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Victims of German anti-gay law finally get their day in the Bundestag

On Friday, Germany's parliament begins debating whether to rehabilitate and compensate homosexuals convicted under the notorious paragraph 175. It's a symbolic gesture, but one that victims appreciate.<p>One man touching another man's thigh - it's scarcely credible today in Germany that this could be …


May Day to have immigrant tilt as workers plan to protest against Trump

Days after Trump’s 100th day in office, immigration, labor, racial justice, LGBT and gender equality groups will demonstrate against his policies and rhetoric<p>Hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their allies will be marching on the streets and striking on May Day for the annual workers’ protest. …


First transwoman wins Glamour's College Women of the Year award

ABC News' Lana Zak talks to transactivist Eli Erlick about the current political climate and winning Glamour magazine's 2017 College Women of the …

Could LGBT debate split Methodists? Some say it’s already happening

A commission is considering the church’s governing document, which prohibits same-sex marriage and the ordination of gay clergy.

Transgender Offutt airman – finally 'able to live as my true self' – finds support, acceptance during transition

For years Ashleigh Buch hid the fact that she was transgender. The Offutt airman reported to work each day as a man, telling colleagues little about her life. Off the base, in her Omaha apartment, above, she lived as a woman, donning wigs over the hair she kept trimmed short. But as part of a wave of social change to hit the military, the Air Force instructor’s days of appearing one way at work and another at home are over.

Out In The NBA: Warriors COO Rick Welts | Jennifer Brown Speaks

Welts has over 40 years of experience in the league, including stints as president of the Phoenix Suns and public relations director of the Seattle Super Sonics, where his NBA career began as a ballboy in 1969 at the age of 16. Welts spent 17 years with the NBA league office in New York, where his notable accomplishments included the creation of NBA All-Star Weekend in 1984 and the marketing program for USA Basketball’s Olympic “Dream Team” in 1992, and was named “Marketer of the Year” by …

Tom of Finland: From gay icon to mainstream sensation

Long iconic and even formative for American gay society, Tom’s well-endowed and sexually charged imagery is now hitting the global mainstream.

There Is So Much In, and So Much Missing From The LGBT Encyclopedia

Despite the wealth of information in a new LGBT ‘encyclopedia,’ what becomes clear is how much more study and research of LGBT life is needed.

Why the Next NATO Ambassador Could be a Force for LGBT Inclusion

President Trump will reportedly nominate Richard Grenell—a former UN official who is both openly gay and a devout Christian. From that post, he could potentially have influence among conservatives on equality.

This Is What Happened When We Asked The Metropolitan Police For Figures On LGBT Domestic Abuse

After police in Manchester launched a system for recording LGBT domestic abuse, BuzzFeed News asked the Met if it would do the same. What ensued was so extraordinary that it led to two LGBT charities

How the 1960s and ’70s Counterculture Queered Fashion

Counter-Couture at the Museum of Arts and Design offers a new way to think about the legacy of the counterculture movement.

I’m a gay parent, still trying to find my identity in the LGBTQ community

In the same way I feared the world would only ever see me as gay, I worry the gay world will only ever see me as a parent.

A Gay Couple’s 10-Year Quest to Create a Queer Family

Starting a Queer Family<p><b>Not all families are as easy as The Brady Bunch or as Modern Family would have us believe. We share a story of passion,</b> …

Queer Comics Creators Drawn Together In San Francisco

I compare this to a writer’s conference, except it is for queer cartoonists.

“I Would Say I’m A Cradle-to-Grave Gay Activist.”

“What Was It Like? Stories by LGBTQ Elders” is a new program by I’m From Driftwood, in partnership with Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, and SAGE,

Queer and Undocumented: A Powerful Force in the Dreamer Movement

They took on the in-your-face civil disobedience of gay rights groups and the practice of ‘coming out.’

Ex-racing driver among first transgender ballet dancers to sit prestigious Royal Academy of Dance exam

A former racing driver from North Yorkshire has become one of the first openly transgender ballet students to pass a Royal Academy of Dance ballet exam.<p>Sophie Rebecca*, 35, trained for her "intermediate foundation" qualification, the dance equivalent of an AS level exam, for over a year after …


‘You didn’t win, we won’: the great LGBT TV revolution

From Transparent to Billions, LGBT characters are more visible than ever. As TV’s first non-binary actor Asia Kate Dillon explains, the future looks bright

17 history-making moments in pop culture for trans acceptance

Visibility for the transgender community has never been greater in America, but the country's culture has not always accepted people coming out. …


Trans Teen Film '3 Generations' Fights for a PG-13 Rating

This isn't the first controversy the movie has found itself in.<p>Back in 2015, The Weinstein Company, powered by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, acquired the rights to the upcoming American drama <i>3 Generations</i>, which centers on a teenager named Ray realizing his transgender identity. Ray — played by …


Justice Department drops North Carolina LGBT rights lawsuit

The Trump administration dropped a lawsuit Friday accusing North Carolina of discriminating against LGBT residents in response to the state’s decision to undo its “bathroom bill.”<p>The Justice Department’s withdrawal represents the first significant movement in a tangle of legal action over the …

North Carolina

Out of Sight Out of Mind

LGBTQ people have been erased from history since we started writing history. It is only now that queer histories are being written or inserted into the larger human drama. Nowadays, we <i>do</i> read of the gay soldiers in the trenches of WWI. We hear of the lesbian nurses in the field hospitals of WWII. We read of gay people in sport, in science, in the theatre and movies, in politics, in education, in medicine, in space exploration, in the armed services and in the police. But despite this latter day …

‘We Exist’: Inside India’s Secretive Gay Nightlife Scene

Private invites, word-of-mouth parties, and discreet dating apps—India has a vibrant underground LGBTQ scene, despite its criminalization of homosexual acts.

People are quitting LiveJournal in droves after Russian owners ban political, LGBTQ talk

Venerable blog platform LiveJournal is now saying goodbye to some of its biggest users, after announcing it's taking steps to comply with Russian law.<p>The platform, which moved its servers to Russia in December last year, updated its terms of service last week, <i>Gizmodo</i> reports.<p>Under the terms, …


Judges hail transgender teen Gavin Grimm as human rights leader

4th Circuit judges say Grimm’s fight, put off by Supreme Court, is “delayed but not finished.”

Hawaii LGBT couples seek equal access to fertility treatments

They are pushing for legislation that would also include making Hawaii the first state to require the coverage for surrogates.

Meet the gay Mexican football team looking to win big in Trump’s America

As hard as the governing bodies try to unpick the thread

Pope Francis

What it's Like to be Gay and Muslim in the 21st century

For her project ‘Being Queer, Feeling Muslim’, photographer Lia Darjes met with a number of individuals across Europe and North America who identif