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This Is Why Your Child Misbehaves, And What You Can Do About It

BuzzFeed News speaks to three experts in childhood behaviour to find out what causes bad behaviour and what the most effective parenting response is.

1. There is a scientific explanation for why children are naughty – it’s to do with evolution.

“Essentially, there’s often a conflict between how much …

Child Psychology

My Love-Hate Relationship With Nap Time

It’s nine o’clock in the morning and the house is quiet. The Disney channel is on mute and the repetitive voices from the battery-operated toys …


Why sleep is so important for learning and play

Good sleep leads to productive play

How napping helps your baby form memories• 
Is food keeping your baby awake?

During the first 12 months of life, your …


17 Parenting Battles You And Your Partner Know All Too Well

Whoever said parenting isn’t a competition was wrong.

The battle to see…

1. Who has to take the crying baby out of the restaurant while the other parent gets to eat their hot meal in peace.

Tip to victory: Flatter your partner by saying, “You always calm her down so much quicker than I can. You’ve got …


Fearne Cotton: 'Becoming A Mum Gave Me Lioness Confidence... But I Still Want To Be More Like Holly Willoughby'

Fearne Cotton says becoming a mother gave her the "lioness confidence" she needed to leave her job at Radio 1 when she became pregnant for the second time.

The DJ, who is mum to two-year-old Rex, bid an emotional farewell to her radio show in May after 10 years on the air.

‘I’ve always had a plan, …

United Kingdom

5 Reasons Every Mom Should Rock a Swimsuit This Summer

‘Tis the season to want to hide in the air conditioning and watch Netflix. But, if you’ve birthed a human in the past 12 years, chances are you’ll be …


Don’t announce my birth on Facebook

When I gave birth for the first time I had a clear plan of action on who I would tell and when. It was akin to one of those phone pyramids I remember …


Checklist: Packing a Hospital Bag - Pregnancy - Pregnancy Tools

Forget all those other (excessive) checklists — this is the only one you’ll need, we promise.

Have your bags (one for you, one for baby) packed and in …


5 Baby Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make (And How To Fix Them)

Staying up all night to get lucky? Er, no – that’ll be the baby keeping you awake. Make sure you’ve got the right approach to bedtime

Pre-kids, not …


Your Pregnancy To-Do List

Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

Week 2

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Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: When to Worry

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Tips for Taking an At-Home Pregnancy Test

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How to Buy Baby Gear on a Budget

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Pregnancy Myths: What Should You Believe?

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Two-child families to count the cost of freeze on child benefit, TUC claims

Families with two or more children will be more than £2,000 worse off by the next election because of a freeze on child benefit, the TUC claims – and …

UK Politics

Protect Your Young Ones With These 4 Simple Rules of Sun Protection

One of my daughters recently had her first child, and while she's baby-proofed her house, I had to remind her to sun-proof her baby. A baby's delicate skin is particularly vulnerable in the summer, and cumulative sun damage starts on day one. No pressure, parents and grandparents! And it's not just …


12 things you need to think about when going on holiday with the kids for the first time

Don’t forget to pack my rubber ring! (Picture: Getty)It doesn’t matter if you spent a year discovering yourself up a mountain, the fact you lived …

Route 66

10 things that a mum of only boys would know

1. Everybody thinks you secretly want a baby girl

From the moment you find out you're expecting ANOTHER baby boy, you'll spend your days fielding off …


Easy Garlic Hummus is a perfect healthy snack!

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This Easy Garlic Hummus blends up in less than 1 minute for a smooth and creamy homemade hummus that goes perfectly with vegetables and


No one can top these pregnancy cankles

One of the most memorable experiences of my pregnancy was the appearance of my pregnancy cankles. If you aren’t familiar with this term, it’s when …


We added avocado to these healthy pops and you won't believe how creamy they are!

Welcome popsicle season! This is such a great time of the year because with the right mix of ingredient popsicles can turn into a powerhouse of a …


How to Get a Toddler Dressed in 50 Steps

Toddlers are a special breed of child: not a baby, but not quite an official kid. They’re complicated, emotional, moody, wild, sweet, ferocious, and …


Life With My 'Down's Kid'

I went to a new doctor. I've been throwing up a lot, so we're trying to get to the bottom of it. I had a recent ER visit over it, so I was referred to a GI Specialist. I had never met this doctor before and the referring physician had seen me once for 10 minutes. They gave me a print out of my labs …

Down Syndrome

When It Comes to Careers, Why Is There No Value Placed on Being With Our Children?

Recently while having coffee with a friend who used to work for one of the largest tech companies on the planet and is now taking a break to be with her three young children, I listened as she pondered familiar questions.

Now that my youngest is in school more regularly, should I take on a little


Positive Reinforcement: 9 Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Child

Learn what phrases to banish from your vocabulary and how to talk so your kids will really listen

Shutterstock Image

I was trying to do two things at …


In The Nursery, Where Time Stands Still

Today my baby became a little boy. The change has been coming for a while, even if I didn't quite realize it. His movements shifting slowly. A …


Is Co-Sleeping With My Baby Dangerous?

Few topics can fire up tempers, ruin friendships and lead to irreparable rifts like childcare. Much like religion and politics, child-rearing should be off-limits at dinner parties. And yet, bickering with other parents about nap times, pacifiers and time-out strategies is America’s new favorite …


When Baby Makes Debt: Lessons Learned From New Parents

This story originally appeared on LearnVest.

It goes without saying that having a baby is a life-altering experience.

While most of the changes are overwhelmingly happy—like when your little one laughs for the first time—some may be a little tougher to handle.

You transform into a sleep-deprived …


15 Things All Dads of Daughters Should Know

"I feel sorry for you when they become teenagers." "Dude, you're surrounded by women." "What did you do to deserve that?"

Being a dad of four daughters (we also have one son), I hear stuff like this almost daily. And honestly, I'm the one who feels sorry for people who think this way.

Having …

Cody Simpson

If “Bridget Jones’s Diary” Had Been Set In 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going OK, another falls spectacularly to pieces.

1. At the age of 32 she definitely wouldn’t have her own flat.

2. On a PA’s salary.

3. Especially not in London Bridge.

4. Average rent round there? Literally a million …

Bridget Jones

5 Delicious Veggie-Loaded Recipes Your Kids Will Love

It's an issue as old as dinner itself. Mom or dad spends a ton of time preparing a well balanced meal for the family - and as dinnertime winds down, there's an inordinate amount of green stuff left on the plate of anyone under the age of 15. Kids won't eat their veggies? It's all good. Hide 'em …


More Parents Are Taking Their Kids Out Of School For Term Time Holidays Than Ever Before

The rising cost of summer holidays at peak time is the main reason more parents than ever before are taking their children out of school for their family holiday in the summer.

According to research by the Nationwide Building Society, the number of mums and dads taking kids on these holidays has …

Europe Travel

What's Working: Digital Mums Trains Unemployed Mothers To Be Social Media Managers

It's not a great time to be a working mother in the UK.

The British culture of working nine to five, coupled with the extortionate cost of childcare, is making it impossible for many women to balance employment with home life.

It's no wonder that 1.2 million mums are missing from the workplace and …

United Kingdom