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Cruise and Travel Tips

Just about everyone lists travel as one of their passions in life. We’re enamored with the idea of travel — getting away, doing something fun and adventurous, seeing cool things, and meeting different people. It all sounds so exciting. But when it comes to actually planning a real trip (something more than visiting Grandma or going to the beach for a week), it’s too easy to find a reason not to go, not to make it happen. Our lives are so damned busy and complicated. Between our jobs, kids, pets, commitments, and responsibilities, taking time out for a trip (or even doing everything that must be done to prepare for one) is enough to make you hyperventilate with anxiety. It feels like too much work to get a trip off the ground and yourself out the door. I think that’s why many of us spend so much time dreaming about traveling rather than actually doing it. But traveling is one of the most life-affirming things you can do for yourself. Aside from the obvious fun involved, traveling can transform you on so many levels. It provides happiness and satisfaction long after the trip is over.