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We’re working with Tumblr to share messages, images, and stories of love and acceptance to LGBTQ and questioning students as they head…

We’re working with Tumblr to share messages, images, and stories of love and acceptance to LGBTQ and questioning students as they head #backtoschool.<p>Post your own and tag #backtoschool!

Hey Tourism & Hospitality Professionals, Where Are Your LGBT Travelers Now?

OK, so you’re a traveler, LGBT or otherwise. You’ve decided you want to go to St. Petersburg, Florida on vacation. So now what? What do you do? Where do you go in your research and what resources do you use in order to plan your vacation? Next step… so OK, now you’re there… you’ve landed and you’ve taken a taxi or Uber to your hotel. So again, now what? You’re hungry, but first you want to meet up with your friends for a cocktail. What do you do? How do you as an LGBT traveler determine where …

American Eagle asks microinfluencers, activists: What does Pride mean to you?

American Eagle asks microinfluencers, activists: What does Pride mean to you?

INTO Magazine Launches New Global Hub for LGBTQ Millennials

Under the stewardship of Editor-in-Chief Zach Stafford, formerly an editor-at-large at OUT and award-winning contributor to The Guardian, INTO covers a broad range of topics including travel, entertainment, culture, politics, style, health, and more. The global news digital publication will showcase a mix of long and short form content—everything from cultural stories to provocative features, style advice to beautiful art and photography, exclusive interviews to hard-breaking journalism, all …

Atari partners with LGBT Media to make more inclusive games

Atari is making good on its promise to stake part of its strategy on LGBTQ apps. The company has formed a partnership with LGBT Media, the company behind the social app LGBTQutie, to reach more of the community. The deal will see LGBT Media acquire and "re-launch" Atari's city-building game …


The Ruthless Lives of ‘Social Influencers’

Influencers’ social media feeds may look cool and sexy, but behind the pretty pictures lies a ruthlessly efficient combining of advertising, product placement, and self-promotion.<p>Tesa Pesic’s Instagram profile depicts a life best lived in artisanal coffee shops and indie boutiques, hanging around …

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YouTube Falls Hard for ‘In a Heartbeat,’ a Boy-Meets-Boy Story

The animated short about a middle-school crush, created by two college students, has attracted millions of views just days after it was posted.

VIDEO: Andy Tobias: "LGBT Activism from the 70's through to Today"

Andy Tobias is a well-known LGBT writer and activist, who reads from his upcoming sequel to the seminal works “The Best Little Boy In The World” and “The Best Little Boy In The World Grows Up”, as well as discusses the history of the LGBT rights movement and its impact on politics. He comments on some of the issues facing LGBT individuals in today’s political climate, and encourages hope and activism as the only path forward.


Here's How To Get The Rainbow Pride Reaction On Facebook That All Your Friends Have

Now there's Like, Heart, Rainbow, Smile, Wow, Sad, and Anger. It's like the Care Bears.<p>The social media network announced in a post on Friday, "We believe in building a platform that supports all communities. So we’re celebrating love and diversity this Pride by giving you a special reaction."<p>June …


Cruising Online Was Actually Fun Before Grindr Ruined Everything

Craigslist, AOL chatrooms, and were something today's apps aren't: fun.<p>In the 1990s and in the midst of the intifada, Sam* was going to school in Jerusalem by day and meeting men from online chat rooms by night. In the holiest city in the world, finding eligible gay bachelors wasn't a …


Twitter is incorrectly guessing the gender of trans users — and they aren't having it

Transgender Twitter users aren't here for the platform's gendered assumptions. And they sure aren't hesitating to make that known.<p>Here's the deal: …

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Bullying Is Driving LGBTQ People Out of Tech, Study Finds

There has been no shortage of news coverage surrounding high-profile reports of harassment and discrimination in the tech industry. Most notably, perhaps, was the recent coverage of a former Uber engineer who detailed in a blog post the sexual harassment she said she experienced while working for …


Rainbow flag designer commemorated with free font family

The iconic rainbow flag has been an instantly recognisable symbol of LGBTQ social movements since the 1970s. Sadly, its designer Gilbert Baker died …

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YouTube restores 'wrongly blocked' LGBT videos

<b>YouTube has modified its content filter after complaints it had blocked political and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) videos.</b><p>Restricted mode is an optional filter designed to hide content that may be judged unsuitable for children.<p>But many prominent LGBT video-makers said their videos …


People are quitting LiveJournal in droves after Russian owners ban political, LGBTQ talk

Venerable blog platform LiveJournal is now saying goodbye to some of its biggest users, after announcing it's taking steps to comply with Russian law.<p>…

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Some LGBTQ+ videos are being filtered on YouTube and vloggers want answers

Several popular LGBTQ+ YouTube vloggers have claimed that YouTube is using the site's "restricted mode" to hide some of their videos.<p>The restricted …


Grindr launches Gaymoji, because ​every eggplant is unique

Banana hammock, butt dial, it's raining men -- sometimes the standard emoji just doesn't cut it in the dating scene.<p>But Grindr, the dating app for gay and bi men, has a solution: Gaymoji!<p>The set of 500 new emojis features everything from roses and martinis down to handcuffs, blindfolds and bears, …