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Pregnant Women Are Finding Out They Have Cancer From A Genetic Test Of Their Babies

Sequenom Laboratories revealed today that its prenatal genetic tests have uncovered cancer in at least 26 pregnant women. These cases, though extremely rare, are raising ethical questions about the unregulated — and rapidly evolving — genetic-testing industry.

Last May, when she was 10 weeks …


Day-by-day Pregnancy Book Hardcover – 16 Jan 2014

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Baby Burping: What You Should Know

Why do babies need to burp? And is burping after feeding really important? Our baby burping primer answers these questions and explains what causes gas in Baby's belly -- and how to prevent it.

Alexandra Grablewski

Along with changing diapers, mastering the swaddle, and figuring out how to get your …


Proof That A Beagle Can Be The Best Babysitter Ever

"We taught our dog how to play keyboard, how to change traffic lights and how to swing a baby crib, but we never had to teach him how to love our daughter."

This adorable YouTube video highlights the wonderful bond between tiny human Laura Olivia and her best friend/babysitter, Charlie the beagle.

It …


10 ways being a mum has changed me (not necessarily for the better)

Marriage, death, moving house – all momentous events, but not one, I think, is quite so life-changing as having a baby. Sometimes I look at my life …


Maternity jeans for every style

Maternity clothes can be expensive. Many mums end up making do with slightly bigger sizes, or layering up loose tops and using bump bands on …


Childbirth: What all mums should know

We have all been there -fit to bursting, rubbing our fast expanding tummy and hanging off every last detail from a mum painting the story of her …


Pregnancy, Parenting and Baby Information

Hate to break it to you, but while breastfeeding has some pretty amazing benefits for baby, it can be a tough skill to master for some moms. But if …


Working with pain in labour

This article covers the following topics:

A natural process

Giving birth is a natural process and even if you haven’t spent the past nine months …


Dad left to raise newborn quadruplets after wife dies

In a matter of hours, one new dad experienced the best and worst moments of his life — he welcomed his quadruplet newborns on Jan. 15 and lost their …

High Blood Pressure

Why you really do get that from your father

We may look like our mothers but our genes have more in common with the paternal line, study finds

It is good news for put-upon husbands who fear their wife will turn out like their mother-in-law: scientists say that, genetically, we are more like our fathers.

A study has found that although we might …


What to Do During Pregnancy to Make Losing the Baby Weight Easier

losing baby weight easier

Set yourself up for success now!

When you're pregnant, it may seem like the most logical course of action is to devour …


5 reasons why parents need to relax and trust their instincts

Guess what: people have been having babies for a gazillion years. But it's only recently that it seems we put ourselves and each other under …


8 Things Mums with PND need to remember

When I was thinking about writing this post I thought back to when I had my daughter and began suffering Postnatal Depression very soon after her …


How (and When) To Transition Your Toddler From a Crib to a Bed

Here’s a common toddler-related question we hear often:

“When should I transition my toddler from his crib to a ‘big kid’ bed? And how exactly am I …


6 make-up tricks that make you look more awake

1. De-puff tired eyes with cold teabags

This works for two reasons: The tannins in tea constrict blood vessels and eliminate dark circles, and the …


Witness: The man who changed parenting

Before Mr Spock became a cult figure from the Star Trek series, there was a much more famous Dr Spock; a progressive American paediatrician who published a ground-breaking book on child rearing in 1946.

In stark contrast to his own strict upbringing Dr Spock's Baby and Child Care encouraged parents …


How to: Get all nutrients when pregnant

How to: Ensure you get all the nutrients you need when pregnant

It is a misconception that a mum-to-be is eating for two, says Natalie Lamb, …


A Guide for First-Time Parents

You've survived 9 months of pregnancy. You've made it through the excitement of labor and delivery, and now you're ready to head home and begin life …

20 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth

Let's just say ... you're not going home in your own underwear.

1. Your water doesn't break in a ceremonious splatter at your feet. Unlike in every movie ever, when a real woman's water breaks, it usually doesn't look like a water balloon shattering on concrete. More likely, it's going to be a …


4 Reasons why your child needs more sleep

4 Reasons why your child needs more sleepFact: The phrase “sleep like a baby” is soooooooo misleading. People almost always use it to mean ‘sleeps …


Yoga for kids: How to calm little minds

Every day, four-year-old Yasmina Seyfaie rolls out her mini yoga mat and folds her body into animal shapes alongside her mom, Eliane Bejjani, in …


10 Signs You Have a Newborn

Your hospital bag is unpacked, your living room looks like Babies"R"Us and Fisher-Price had a drunken frat party, and you spend 20 minutes a day poking your Pillsbury Doughboy-esque postpartum pooch.

Congratulations! You have a newborn.

As if the dirty bottle graveyard encompassing your kitchen …

Barry Manilow

I'm always keen to try out new beauty products but am fed up of spending good money on products that are a bit meh. What have been your real 'game ch

frankietwospots Wed 04-Mar-15 10:46:47

I'm always keen to try out new beauty products but am fed up of spending good money on products that are a bit …

Beauty Products

Not Gaining Enough Weight During Pregnancy

For most women, pregnancy weight gain comes all too easily. But for others, the problem isn’t gaining too much weight — it’s not gaining enough. …


Mum advised to abort two triplets gives birth to three healthy baby girls

Former Olympic gymnast Jaime Halsey has given birth to three healthy baby girls – despite doctors advising her to abort two of them.

Trampolinist …


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It's true: you DO take after your father, say scientists

'You're just like your father' is a phrase often heard during many a domestic dispute.

And according to new research, that's spot on - even if you're …


4 Weeks To A Flatter Tum

Week 1

Frog Press

Lie face up, knees bent, legs out and heels together with arms by sides. Lift head and shoulders off the floor and extend legs out in …