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Attack of the Snow Leopard Cub!

A Snow Leopard cub born this summer at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Bronx Zoo has made its public debut.The female cub, who has not yet …


Cheetah Cubs Born at Basel Zoo

After spending months tucked away with their mother, two Cheetah cubs born at Basel Zoo can now be seen by zoo visitors. The cubs have been named …


‘Pitter-Patter' of Tapir Hooves at Edinburgh Zoo

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo keepers are hearing the “pitter-patter” of tiny hooves with the birth of an endangered Malayan Tapir calf.The female calf, born on …

Endangered Species

The Day I Found Out My Life Was Hanging by a Thread

It started while I was on a Hawaiian vacation in May. I thought I’d just tweaked my back lifting a poolside lounge chair. Back home, my back pain …


Morrison Kiers & Musty - Wanderlust (Original Mix) [Music Video] [Progressive House Worldwide]

Electronic Music

Cheetah Quintuplets Born at Prague Zoo

The Czech Republic’s Prague Zoo welcomed a litter of five Cheetah cubs on May 15.Mother Savannah, age 6, is caring for her quintuplets behind the …


Striking B&W photos of humpback whales

Jem Cresswell swam with humpback whales, took over 10,000 black & white photos, and whittled them down into his series, Giants. From Colossal:In …


Octopus Steals Crab From Fisherman - Super Smart Animals - BBC Earth

Tagging the Largest Shark on Earth #OurBluePlanet - BBC Earth

Umi the Newborn Tapir Gets Her First Exam

Denver Zoo is happy to announce the birth of Umi, an endangered Malayan Tapir. The female calf, whose name means “life” in Malayan, was born to …

South-east Asia

A Rare Sighting Of The Amur Leopard - Planet Earth - BBC Earth

Aleksey Beloozerov & Ange - Summer Morning

Zoo’s New Lion Cub Bonds With Foster Mom

Idaho Falls Zoo is thrilled to announce the extraordinary birth of a male African Lion cub! The cub was born February 17 to first-time parents, …


Truly Seamless Reloads with HAProxy – No More Hacks!

SummaryHAProxy Technologies’ R&D has released a patchset to enable seamless reloads of HAProxy without dropping packets in the process. The patchset …


Oregon Zoo Fosters Orphaned Cougar Cub

A tiny, orphaned Cougar cub has briefly taken up residence behind the scenes at the Oregon Zoo’s veterinary medical center.The cub, described as …


Sylow, Jako Diaz Feat. Mougleta - Memories (Alex Hook Remix)

Japeboy - Dawning (Talamanca Remix) [Music Video] [Midnight Coast]

How to Fight Cancer (When Cancer Fights Back)

Understanding how the disease evolves is the key to stopping it.<p>In early 2014, Laura Brealey was visiting her daughters in Singapore when she slipped on a marble floor and cracked her hip. She had it replaced, but in the process, the surgeons noticed that her breathing sounded odd, and told her to …


Japeboy - Dawning (Original Mix)

How to Solve Oncology’s Labor Crisis - Facts So Romantic

<i>Cancer doctors are overworked, retire early, and attract fewer recruits than other specialties, leaving the rising cancer-patient population</i> …


Cheetah Trio Debuts in Dubbo

Three Cheetah cubs made their public debut last week at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. Born on October 20, the cubs, one male and two females, have been …

International Union for Conservation of Nature

As I Lay Dying

Sat April 9th, 2016<p>Emergency room MD: “You’re cancelling your Hawaii trip. Scans show a number of lumps on your organs. We’re going to check you into …


SixthSense - Stargazing (Original Mix)

Baby Boom of Baltic Grey Seal Pups at Kolmården

In late February, two Baltic Grey Seal pups were born in Kolmården Wildlife Park in Sweden. The male and female half-siblings weighed in at 17 kilos …


Polar Bear Cubs Take Their First Tentative Steps - Planet Earth - BBC Earth

Beautiful Day

[NMA008] Shion Hinano - With You (Mark & Lukas Remix)

Smithsonian Magazine's 2016 Photo Contest

The editors of <i>Smithsonian</i> magazine have just announced the finalists in their 14th annual photo contest, selected from more than 48,000 entries sent in from 146 countries. They've kindly allowed me to share several of these images here from the competition's seven categories: The Natural World, …


Lovely Okapi Calf Born at Saint Louis Zoo

A female Okapi calf named Mahameli (Swahili for “velvet”) was born to mom Manala and dad Akia on January 5 at the Saint Louis Zoo.Currently, the …


Tiger Cubs Are Grrrrowing Up Fast

Three Malayan tiger cubs born February 3 at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden are gaining weight, opening their eyes and getting feisty! You …

Teddy Bears