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Congress Moves Forward on the Farm Bill | Legal Planet

November 4, 2013

California Grain Harvesting Credit: Jeffrey G. Katz

Finally. There is a Farm Bill conference committee, and it began meeting last …

More Predictions, From Bad to Worse

(Photo: Josh McGinn)

Our “Folly of Prediction” podcast made these basic points:

Fact: Human beings love to predict the future.

Fact: Human beings are …

Gambling with Climate. | Legal Planet

October 23, 2013

Graphic from Wikicommons

Paul Krugman has a review of a new book by William Nordhaus about climate policy. By way of preface, I should …


Sure, “Saving Our Grandchildren From Climate Change” Sounds Nice…

(Photo: Atmospheric Infrared Sounder)

You want to know what the biggest obstacle to dealing with climate change is? Simple: time. It will take decades …

Climate Change

Amazon and the Economic Theory of Predation

The New York Times reports that Amazon's business model is to take over every retail market by offering low prices and high quality service and that …

Climate Change, Public Policy, and the University | An Economic View of the Environment

Over the past year or more, across the United States, there has been a groundswell of student activism pressing colleges and universities to divest …

Environmental Movement

A cautionary example of why policies (good or bad) are difficult to remove once implemented

The new flood insurance rules, which went into effect on Oct. 1, are intended to make the deeply indebted NFIP solvent by no longer charging …

Thirsty Thursday beer post: the effect of beer consumption on economic growth

Yes, beer does make Homer less productive. Resul Cesur and Inas Rashad Kelly in Economic Inquiry:

Few studies explore the linkages between health

"Australia’s PM Takes on Carbon Tax"

A nameless RFF staff member:

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot revealed a draft bill last week that would repeal the country’s controversial carbon …

There REALLY is an easier way to tax miles driven...

Here's how it would work. Each year, drivers will be required to have their mileage checked at an authorized service facility. Based on the EPA …

Vision of Prairie Paradise Troubles Some Montana Ranchers

MALTA, Mont. — On fields where cattle graze and wheat grows, a group of conservationists and millionaire donors are stitching together their dreams of an American Serengeti. Acre by acre, they are trying to build a new kind of national park, buying up old ranches to create a grassland reserve where …


The Intergenerational Transmission of Automobile Brand Preferences: Empirical Evidence and Implications for Firm Strategy

NBER Working Paper No. 19535
Issued in October 2013

NBER Program(s): IO

We document a strong correlation in the brand of automobile chosen by parents …

Daily Demand and Supply: If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

According to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) “February 2011 Status Report,” General Motors was supposed to produce and sell 120,000 Chevrolet Volts …

A Big Step for the Montreal Protocol | Legal Planet

October 17, 2013

Parties to the Montreal Protocol will hold their 25th meeting next week in Bangkok. In addition to all their normal business related …

When a Fake Banksy Is a Real Banksy

(Photo: Tim Fuller)

Many news outlets this week carried the story that Banksy, the celebrated British street artist, had set up an innocuous-looking …

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Senator Vitter celebrated the shutdown of the EPA | Legal Planet

October 16, 2013

I’ve written elsewhere about how some elements of the Tea Party and the Republican party have made clear that their goal is not just …

Government Shutdown

What Can the Olympics Teach Us About Closing the Achievement Gap?

John List and Uri Gneezy have appeared on our blog many times. This guest post is part of a series adapted from their book The Why Axis: Hidden


Oh Sandy the aurora is rising behind us*

With the anniversary of superstorm Sandy just a month away and the still-battered remains of homes visible on the beachfront, Gov. Chris Christie …


Why Should Environmental Scientists Talk to Economists?

On Monday, October 7th 2013 I will give a lunch time talk at the UCLA IOE titled "Why Should Environmental Scientists Talk to Economists?" I had …

My Fall 2013 Environmental Economics Class at UCLA

As I try to distribute my distinctive "free markets" environmental economics textbook, I'm now giving away the lecture notes and other class …

Behavioral Economics and Tesla's Stock Price Dynamics After the Fire

A Tesla car caught on fire and this event "caused" a huge drop in Tesla's stock price. Under the efficient markets hypothesis, how much should the …

Shale Gas Development Linked to Traffic Accidents in Pennsylvania : Common Resources

Shale Gas

The Most (And Least) Expensive Basic Cable Channels, In 1 Graph

Here's how the cable business works: Cable companies pay monthly fees to media companies for every channel they carry as part of basic cable. And then, of course, they pass those fees onto you, the subscriber. As the chart below shows, those fees vary widely — from $5.54 per month per subscriber …


Fighting Lazy Hausman Cites

As John has pointed out (for example see here and here), despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, researchers have taken to lazily citing …

Google Scholar

Freakonomics » Would a Big Bucket of Cash Really Change Your Life? A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

[MUSIC: Louis Thorne, “La Sauterelle”]

Stephen J. DUBNER: The other day, we heard from a Freakonomics Radio listener named Thomas Appleton. He’d been …


But if you measure it with CVM, there must be a problem with CVM

Jodi Beggs:

As I’ve mentioned before, I am teaching behavioral economics this semester. So far, I’ve introduced the concept of prospect theory and …


When extortion is your only option

When debating the merits of a public policy is just so boring, and less likely to achieve the desired result, use extortion:

As a possible government …


I find it somewhat ironic that our oil reserves outlasted the "Peak Oilers'" blog

Geez, now who are we going to use as strawmen in the Peak Oil debate?

The Oil Drum (TOD) was an internet energy phenomenon that ran for over eight …


Shale gas alone is not the answer – but neither is renewable energy

In May this year, academics from Washington State University published research confirming a long-held suspicion: being loud and confident is a more effective way to win an argument than being right. The researchers assiduously mined their data from more than 1bn Tweets, but a quick look at the …


China reportedly just bought 5% of Ukraine (but the Ukrainian partner denies it)

Update (9:21 a.m. ET): Ukraine’s KSG Agro released a statement today, Sept. 24, denying reports that it had reached an agreement to sell 3 million hectares to a Chinese firm. Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post had reported a deal between KSG Agro and China’s Xinjiang Production and Construction …

Chinese Food