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Spring Cleaning Your Tech

On the TODAY show, I showed off a different kind of spring cleaning today: how to keep your mobile phones, remote controls, monitors, laptops, and …

Get the Samsung Galaxy S5 at Staples, and check out their trade-in offer

Looking to get Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S5, but also looking for a great deal? Head on over to your closest Staples or start online …


Motivate your kids to do their chores with free app Choremonster

The battle to get your kids to do their chores can be exhausting! A free app called "Choremonster" will actually motivate your kids to want to do …


bSafe app can keep you safe and give some peace of mind—check it out!

Have you ever been walking to your car late at night and wondered what you would do if something happened to you right then and there? Now, an app …


Is Apple about to buy Beats in $3.2 billion deal?

We often hear about all the little purchases Apple makes. A mapping company here. An LED manufacturer there. A lot of little stuff but nothing …

Tim Cook

Mario Armstrong's two quick tips to build your social media presence!

A large social media following can literally transform your life! Expand your network with resources, generate easy revenue, & get your ideas out …

Social Media

Separating Personal From Professional in a BYOD World

Mobile Devices

Here are my 5 Hot Apps for Spring! (TODAY Show)

This morning I appeared on the TODAY show with 5 awesome new apps you should check out spring. Keep reading and check them all out! Beats Music For …

Apps to help you plan your wedding! (Katie Couric)

Katie Couric had me on her show yesterday to show off the 5 best apps to help your plan your wedding! From planning the seating arrangement, sending …

In 2 easy steps, make lists and identify your passion for business!

I won’t try to hide it: I love making lists. I find that getting out a sheet of paper and actually writing things down is a great way to think …

What's the appropriate age for children to join social media networks?

For decades, parents have attempted to make a point about peer pressure to their children with this tired old phrase: “If all of your friends jumped …

Why I’m excited about Mailbox for Mac

It goes without saying that time management is one of the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs, which is why I’m always excited about new apps that …


4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Deliver Value to Your Business

What should parents do when kids photos are posted without permission?

I talked to Kathie Lee and Hoda on TODAY to answer the question, "What should parents do when photos of their kids are posted without permission?"


5 Things You Need to Know About Amazon Fire TV

In Seattle today, Amazon launched their streaming TV solution, called Fire TV. Going head-to-head with Apple, Google and Roku for control of your …


Google Now available for your computer via Google Chrome

Google’s intelligent personal assistant, called Google Now, has been available exclusively for Android and iOS users so far. On Android especially, …

Dealing with Heartbleed: You need to change ALL of your passwords soon

For years we've assumed that the lock icon in your browser means your Internet traffic is safe. Thanks to Heartbleed, this may not have been the case

CNBC: Is "Glass" the answer to Google's bottom line?

It is undeniable that Google Glass is very innovative and that wearables are becoming a huge tech. But are they cool? Have people found $1500 of …

Giving Away $1,000 With AT&T's My Business Cares #ItCanWait Campaign

We gave a school $1,000 thanks to AT&T's My Business Cares and #ItCanWait campaign. Here's how to win a donation from AT&T for your school.

Everlane: Quality Basic Clothes at Affordable Prices... All Online

Buy luxury clothes for incredibly affordable prices by shopping on Everlane, an internet retailer and wholesaler committed to transparent production.


The Pandora One Subscription Service To Cost $5 A Month

Pandora is getting a little more expensive. Starting in May, and for new subscribers, the Pandora One monthly subscription service will cost $5. Existing subscribers that remain active will keep paying $3.99 a month to listen to Pandora without any ads.

As Pandora notes in a blog post, the …


Soundwave Adds Chrome Browser Extension To Let You Track Your Desktop Music Listening

Since its launch in late June last year, Soundwave, the Mark Cuban-backed music discovery app that tracks the listening habits of you, your friends and other users you follow, had at least one gaping omission. It was mobile-only — iOS and Android — meaning that there was no way for the service to …

Amazon Plans To Launch A New TV Streaming Gadget In April

Amazon's rumored streaming device is shipping in April, reports The Wall Street Journal.

It'll be available on its website as well as Amazon's prominent retail partners like Best Buy and Staples.

Anonymous sources explained to WSJ that the device will be equipped with all of the same apps found on …


13 Streaming Music Services Compared by Price, Quality, Catalog Size and More

Beats Music, Google Play, iTunes, Pandora, Rdio, Spotify and others: See which one's best for you.

The chart below summarizes what I believe most are looking for when weighing options: catalog size, maximum streaming quality (note that in most — if not all — cases, the streaming quality will be …


Beats Music Said to Sign 1,000 Subscribers a Day in Month

Beats Music, the subscription streaming service started by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, signed up about 1,000 paying subscribers a day in its first …

New Spotify App Pairs Popular Recipes with Playlists

A new Spotify app offer the ability sync curated playlists with recipes from restaurants from across the globe, creating a unique experience for home …

15 Ways Skrillex Changed the World Pictures

How Arianna Huffington Sleeps Her Way to Success

Arianna Huffington wants to revolutionize how women create a successful life. First step? More z's.

Last year, Arianna Huffington gave her friends unorthodox Christmas presents: alarm clocks. Rather than passing comment on anyone's punctuality, the media entrepreneur sought to nudge them toward …

Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Fit Prices Confirmed

Samsung unveiled a bevvy of new gadgets at Mobile World Congress last month, but most came without a price tag. Slowly but surely the Korean firm is filling in the gaps, starting with the Gear 2 and Gear Fit, which will retail for $295 and $197 respectively — there’s no price for the cheaper Gear 2 …


Apple's Healthbook will reportedly go beyond fitness to analyze your blood

9to5Mac reports this morning that Apple's long-rumored fitness and health-tracking app Healthbook is well on its way to reality. Designed to resemble Passbook, the ambitious app will apparently be able to analyze everything from activity and heart rate to blood oxygen levels, though it's still …