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Parents fight for meningitis B vaccine after kids miss out on new NHS rollout

A group of Liverpool parents are trying to buy meningitis B jabs for children who could miss out when a new NHS vaccination scheme is rolled …


Smartphones are making children borderline autistic, expert says

A large amount of time spent in virtual environments is hindering emotional development (Picture: Getty Images)Children who spend a lot of time …


30 Hilariously Inappropriate Misspellings by Kids That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

Spelling is hard. There are silent letters, homonyms, exceptions to rules, and the general confusion over the fact that things like “naked” and …


Top tips for coping with two children under two

• Kate Middleton is preparing to give birth to her second child this week• 
The Duchess of Cambridge is already mother to 1-year-old Prince George

19 Intimate Photos of Mothers and Their Babies That Show the Beauty of Breastfeeding

Cue feelings.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. While it takes time, dedication, and a whole lot of patience, a lot of moms agree it's totally worth the effort (and the cost of the truffles you may rub on your nipples). In case you need a reminder of just how stunning the mother-child bond can be, …


Election 2015: What The Manifestos Have To Say About Children

With the general election looming on May 7 are you still undecided as to who will get your vote?

We've been bombarded with information over the last few months, what with the seemingly endless political broadcasts, debates and public appearances. And it can be hard to make sense of all of the noise …


These gorgeous photos of a boy and his dogs will make your day

There is a lovely little quote, you’ve probably seen it shared on Facebook, that goes like this: “True friendship is sitting together in silence and …


7 Stereotypes About Motherhood That Totally Annoy Me

Today, I was just about every motherhood cliché in the book.

I sent the kids off to school in my pajamas, my hair still not brushed from the night …


Dad creates adorable photos of his son with Down syndrome flying

With a little magic of photoshop, Alan Lawrence is able to give his son Wil, who has Down syndrome, the gift of flight. Now the Utah father of five …

Down Syndrome

What dads are really thinking during their kids’ births

If given the chance to anonymously answer, what would your partner say they were really thinking during labor and delivery time?

In search of …


Grab a Box of Tissues and Watch This Sweet Mother’s Day Video

If you haven’t seen Pandora Jewelry’s new Mother’s Day ad, watch it now—alone with a box of tissues. The company asked a group of kids, ages three to nine, and their mothers to participate in a simple experiment which they filmed and turned into a video called “The Unique Connection.” Each child is …


Coroner raises urgent concerns over bedside crib after 7

A coroner has raised urgent concerns over a bedside crib following the death of a seven-week-old baby girl earlier this month.

Baby Grace Joy Roseman …


Twelve Signs You Are Going Out Out - Mum Style


Preparation is key. You have learnt from previous mistakes that you need to ensure your other half is available for baby sitting duty not only for the night. But for the following 24 hours. As hangovers post 30 last four times as long. If this is not possible you decide to only have a …

United Kingdom

Two doctors charged over death of mum hours after giving birth

Two doctors have been charged over the death of a mum who had a haemorrhage hours after giving birth.

Frances Cappuccini, 30, had wanted a Caesarean …


New Baby on Board range from notonthehighstreet

Baby on Board Balloon, £33.95

Baby on Board Personalised Bus Card, £6.95

Personalised Baby On Board New Baby Card, £4.25

Baby On Board Mummy card, …


Why children need to play outside

Many children have never experienced traditional childhood activities like making daisy-chains, building sandcastles or playing in a forest.

Despite …


Should dads be forced to take paternity leave?

Two-and-a-half years after Australia's government offered a parental leave programme for new mums and dads, just one father for every 500 mothers is …


Cunning ways to encourage children to eat and enjoy vegetables

Do you find it a challenge getting the kids to eat their greens? Chances are you do, if CBBC's research is anything to go by. The TV channel found …


9 Surprising Things I Learned About Life From My Crazy-Active Toddler

Every time we hit the park, my daughter is making new friends before I have the chance to fight for a spot on a bench. I'm amazed at her willingness …


Top 10 causes of family arguments on holiday... in gifs

Family holidays. The dream: Everything you need is packed neatly into cabin baggage sized suitcases. You bundle smiling children into the car and …

Family Vacations

Ripe strawberries only last 2-3 days on the counter! 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 Once they start to get soft, blend them up for smoothi…

If My Baby Could Talk

It’s safe to say my baby has figured out she’s been born into a house of crazy people. She hasn’t said anything yet, but I know she’s thinking it. I …


Parents Decide To Raise Transgender 5-Year-Old Jacob Lemay As A Boy

In what might turn out to be the story of the youngest transgender child in history, two parents have decided to raise their daughter as a boy, per …


Keira Knightley's Baby Bump Has Gotten So Big! | keira knightley baby bump getting so big 04 - Photo

Posted in Keira Knightley's Baby Bump Has Gotten So Big!


About this photo set: Keira Knightley steps out with a large baby bump on Tuesday …

Keira Knightley

New gene therapy may cure childhood immune condition

Children with a devastating immune condition appear to have been cured, after becoming the first to be given a new form of gene therapy.

Without the treatment, the patients who suffer from a rare condition called Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome, faced short life expectancies and prolonged periods in …

Gene Therapy

17 Times Parents Have The Strongest Bladders

No one can hold it like a mom or dad.

When your baby falls asleep on you.

You just spent a couple hours trying to rock your baby to sleep, and now that they are… you have to pee.

At your kid’s soccer game.

You can risk it, but you’ll more than likely return to find out that you missed your kid’s only …


The Top 7 Enemies of the Nap

My son is 22 months old and naps two hours a day, if the stars are aligned. When the stars are at odds, I’m lucky if I can squeeze 30 minutes out of …

Baby Monitor

Reclaiming Parenting

In an age of over-policing, how can we get back what we’ve lost?

In spring 2011, I was arrested for allowing my son, then 4, to wait in a car with the windows open for a few minutes. Since then, I’ve become unfortunately all too well-versed in the debates around the over-policing of parenting, so a …


6 Strategies for Organizing Clutter

Tame your clutter with these quick organizing tips and solutions

When you're a mom, you're waging a constant war against clutter—it's one of the great …

Personal Organizing