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Learn How To Read Twitter Analytics Like A Dummie

Read Twitter Analytics – Made Easy For You<p>Do you know if you tweets are really working for you? Have you ever read your <b>Twitter Analytics</b>? These …

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Twitter’s live streaming app Periscope gets an analytics dashboard

Trying to figure out this whole live video broadcasting thing? Good news!<p>Periscope, the Twitter-owned live-broadcasting app, picked up a new trick this morning: a shiny new analytics dashboard.<p>It’s not the most groundbreaking thing in the world, but it makes sense. Making a successful live video on …

Twitter released three long overdue but actually awesome features for Periscope

"RIP Periscope," creators and analysts have been crying. Twitter's decision to introduce going live in its main app, release an API and increase the …

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Uncovering the truths about marketing analytics with @MattHertig #DSSEA

Twitter adds Analytics to Moments to reassure publishers it's no waste of time

Twitter is giving users more insight on how their Moments are performing with a new set of analytics tools.<p>You can now can tap on the arrow on the upper right corner of a Moment and select “View Analytics” or tap the “…” button when viewing a Moment on the web.<p>Twitter provides much of the same …


17 Free Twitter Analytics Tools of 2017

Every second 6,000 tweets are shared on Twitter. That means, when you post something on Twitter, you don’t just have to engage with your followers, …

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I Asked 235 People to Tweet My Article and All I Got Is This Cheerless Case Study

If there’s one “tactic” that’s being hyped-up to oblivion right now, it’s this: Publish something cool. Find “influencers” who’ve tweeted/shared …

5 Really Good Reasons to Use Twitter Ads

Main image: Is Twitter the best online advertising platform?Sometimes!It’s true – Twitter has its problems, but in certain cases and contexts, it …

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How to Use Twitter Analytics to Improve Your Marketing

Do you want better results from your Twitter marketing? Interested in using Twitter Analytics to find out what’s working? Looking at your Twitter …

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Monday Tips – 4 Tools to Help Your Business Analytics on Twitter

Get Better Results on Twitter with These 4 Analytics ToolsMonday Tips is a short list of the best finds across the internet to start your week off …

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How to: analyse your Twitter or Facebook analytics for the best days or times to post

image by Uncalno TeknoTwitter’s analytics service is a useful tool for journalists to understand which tweets are having the biggest impact. The …

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How to perform real time Text Analytics on Twitter streaming data in SAS ESP

SAS Event Stream Processing (ESP) cannot only process structured streaming events (a collection of fields) in real time, but has also very advanced …

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Nifty analytics and visualizations available for any Twitter handle from

Twitter analytics & stats for user @markalves


Twitter Analytics for Social Marketers

When B&H Photo opened over 40 years ago in New York, social networks didn’t exist. There was no online shopping in 1973. But shopping…<p>The digital …


How to Use the Twitter Dashboard

Have you heard about the new Twitter Dashboard? Wondering how to use it to manage your Twitter presence? If you’re using Twitter for a business of …


Text analysis of Trump's tweets confirms he writes only the (angrier) Android half

I don’t normally post about politics (I’m not particularly savvy about polling, which is where data science has had the largest impact on politics). …

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Drive brand conversation with the new Instant Unlock Card

Introducing the new Instant Unlock Card and conversational ads are now available to advertisers.


Boosting Engagement with Twitter Dashboard & Analytics — SitePoint

<i>This article is part of an SEO series from WooRank. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible.</i><p>Although relatively young, …

Twitter Analytics: How to Know if Your Twitter Marketing Works

Do you review your Twitter Analytics? Want to use them to improve your Twitter marketing? Ian Cleary is with us to explore what you can learn from …


Create your personalized Twitter Analytics Dashboard in Power BI

When I do Tweet the most? What day and hour do my Tweets receive the most interactions and impressions? Simply export your Twitter Analytics stats …

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Introducing Twitter Dashboard

We’re introducing a new app to help small and medium businesses make the most of Twitter.

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Twitter Engage, a new companion app for Twitter, is available today and provides real-time data and insights, allowing you to quickly understand, …

Twitter Introduces Emoji-Based Targeting

Advertisers will either cry with laughter or happiness following Twitter's announcement of emoji based-targeting.<p>The company's move is in time for …

My Twitter Analytics Are Seriously Fubarred

For the past several days, my Twitter Analytics have been… well, <i>broken</i>. First let’s take a look at them. Here’s a screen cap from just a few moments …

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Watch How Every Game of Thrones Episode Was Discussed on Twitter

Each <i>Game of Thrones</i> episode generates its fair share of internet chatter. This new Twitter #interactive visualization takes this tremendous amount of …