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Two Sided Quarter Set - Double Sided Magic Trick from Real Coins - Heads & Tails

Double Sided Quarter Heads - Two headed coin - Made from Real Quarters

Martinka's Magic Disappearing Dime and Penny - Amazing Coin Trick

This fits your .<p>to make sure this fits.<p>Amazing Magic that is easy to do<p>Precision made from real coins<p>Includes coins, ring, tin carry box and …

Scotch and Soda Magic Trick by Sasco Precision Coins

Scotch and Soda - World's Best Coin Trick

This fits your .<p>to make sure this fits.<p>Metal Bang Ring<p>Precision made in the USA<p>Includes both Centavos<p>Instructions with multiple routines

Martinka Magic Shop Souvenir Tokens - Mundus Vult Decipi

Martinka's Barber Scotch Soda

Martinka catalogs from the late 1800's featuring many effects that we made with coins. Today we continue that tradition even using some of the …


Walking Liberty Half Dollars

These sets start with us selecting a set of four compatible coins. We then machine the high spots off each side of each coin. For the walking …


Rocco's Flicker Coin - Half Dollar

From the man who brought you D'lite comes FLICKER by Rocco!<p>FLICKER will take your coin magic to new heights with ZERO SKILL. Visual coin magic …


Martinka Presents George by Ted Bogusta

Martinka Presents Ringo by Ted Bogusta

Martinka Presents Quarkey by Ted Bogusta

Martinka Presents Journey by Ted Bogusta

Midas - Golden Dimes - 1 Dozen

One dozen dimes plated in 24K gold. After performing Midas (coin club Release 3), you can give away the gold plated dime that you magically created, …

Martinka Presents Midas by Ted Bogusta

Loving This One! Review by DonShock<p>Midas is a great coin trick for all levels of magicians. It's simple and sweet and my audiences love it as much as …


Captain Coke 2.0 - Penny Quarter Magnetic Version

Available again! Coins precision made in the Martinka workshop.<p>"The routine is easy to do and the coins are superbly made. I'm very excited about …


Two Copper One Silver Coin Magic Trick - 5 Coin Set - Advanced Scotch & Soda

Scotch and Soda Magic Trick - Centavo Set From Real Coins - Best Coin Trick!

Dime and Penny - Magic Trick Made From Real Coins - Scotch & Soda Type Gimmick

Martinka Presents Chained by Ted Bogusta

Chained - Kennedy Half version A silver and a gold coin are shown, one instantly changes into a chain necklace.<p>Your hands are shown empty with …


Expanded Shell US Quarter - Head Side from Real US Coin - Precision Magic Trick

Martinka Presents ConFusion by Ted Bogusta

A US penny is displayed and placed on the edge of a house key. It instantly bonds to the key with a strange force. It can be pulled and tapped on the …


Martinka Presents KFC Coin by Ted Bogusta

This is a Keeper! Review by DonSchock<p>Quality<p>Price<p>Effect<p>Keep this one in your pocket at all times as it is a perfect piece of impromptu magic. Easy to …

Coin Collecting

Martinka Presents Hole 3.0 by Ted Bogusta

Very cool gimmick! Review by Rob Signs<p>Effect<p>Price<p>Quality<p>What a beautifully made gimmick! This is worth having just for how clever and well made this …


Ringmaster - Silver Morgan by Ted Bogusta

A silver Morgan Dollar and a $20 Gold Piece are displayed. The coins are tapped together and the gold coin instantly changes to a gold ring. Other …

Rio Olympics

Martinka Presents Nailed! by Rich Marotta

Effect<p>Price<p>Quality<p>A good quick one to catch their attention. You'll never get caught because there is no switch!<p>Nailed Review by Phil<p>Price<p>Effect<p>I'm …


Martinka Presents Minted by Ted Bogusta

Quality<p>Price<p>Effect<p>This is my favorite of the first four coin club releases. Creative and fun effect to perform!<p>Very unexpected effect! Review by Rob …