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Watch: Twin babies instantly pretend to be asleep upon hearing their mum's voice

Twins can be mischievious, but these two have already got the art of ‘hide when you hear mum’ down.

Beauty vlogger Judy Travis, 29, filmed her twin …


7 Parenting Rules I Flat Out Refuse to Follow

Rules, rules, rules. Every day is something new.

We need to drink more milk. Eat less sugar. Get more sleep. Spend less time on our devices. Exercise more. And drink less alcohol, unless it's red wine, in which case 1.5 glasses per evening with a well-balanced dinner is good for you.

I don't mind …


When My Baby Weaned Himself and I Wasn't Ready

Breastfeeding. This word encompasses feelings of attachment, exhaustion, bonding, frustration, love and imprisonment. For some moms, breastfeeding comes easily, others find it more difficult and many choose not to breastfeed at all.

After a battle of infertility due to hormone abnormalities, I was …


Hilarious illustrations perfectly depict pregnancy & parenting

Miraculous. Awe-inspiring. A blessing. There are dozens of lovely adjectives that perfectly describe pregnancy.

Let’s face it, though, ladies: When …


11 things I’ve done since having baby brain

Did you know baby brain is a very real thing?

It starts in pregnancy and is something to do with your brain actually SHRINKING and seems to stay …

The Brain

Divorce and Mourning the Family Life That Could Have Been

On the surface of things, it seems kind of ridiculous to compare divorce with death. To even lay out the idea that two people disengaging themselves …


Temper Tantrums: The Toddler's Complete Guide

News flash to the toddler's just coming onto the scene: Sometimes your parents aren't going to give you everything you want, and that's where temper tantrums come into play. Whether it's the new toy, the cartoon you're in the mood for, or some great food - sometimes they say no, and some say no …


29 Brilliant Kids Products You Need In Your Life

Reusable juice boxes. I mean, really.

1. Sustainable Juice Boxes

I legitimately hate myself for not knowing about these before. Reusable and spill-proof? My kid has so much watered-down juice in her future. From here.

2. Hand Trux Shovels

Trux make digging a hole in the sand a day at the beach! (See …


Men left holding the baby get more sex

Men who take their fair share of childcare have happier relationships and better sex lives, research has found

For women trying to encourage their partners to take more interest in fatherhood it could be the ultimate incentive.

Research has shown that men who spend more time looking after their …


Bedtime Stories for Young Brains

A little more than a year ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement saying that all pediatric primary care should include literacy promotion, starting at birth.

That means pediatricians taking care of infants and toddlers should routinely be advising parents about how …

The Brain

My calmer, happier life after having a baby

When I was five months pregnant, I wrote a column for The Globe and Mail revealing truths about my feelings about my pregnancy and my body, and what that all meant for me as a person recovered from an eating disorder, now an eating-disorder therapist. Being transparent about this was a great relief …


23 Incredibly Helpful Charts For New Parents

Understand the little person in your home a whole lot better.

1. Learn how to swaddle your baby in five easy steps:

2. Know your baby’s diaper size AND how many diapers they’ll go through each day:

Via Pampers.

3. Find out which type of cloth diaper is best for you:

From Which Cloth Diapers?.

4. Consult …


Suffering in Silence: Why Pregnant Women Should Speak Up

I'm nearly 18 weeks pregnant. The halfway mark is within touching distance. My burgeoning belly is getting bigger by the day; honestly, my uterus is out of control! I've relinquished anything tight or short and fully embraced shirt dresses and leggings (clothing de rigueur for pregnant ladies). …


A Small Child Got Lost, Walked Onto A Rugby Pitch And Scored A Try

The 4-year-old was given the ball by a player and ran the entire length of the pitch.

This video of a small child getting lost, ending up on a rugby pitch, and scoring a try, is possibly the most delightful thing to have happened in the sport of rugby.

During the charity match between New South Wales …

Sport (Australia)

The Unexpected Way I Lost Weight This Summer

I just stepped on the scale and discovered that I’ve lost five pounds this summer.

It wasn’t from the latest fad diet. I’ve been watching what I eat, …

Weight Loss

I Wish I Could Stop Time, So My Kids Would Stay This Age Forever

I’ll admit it — I really struggled during the baby years. All that diaper changing and purifying food and teething and no sleep wasn’t my favorite …


Introducing Meat When Weaning

Many parents are unsure about when to introduce meat to their baby’s diet. We’ve found, after 4 children, that once baby is well used to basic …


The 6 easy food changes for a happier tummy

Photo: Getty Images

What's a sad belly, you ask? Well, it's a bit irritated. Grumbly. Perhaps bloated or constipated but maybe runny too. It's …

Healthy Eating

Kids Accurately Demonstrate The Three Types Of People You See At A Bar In Brilliant Video

These three kids are scarily good at demonstrating what the inside of a bar looks like at the end of the night.

While the little girl is twirling around and dancing, the toddler is sat at the breakfast bar singing The Circle Of Life to his heart's content.

The camera then pans over to the baby …


Intimate Photo Project Captures The Bond Between Mums, Daughters And Sisters

A photographer has captured the beautiful bond between female family members in a series of shots she's called "daughters".

Samantha Conlon said her inspiration behind the project came from the close bonds she has formed with women in her own life.

She told HuffPost UK Parents: "I felt like I wanted …

United Kingdom


Why your child has temper tantrums

A temper tantrum is the emotional equivalent of a summer storm — sudden and sometimes fierce. One minute you and …


This Mom Had The Most Clever Spot To Hide During Hide-And-Seek With Her Son

Let the nostalgia kick in.

Remember when you were playing hide-and-seek with your mommy and daddy as kid? They would always mess with you and hide in the most OBSCURE (or not-so-obscure) places and you could never find them. Live through it again, through the eyes of Liam.

Kristin aka Mom picked the …


Heartwarming Moment Disabled 8-Year-Old Unpacks 3D Printed Arm And Uses It For The First Time

The reaction of a disabled eight-year-old girl as she received and unboxed her first ever 3D printed arm was captured in an emotional video.

Isabella was presented the box by the creator of her prosthetic arm, Stephen Davies.

Davies volunteers for e-NABLE, a global network of volunteers who use their …

United Kingdom

29 Dads Who Have Reached Peak Dad

They have made it to the mountaintop.

1. This dad who always likes to capture the moment:

2. This dad who finally listened to his wife and ordered a salad:

3. This dad who has perfect comedic timing:

4. This dad who knows high school popularity is overrated:

5. These dads who know how to stay hip:

6. …


Adorable baby experiences rain for the first time, couldn't be happier

Harper and her dad enjoying the rain. Photo: YouTube

They say parenting means you get to see the world through the eyes of a child again – and this …


Stop Telling Me I'm "Lucky" to Have a Husband Who Helps with the Kids

My husband has a lot of female fans.

Our daughters, of course, his mother (that’s a given), my mother (luckily), and most definitely my 17-year-old …


I Took Care Of A Robot Baby For 72 Hours And Here’s What Happened

As a grown-ass woman, I should be fully capable of taking care of a baby — right?

On paper, it seems like I could handle taking care of a baby: I have a full-time job, a decent place to live, a supportive circle of friends and family… So, what’s the holdup?

I don’t really have a good answer for that. …


The Tooth Fairy Needs to Stop Overpaying

There are some things that should never change — like celebrity Photoshop fails, the perfection that is cute dads holding their even cuter babies, …


How Strict Were Your Parents?

“Mum, can I?” *glares*