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'Nier: Automata' Director Taro Yoko Doesn't See a Happy Ending for Humanity

Creator of the cult hit speaks to the weighty themes in his games, his fascination with death, and growing up as an otaku<p>If you enjoy video games …


‘Breath of the Wild’ is the Zelda Adventure I've Always Wanted - Waypoint

<i>Header and all screenshots courtesy of Nintendo.</i><p><i>You can listen to an audio version of this article by pressing play below.</i><p>On the morning that I committed to finishing <i>The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild—</i>which launches alongside Nintendo's new Switch console tomorrow, and which is also available …


Analogue Loaders – A visual tribute to loading times

<b>Analogue Loaders</b> is a beautiful visual tribute to loading times and animated icons that we encounter every day in our daily lives. A video directed …

Weird, Funny & Cool Japanese Commercials #33

This super precise handwriting robot is so satisfying to watch

AxiDraw V3 could be the unlikely savior of the art of penmanship. Created by Evil Mad Scientist, it's a pen-plotting robot that serves as a “personal writing and drawing machine."


Fabrizio Corona, ecco perché lo odiano tutti

Lo ammetto, ho riso parecchio oggi quando ho letto lo status di Nina Moric. “Ciao Fabri, insegna agli angeli a pagare l’Iva quando cazzo c’hai …

Google's beautiful new free font covers 800+ languages

In an effort to make it easier for people from all over the world to create and share information in their language of choice, Google has created Noto, a massive open source font family that spans more than 800 languages and 110,000 characters.<p>That covers every single symbol in the Unicode standard …


Rise of the RoboMasters

We went to China's Silicon Valley to see the front lines of the robot wars<p><b>The lights dimmed</b> inside the Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium as the countdown to the match began. "Wu, si, san, er, yi!" A chime sounded and two teams of robots sprang into action across an intricately constructed battlefield. In …


Evolution Of PC Gaming Hardware

Friday fun at the office: Climball battle!

Generative Machines

Drive like Maria - DEEP BLUE

A Great Painter Did It: The Compelling Weirdness of Magnus

<b>By Richard McKenna</b> / August 29, 2016<p>With a reputation for intractability and a ubiquity afforded him by a decades-long involvement in the Italian …


15 Sorting Algorithms in 6 Minutes

Enter an Archive of 6,000 Historical Children’s Books, All Digitized and Free to Read Online

We can learn much about how a historical period viewed the abilities of its children by studying its children’s literature. Occupying a space …



Spotify just became the best place to stream video game music

While I rarely go back to a game once I get bored with it, I’m a sucker for video game soundtracks – and sometimes I’ll keep songs on repeat years after I’ve stopped playing a game. If you have that too, you’re about to love Spotify’s new feature.<p>Starting today, the company has launched Spotify …

Game Development

The Front Row: “Marie Antoinette”

For her third feature, “Marie Antoinette,” from 2006 (which I discuss in this clip), Sofia Coppola took the daring step—after her adaptation of “The Virgin Suicides” and the inward journey of “Lost in Translation”—of reconstructing one of the most familiar and stereotyped characters in history, …


Nerd, diamoci una calmata

La sequenza dei fatti è abbastanza lineare: Suicide Squad esce dopo una campagna fatta di trailer, minitrailer, featurette, spezzoni, video…Continue …

Questa smetto di riderla a maggio prossimo

Golpe e contro-golpe. Il caso della Turchia

Golpe e contro-golpe. La Turchia nel giro di 48 ore ha messo sotto i nostri occhi uno scenario da manuale. Un guinness dei fiaschi militari e una …

The Principles of Quantum Team Management

Instagram Head of Engineering James Everingham walks us through a different approach to management, drawing on science and machine-building. <br>Continue …

Quantum Mechanics

Death, Delirium, and flowers. @SaraphinaCos @neilhimself #cosplay

Koi brings the tranquility of a Chinese lotus pond to your PS4

Chinese studio Dotoyou recently released its game <i>Koi</i> on the PlayStation 4, making it the first game from its native country to be released on the …

083: You can SURVIVE CREATIVE BURNOUT (Li Chen Part 2)

Hailing from New Zealand, Li Chen is the creator of Extra Ordinary Comics (or Exocomics) which is a weekly slice-of-life webcomic based on her life …

Anna Karina Reflects on Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Rivette, Serge Gainsbourg, and Not Being a Muse

I know just how hagiographic it sounds when I say, and nevertheless say with full sincerity, that being in <b>Anna Karina</b>’s presence is sort of a …