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Microsoft reveals Windows Universal App Platform, Xbox Live SDK for Windows 10

With Mobile World Congress now in the past, it’s full steam ahead towards April 29th for Microsoft’s Build 2015 developer conference in San …

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Microsoft confirms that Spartan will be in the next Windows 10 preview release

Microsoft confirmed today at Mobile World Congress that project Spartan, the company's next browser, will be shipping in the next preview build that …

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VLC returns to iOS and launches on Windows Phone, Windows RT, and Android TV

VLC is having a big day. The app, which is essentially the Swiss Army knife of video players, is returning to the iPhone and iPad following a long absence after the release of iOS 8. It's also launching on a ton of other platforms: it's coming to Windows Phone, Windows RT (though its download isn't …

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HP's Omen 15 Gaming Notebook Straddles The Ultrabook Line With Voodoo DNA

When industry visionary and entrepreneur Rahul Sood parted ways with HP a few years back, post-acquisition of his boutique game PC company VoodooPC, it was clear that HP had assimilated his start-up company enough such that he felt his job was done there as CTO of its gaming PC business unit. Sood …


Haier debuts trio of trim tablets

/ Updated: March 2, 2015 11:02 AM PST

We're already seeing more tablets at Mobile World Congress 2015 than we did at CES 2015 and you can thank Haier …


Samsung's fanless ATIV Book 9 laptop will be available on March 1st

Samsung's new ATIV Book 9 was announced this year at CES, and now it has a release date. The all-aluminum ultrabook, which looks like Samsung's strongest answer to the MacBook Air yet, will be available beginning March 1st. At 0.46-inches thick and 2.09 pounds, it's the lightest laptop in the Book …


Windows 10 Settings menu: The Ease of Access tab

The Ease of Access tab is organized, but it could be a little more helpful.

The Ease of Access tab is where you'll find most of Windows' accessibility …

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Leaked Windows 10 build reveals new Xbox app and Cortana integration

Microsoft is currently readying an updated preview of Windows 10 to focus on the consumer features of the upcoming operating system. While the company plans to detail those improvements at a January press event, a consumer build (9901) has leaked out onto the web today to provide an early look at …

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New leaked video shows more Windows 10 upgrades and enhancements

Microsoft is set to show the world in January the features that will be included in Windows 10, but a leaked video today provides a good deal of information about the new OS.

Immediately noticeable is the inclusion of Cortana (Microsoft’s answer to Siri) as a major part of the user interface, a lot …

Microsoft Sway now available for all, gets new features

Microsoft’s Sway, a new tool for telling your story without the hassle is now available for all to use without invitations.

The company said in the ten weeks since Sway’s preview website launched, it had 175,000 requests to join and a million unique visitors.

Sway is also getting a number of new …

Windows 10 leak gives closer look at new apps, Cortana on PC

Microsoft is holding an event in January to showcase the "next chapter" of Windows 10, but a consumer build of the operating system leaked online on Sunday.

For Windows lovers who just can't wait for the big day, a video demo, above, from WinBeta shows an early version of Windows 10 in action. Some …

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Microsoft now accepts Bitcoin for Xbox and Windows digital content

Xbox and Windows users can now add money to their accounts with Bitcoin, the mysterious cryptocurrency that has made waves in the last few years for presenting the first, arguably viable, decentralized currency to compete with government-backed systems. The option to buy Xbox credit with Bitcoin …

Wireless charging for tablets is finally coming next year

We're still waiting for the Rezence standard to bring wireless charging to laptops, but Freescale is taking a big step towards making that a reality. It just announced a new wireless product that's powerful enough to recharge tablets, portable medical devices, and other large gadgets. The 15-watt …


Could Desktop Computers Be The Best Home For Virtual Assistants?

The possibilities are far beyond the current mobile breed

Whether it be the U.S.S. Enterprise's ship computer, the Batcomputer, or even HAL, the future has always promised us smarter, more helpful—and, sure, at times more dangerous—computer intelligence. But despite the existence of virtual assistants …

More Evidence That Microsoft's Siri Killer Is Coming To Windows 10

For months, we've been hearing that Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana would be making its way to the desktop. Now we have new evidence that makes Cortana's transition from mobile to desktop seem even more likely.

Blog WinBeta claims to have used an early version of Cortana for Windows 10, and …

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Windows 10 Build 9888 Leaks, Install At Your Own Risk

If you were disappointed when the Windows 10 crew announced that it would not release another official build this year, take heart, there is new code that you can play with.

It’s not an official release, so you’ll have to find the software yourself (it’s easy), and install it at your own risk. But …

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Wickr’s self-destructing secure messages are now on OS X, Windows and Linux

The Wickr mobile apps for iOS and Android are known for incredibly secure messaging that feature a self-destruct option for text, images and videos. Now those messages are available on your desktop.

The new Wickr app for Windows, Linux and OS X, is available today with the same security features …

More Evidence That Microsoft's Siri Killer Is Coming To Windows 10

For months, we've been hearing that Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana would be making its way to the desktop. Now we have new evidence that makes Cortana's transition from mobile to desktop seem even more likely.

Blog WinBeta claims to have used an early version of Cortana for Windows 10, and …

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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro review: slim and sexy comes with some trade-offs

I haven't reviewed an Ultrabook in months. It's not because I've grown lazy; it's because there just haven't been many new models to test. Nearly every laptop that crosses Engadget's reviews desk these days is a gaming notebook, a Chromebook or maybe one of those super-cheap netbook things. So here …


Windows 10's app store will be workplace-friendly

If you use a Windows 8 PC, you've probably noticed that the Windows Store is built for home use; you'll find serious tools like Office, but it's not really meant for work. That's going to change in a big, big way with Windows 10. Microsoft has revealed that its future software will let your …

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Windows 10 won’t be Windows 6.4

An old quirk in Windows is going away with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft has revealed that the upcoming release of Windows 10 will include a change that makes the Windows NT kernel jump to version 10.0. While Windows 8.1 was Windows NT 6.3 and Windows 7 was Windows NT 6.1, the numbering …

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Wunderlist gives its Windows and Windows Phone apps a refresh, with better performance and viewing options

Wunderlist has updated its cross-platform to-do app clients for Windows 7, 8 and Windows Phone 8, boasting better performance, new view options, live tile support and more.

While a Windows desktop client for Wunderlist has existed and received updates for a long while, the new app for Windows 7 is …

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Microsoft is adding Google Drive-style chat to Office Online apps

If you enjoy the handy chat feature inside shared docs on Google Drive, it appears Microsoft is adding the feature to its web-based productivity suite as well. According WinSuperSite, Office Online is getting those sidebar convos in the coming weeks, as a new feature called document chat will offer …


Microsoft is bringing chat to its Word and PowerPoint web apps

Collaborating with co-workers using Office Online is about to get a bit easier: Microsoft is bringing chat to the web versions of Word and PowerPoint. Sorry, Excel users: it seems you can't yet chat while working on spreadsheets, nor does the feature support OneNote. The Skype-powered chat is more …


Microsoft Updates How The Surface Pro 3 Handles Wi-Fi

Microsoft released a set of updates for its Surface Pro 3 tablet today, including fixes for the tablet-hybrid’s Wi-Fi connectivity, a part of the device’s performance that some have flagged as problematic. I’ve had some Wi-Fi issues with my loaner Surface Pro 3, but haven’t been sure if they stem …

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Hands on: Microsoft Sway tells your story without the hassle

Office has a new app in the family: Sway, a new way to share stories and ideas directly from your phone.

Microsoft’s Sway was announced back in October and remains invite only, but the company opened up the preview to New Zealand users this week. Sway is touted as a way for “expressing your ideas in …

Windows 10’s OneDrive modifications challenge Microsoft’s feedback methods

Microsoft’s changes to Windows 10 have been largely well received, but one particular modification to OneDrive has angered Windows users. The latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build, released earlier this week, changes OneDrive sync functionality significantly. Microsoft has decided to ditch its …

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HP’s Surface Pro 3 replica debuts today

HP is launching its own version of the Surface Pro 3 today. No, it hasn’t taken over manufacturing of Microsoft’s tablet, it’s merely imitating it. HP’s new Envy x2 has a multi-angle kickstand, a fabric keyboard cover that clicks into place with a stylus holder loop, and it all adds up to something …


Leaked Windows 9 video shows multiple desktops at work

Glimpses of the next Windows have been coming out at a steady clip, but the latest is the clearest yet of the operating system's multiple desktops. German site WinFuture obtained a video showing off a build of the new feature and how users can expect to use it.

As seen in the video, the taskbar for …

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