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LGBT Dance Musician Joey Suarez Brings EDM to Mainstream

Energetic. Dynamic. Electrifying. These are just a few words to describe LGBT dance/pop musician Joey Suarez. A resident of San Antonio, Texas, Suarez spends most of his time juggling his multiple ventures which range from a brand new fashion line, Ravers Fantasy, to acting and of course his music.

‘Richard Skipper Celebrates’ Returns To Theater Row!

Multi-Award winner Richard Skipper, who is fast becoming a New York cultural icon, returns to the stage, to his audience’s delight on September 10th 2017. Russ Woolley proudly presents ‘…

Gay Bar Decline: Are Apps Really Their Grim Reaper?

What’s the cause of the world’s gay bar decline? Many are quick to call apps their Grim Reaper, but in reality there’s much more to it.

RuPaul Charles: How Donald Trump Has Led to the Rise of LGBT TV

EmmyWrap Magazine: “As the government has gone away from acceptance and inclusion, I believe that television and the arts have taken up the slack,” RuPaul tells TheWrap

INTO Magazine Launches New Global Hub for LGBTQ Millennials

Under the stewardship of Editor-in-Chief Zach Stafford, formerly an editor-at-large at OUT and award-winning contributor to The Guardian, INTO covers a broad range of topics including travel, entertainment, culture, politics, style, health, and more. The global news digital publication will showcase a mix of long and short form content—everything from cultural stories to provocative features, style advice to beautiful art and photography, exclusive interviews to hard-breaking journalism, all …

After Trump’s proposed military ban, 17.5% of people who called this LGBT hotline were trans youth

The volume of calls the Trevor Project received from trans youth in the aftermath of this announcement exceeded those it received when the bathroom bill was introduced in Texas.

Growing up gay in Plymouth - and how it's changed since the '80s

When the first ever gay kiss was shared between two men on Eastenders, it sent shockwaves through much of the nation – and the media.

Police Say They Welcome Transgender Recruits Even if Trump Doesn’t

In the week since President Trump declared that transgender Americans would no longer be allowed in the military, some municipal officials have responded with an invitation: join our police force instead.<p>Several cities — including Houston; Austin, Tex.; Aurora, Colo.; and Cincinnati — have …


In One Day, Trump Administration Lands 3 Punches Against Gay Rights

Activists called Wednesday the White House’s “anti-L.G.B.T. day” after it barred transgender people from the military, intervened in an employment suit and nominated a gay rights opponent as an ambassador.

Ana Brnabić: 'I do not want to be branded Serbia's gay PM'

The 41-year-old who has never been part of a political party has risen from obscurity and is working to change Belgrade’s image<p>The appointment of Ana Brnabić as Serbia’s prime minister aged 41 was accompanied by the sound of glass ceilings being shattered all around her.<p>Not only is she the first …


Why Autocrats Fear LGBT Rights

Trump’s campaign ran on promises to “take back” a sense of safety and “bring back” a simpler time. When he pledged to build the wall or to fight a variety of non-existent crime waves (urban, immigrant) he was promising to shield Americans from the strange, the unknown, the unpredictable. Queers can serve as convenient shorthand for change.

Trump administration signals loss of ground for LGBT rights

Just over 13 months later, Trump’s Justice Department, in a case between private parties that involved no government agency, has told a federal appeals court that discrimination based on sexual orientation is legal under federal law.

Matthew Camp Flaunts it All! / Andrew Christian

Justice Department says no LGBT protection in federal sex-discrimination law

The Trump administration is further angering gay rights activists by arguing in court that federal law against sex discrimination in employment doesn't protect individuals from being fired because they are gay, lesbian or transgender.<p>The Justice Department made the argument in a brief filed …


Trump Targets Legal Effort to Protect LGBT Workers From Bias

U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration came out against an effort by civil rights groups to ban workplace discrimination against gays and lesbians nationwide, putting him at odds with some of the country’s most valuable companies.

Photos of Sierra Leone’s LGBT community, where gay is a sin

Photographer Lee Price tells a story of resilience in a burgeoning LGBT community in Sierra Leone

The boy, George: Speculation about whether the prince is a gay icon isn’t about him

When so much of queer history has been erased, it’s important for LGBT people to see themselves represented. Even in a child.

Furious Gay Rights Advocates See Trump’s ‘True Colors’

Anger erupted at the president after his move to bar transgender people from the military, with many citing his supportive words for LGBT people last year.

OUTtv Announces Greenlight of Production for Season Two of the Boulet Brothers’ Dragula

OUTtv and The Boulet Brothers announce the greenlight of production for season two of The Boulet Brothers’ DRAGULA. The new season, with ten one-hour episodes will launch Fall 2017 on OUTtv and OUTtvGo, OUTtv’s streaming service. In addition, the first season will be available on OUTtv and OUTtvGo ahead of the new season.

America Trusts This Trans Soldier With Top Secrets. Trump Wants Him Fired.

‘I’m not going to just go quietly, I’m going to fight for the right to serve my country.’<p>Jack Schuler doesn’t know what to expect when he reports for duty on Thursday morning.<p>“I was worried this was coming… I have drill this week, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen,” he told The Daily Beast. “I …

U.S. Army

Mormon university instructor fired after Facebook post supporting LGBT rights, she says

Brigham Young University-Idaho confirmed she won’t be returning but declined to give a reason.

Census Bureau Found No Need For LGBT Data Despite 4 Agencies Requesting It

At least four federal agencies asked the Census Bureau to add questions about sexual orientation and gender identity to the American Community Survey, NPR has learned.

Why everyone – LGBT or not – should watch Olly Alexander: Growing up Gay

BBC3’s new documentary from the Years and Years frontman shows how we can all help combat the LGBT mental health crisis

"Families Like Yours" Documentary Celebrates LGBT Families At World Premiere

The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), the business voice of the LGBT community, is proud to announce the world premiere of Families Like Yours, a powerful documentary exploring the love, compassion, sacrifice, and success of LGBT families in America. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dk Realizadores, NGLCC, and Wells Fargo underwrote the film’s production. Deutsche Bank and Hilton presented the premiere screening in New York City on July 17, 2017.

The It Gets Better Project Just Gets Better With Age

As we hear more and more about the atrocities happening to our LGBTQ brothers and sisters in Chechnya and with our current administration turning a blind eye to our Pride, our community is feeling a rebirth of the strength of our voice. Once again we are fighting for visibility and equality. The comfort of our …

Gay Rights Groups Seek One More Win From Justice Kennedy

With Justice Anthony M. Kennedy rumored to be considering retirement, groups want the Supreme Court to take up an employment discrimination challenge before he leaves.

Why the internet is the worst thing ever to happen to gay lib

If this is what the post-gay-lib world looks like, then I preferred it when everyone else disliked us and there was always a party going on somewhere

SIR IVAN: ‘I Am Peaceman’ Featuring Debbie Gibson THE MESSAGE OF ANTI-GUN VIOLENCE

Sir Ivan talks to Get Out Magazine about his new Anti-Gun Violence anthem 'I Am Peaceman’ featuring Gay Icon Debbie Gibson, released on the 1 year anniversary of #PulseOrlando. #SirIvan

Transgender health care targeted in crusade to undo ACA

Because Medicaid covers a disproportionately high number of transgender people, the potential change could heap hardship on an already embattled population.