …

Jenny Lewis

9 Baby Food Recipes for Spring

Baby Food

9 Tasty Baby Food Recipes For Spring

Freshen up baby’s mealtime menu with these garden delights. From pureed mangoes to a cherry banana …


Taming Toddler Tantrums? It's Common SENSE!

I do love an acronym and this one came to me in my (almost) sleep last night, as do most of my writing ideas (frustratingly!). So I’d like to …

The shameful baby sleep mistake we all make

Calling all baby sleep experts!

There’s a new baby sleep training controversy that requires your attention. This time, it’s about whether sleep …


I Don’t Mind Having a Different Last Name Than My Children, but My Son Does

“I’m going to change your name!” My 5-year-old declared. We change names a lot in our house; dress-up is an important part of our day.

“To what? Elsa? …


23 Gifts Every New Mum Secretly Wants

How do you wrap a bag of sleep?

A post-natal doula

From emotional support to practical help around the house, a post-natal doula is the ultimate dream gift for any new mum. They normally work three to four hours a day, doing light housework and watching the baby while she catches up on lost sleep. …

Lip Balm

How to Update a Bodycon Dress to Fit Your Baby Bump

Pregnant women, rejoice! We have the ULTIMATE summer hack for you. Grab those old bodycon dresses and add a cute backside panel to give your baby bump some room. By experimenting with the width of the panel you can make the dress as tight or loose as you want. We suggest keeping it on the tighter …


Your baby’s mini milestones to watch out for

It’s a great day when your tot hits a major milestone and sits unaided or takes her first steps. Chart these less-obvious skills too for an …


Ultrasound Appears To Show Fetus Clapping To ‘If You're Happy And You Know It'

Many parents look forward to watching their babies clap -- but it's usually something that happens after they're born.

Jen Martin's 14-week-old fetus clapped three times during an ultrasound, she explained to The Huffington Post. Her doctor then rewound the loop of "the best clap" as he and Martin …

Prenatal Development

9 Things From Life Before Kids That I Miss

I love my little cherubs to bits and my life is happier for having them in it. There are however a few things from my life before children that I …

8 Celebrities Who Have Survived Preeclampsia


This Temperature Patch Will Notify Your iPhone When You Have A Fever

Here's to the Internet of worrywarts.

There are few things more anxiety-inducing than watching a loved one deal with a climbing fever—and few things more annoying for said loved one than having his temperature taken constantly. There has to be some sort of wearable that deals with that, right? …


21 Kids Who Gave Absolutely Zero F**ks

These kids are more YOLO than we ever could be.

This kid who dreamed big.

This kid who went full on PIMP DADDY for his old time family photo.

This school who wanted to make their sponsorship memorable.

This kid who didn’t give a fuck about niceties.

This kid who dared to dream.

“Get a fat cat and Make it …


Baby catches meningitis from pet cat

Infection may have been passed when cat licked baby’s bottle

By Susie Boone Follow

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29 Adorable Photography Ideas Every Family Should Try

Say cheese!

Add it up.

Celebrate several generations.

And suits.

Go back to school.

Take a puurfect black and white.

Spell it out.

Then number off the grandkids in birth order.

Go back to the beginning.

Hold the frame.

Lose yourselves.

Take a selfie.

Stack hands.

Jump for joy.

Show off your kicks.

Take a …

Jason Lee

Unisex and 'gender neutral' baby names: The latest trend for celebrity children?

The latest baby name trend is to keep people guessing about whether you've had a boy or a girl!

For UNISEX names are now all the rage, with celebs …


Multigenerational moments to make you smile or cry

A recent story on featuring multigenerational family photos inspired me to share a cherished picture of my own.

This is my grandmother on …


Bed Rest During Pregnancy

Bed rest — increasingly known as activity restriction — can mean different things to different doctors, from just getting off your feet every couple …

Ten of the best potties | Lifestyle | Emma's Diary

Why should children take their father’s surname?

When I got married I decided to keep my surname. There were lots of different reasons: I am a writer and have a portfolio of work under my name, I …


10 Surprisingly "Sexy" Things All Moms Wear

Remember when your go-to sexy outfit involved heels and trendy, clean, coordinated pieces of recently purchased clothing? Those outfits screamed …


CBeebies’ Katy Ashworth: My life as a mum

Bubbly CBeebies presenter Katy is as enthusiastic at home with her son Charlie as she is on-screen. She talks to M&B about her life as a mum

Known for …