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Shard Life ✌ By @ABathamimages 📷

A New Type of Guard [ブログ/Blog Post] 人の痕跡が交わす会話 / Conversations of the traces...

18w<p><b>Hello dear friend, I am glad and</b> <b>proud of you</b><p>18w<p>Colombia<p>18w<p>18w<p>تابعوني عيووني فدووة لكلبكم ورود<p>18w<p>18w<p>18w<p>18w<p>Ooohh CUNE ☺❤<p>18w<p>18w<p>18w<p>ولا ههههههههههههه<p>18w<p>…

Rooftops of Paris at Twilight (and other Fairytales)

You know that feeling when you see an image so appealing to your senses that you just want to climb inside right then and there? That’s what the art …

Edward Hopper

マンション修繕金、75%が足りず 高齢化で増額難しく

飲食店完全禁煙のニューヨーク、ついに歩きタバコもNGに? 残るは「外で立って吸う」

『ポンキッキーズ』最終回へ、45年の歴史に幕。 ガチャピン、ムックと「いっしょに見ようね」


「指示待ち族」にまともに怒ってはいけない | 堂薗姐さんに聞け!キャリア女の人生講座

Japan Today

Top News<p>The Japanese government says foreign travelers with unpaid medical bills will be denied entry to the country in the future, with the number …


FF6 MIDI ファイナルファンタジー6 ゲーム音楽ダウンロード


ギターコードの覚え方 - 初心者でも簡単 ! CAGEDシステム


BA's Best Angel Food Cake

10 servings<p>Angel food cake is so simple, but the specific ingredients and equipment matter. Yes, you do have to use a tube pan and cake flour, and yes, you do need to sift the dry ingredients and cool the pan upside down. But it all pays off in this cloud-like cake with just the right amount of …

Banksy 作品にインスパイアされた Brandalism の最新シリーズ

「Medicom Toy」の〈Sync.〉より5月、と9月に発売<p>「MEDICOM TOY」が手がけるブランド〈Sync.(シンク)〉より、映画『EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP』の監督を務めたアーティストBrandalism(ブランダリズム)による“from …

Magic light in Spessart , Germany

注目される休校・廃校を活用する事業の仕組み 「三好市の廃校活用事業」後編|「colocal コロカル」ローカルを学ぶ・暮らす・旅する

〈 この連載・企画は… 〉  プロダクトをつくる、場をつくる、伝統をつなぐシステムをつくる…。 今シーズン貝印 × colocalのチームが訪ねるのは、これからの時代の「つくる」を実践する人々や現場。 伊勢谷友介さんがパーソナリティを、谷崎テトラさんが構成作家をつとめる「KAI presents EARTH RADIO」と連携して、 …

The Images That Moved Them Most: Photographers on America's Veterans

Corporal Brian Knight. David Guttenfelder, July 3, 2009. Helmand province, Afghanistan."In 2009, I joined the 2nd Marin<p>... VIEW MORE<p>David …

This vast square known as Rynek Główny in Polish is the focus of the Old Town in #Krakow and is Europe's largest medieval town square. Its most prominent feature is the 15th-century town hall tower, which you can climb. Rynek Głowny is home to flower merchants, music festivals and local parades in the summer, and turns into a luminous gallery for Christmas nativity scenes in the winter, topped with the alluring smell of local classics. Image by LP author @markbakerprague #lonelyplanet #travel

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40 things you never knew about Leonardo DiCaprio

1) Leonardo DiCaprio’s first film role was in Critters 3, and not as Toby Wolf in This Boy’s Life.<p>2) Robert De Niro allegedly hand-picked DiCaprio from hundreds of boys for the part in This Boy’s Life.<p>3) DiCaprio’s exquisite man bun made an appearance at the United Nations climate change summit in …

Berlin, The Wall

Project info<p>I visited Berlin in 1985 for the first time and made several photo's of the Wall. In 1989 and 1991 I returned and photographed during the days just after the Wall had opened and during the days of the unification.. I also photographed East Germans who had fled the GDR shortly before the …


BEFORE & AFTER: From Cookie-Cutter To Personality-Packed

A peek at one of our favorite makeovers from this week's American Dream Builders.<p>On Sunday night's episode of Nate Berkus's new show, <i>American Dream Builders</i>, we were introduced to a pair of Mid-Century Modern homes in Palm Spring that got full overhauls thanks to the two competing teams. In a …