María Dávila & Marta Estudillo & Raúl Muñoz

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Renaissance Realism Short Video

The Renaissance: an introduction

Renaissance Sculpture

Introduction<p>Table Summary<p>Summary of Renaissance Sculpture<p>Early Renaissance<br>ca. 1400-1500<p>High Renaissance<br>ca. 1500-25<p>Late Renaissance<br>ca. …


Cinquecento Facts for Kids

One of the masterpieces of the Cinquecento: the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; the work took approximately four years (1508–1512) to be completed by …


Quattrocento Facts for Kids

Sandro Botticelli's <i>Annunciation</i>, painted from 1489-1490, is an example of Quattrocento art.<p><b>Quattrocento</b> is the Italian term that means "four hundred" …

Leonardo Da Vinci

Renaissance art

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Renaissance vs. medieval art lesson ppt

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Leonardo Da Vinci

History: Renaissance Art for Kids

Many new techniques were introduced during the Renaissance. These techniques helped to enhance the quality and realism of the art.<p><b>Perspective</b> - …



I’m back! Tennessee was fantastic. The weather was pretty good for most of the long weekend. I saw lots of great bands, met some nice people, and got …