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Best Practices for Using Instagram for Sales

Get to know <b>NFIB</b><p>NFIB is America's leading small business association, promoting and protecting the right of our members to own, operate, and grow …

Small Business

Content Marketing Predictions for the Second Half of 2017 - Hotwire

Content Marketing Predictions for the Second Half of 2017<p>Industry Experts Share Their Thoughts on How the Year Will Shake Out<p>We all want to be better …

15 tips for improving your photos and videos

Communicators tend to think of themselves as wordsmiths, whether it's writing press releases or cranking out stories for the intranet.<p>Nowadays the …

6 small tweaks that will improve your dashboards

<i>Summary: A business dashboard helps organizations get a clear view of their business at a glance. However, some dashboards are more effective than</i> …

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13 ecommerce spring cleaning tips

Page 2 of 2<p><b>7. Update or unplug old plugins.</b> “Take a good hard look at every plugin you have installed,” says Seth Patel, marketing analytics manager, …

70+ Content Analysis Experts on the Key Metrics to Measure for Content Marketing Success

By docur8ed<p>In All Things Productivity, Blog<p>0<p>For years, many businesses believed that content marketing couldn’t be measured. As data and analytics …

Digital Marketing Tips: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Video - SEMdmv Meetup

Tips on using Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Razoo, and reputation management for small business and associations. Presented by Mark Alves on November 12, 2013 at the #SEMdmv Meetup (SEM and SEO in DC, Maryland and Virginia)

SOCIAL | ANALYTICS I built this spreadsheet to analyze exported Twitter analytics using pivot tables to determine the characteristics of the best performing tweets.


9 Ways to Boost Your Father's Day Profits | Written by Mark Alves

CONTENT | I wrote this article to capitalize on search traffic for Father's Day marketing ideas. Organic traffic to this page continues to spike every June.

Facebook Seminar Recap | Writing Sample by Mark Alves

CONTENT | I wrote this recap of a live event that NFIB co-sponsored with Facebook. The article continues to get traffic in 2016 for “facebook seminar.”

8 Expenses You Can Stop Paying Today

Get to know <b>NFIB</b><p>NFIB is America's leading small business association, promoting and protecting the right of our members to own, operate and grow their …

#BBCTrending: How the Oscar selfie was 'ashtagged'

What's popular and why<p><b>An American churchgoer has doctored Ellen DeGeneres' popular Oscar selfie to spread the word about Ash Wednesday.</b><p>Mark Alves, a marketing manager from Virginia, in the US, added ash crosses to the Hollywood stars' foreheads and included the hashtag #ashtag. The ash symbol is …

Social Media

SOCIAL | my #ashtag meme sparked the hashtag to trend internationally on Ash Wednesday and landed an interview with the BBC.

50 Marketers On The Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads Ever

Some spots, like Coke’s Mean Joe Greene and Apple’s 1984, are enduring classics. Others, like Volkswagen’s The Force, Google’s Parisian Love and …