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Best of Michael's Misquotes - The Office US


Wisconsin man has more than 200,000 comics in his collection

KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) — It all started with little bars of soap.<p>When Steven Kahn was 5, his traveling salesman father would often greet his son with small gift upon returning from a trip. On one of those occasions, he had a few bars of hotel soap in his pocket. Young Steve was fascinated by them, and …

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Tom Morello Talks Early Days of RATM, Brad Wilk Almost Joining Pearl Jam

Rage Against the Machine guitarist recalls renting space in front some of some "metal band's drum kit" to rehearse


Andy's World: Rare Photographs From Warhol's Own Camera

Bianca Jagger, 1979<br>Andy Warhol—Courtesy of Jim Hedges<p>1 of 20<p>As with the production of much of his art, there was a decidedly systematic process …

Andy Warhol

TEKKEN 7 - Season Pass 2 Reveal Trailer featuring Negan from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Rey / Glasgow Comic Con/ 2018 . #rey #starwars #thelastjedi #starwarsthelastjedi #daisyridley #glasgow #scotland #art #illustration #copic #strathmore #lightsaber

Currently starving due to this pic of ramen that’s calling my name 😫 tag your go to ramen shop! | 📸: @sung.shim #feastagram

Tokyo 2006-ish. I’m pretty sure I’m in Shibuya leaving my favorite store on the planet @tokyuhandsinc.👍🏼

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Survival Belt

Survival Belt is an EDC item that may come in handy should get yourself stranded without your gear. This belt withholds some rugged and useful items …

Tom Morello Explains Why RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Disbanded, Why The Reunion Tour Was Fun

"To be able to have made four records and to be able to have played the shows that we did, I think it's a miracle."The post Tom Morello Explains Why …


DC's Heroes in Crisis Is Caused by a Superhero Shooting

At a DC press event at San Diego Comic-Con, DC writer Tom King revealed new details on his upcoming event with artists Clay Mann and Mitch Gerads, …


Dragon Ball Super’s Goku and Vegeta Read Angry Yelp Reviews - Comic Con 2018

Dragon Ball Super

Here’s how much each artist was paid at Woodstock ’69; Jimi Hendrix is believed to be on top with $18,000! “1. Jimi Hendrix – $18,000 2. Blood, Sweat and Tears – $15,000 3. Joan Baez – $10,000 4....

Here’s how much each artist was paid at Woodstock ’69; Jimi Hendrix is believed to be on top with $18,000!<p>1. Jimi Hendrix – $18,000<br>2. Blood, Sweat …

Does Comics Culture Have an Inferiority Complex?

Here's the truth: Comic book publishing—yes, just the business of selling printed comics—is a billion-dollar industry. This month, 1,194 new comic …

Tom Segura Tears Up While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman

Explore the powers of DC Comics' greatest characters like never before through stunning anatomical cutaways and in-depth commentary from the Dark …

Here's what the 'Seinfeld' apartment would look like today

See what Jerry's apartment in "Seinfeld" would look like if the characters were to decorate it today.<p>"Seinfeld" premiered 29 years ago this week, and even though new episodes of the series aren't on the air anymore, we like to think the characters are still hanging out in Jerry’s apartment every …

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Artist Envisions The Incredibles' Future, and It's Powerfully Bleak

Disney’s <i>The Incredibles</i> series might be about a happy-go-lucky superhero family balancing superhero work, school crushes, and diaper changes, but …

Star Wars lightsaber colors, decoded

As Solo: A Star Wars Story ends its theatrical run, it's safe to talk about the unexpected appearance of a lightsaber at the end of a movie that didn't seem likely to have any.<p>It popped up thanks to a surprising cameo by longtime Star Wars villain Maul, who ignited his red blade to threaten Emilia …



Another Seattle-based band who were seminal in the creation of Grunge – and the first to sign to a major label when A&M Records signed them in 1989 – …

Photos taken by Michael with his digital camera during The Christmas Party (season 2, episode 10). From the tv show The Office

by electrohamster via iPhone<p>This one was obviously photoshopped. Steve Carell seems to have the same loving personality as his character Michael.

Line it is Drawn: Disney Superheroes Team Up With Comic Superheroes!

Welcome to Line it is Drawn, our weekly gallery of amazing art by our great collection of artistic talent, all working from <i>your</i> suggestions!So every …

Engineers Created A New Bionic Arm That Can Grow With You

She's back... 🙅🏻‍♀️ #WW84

Marvel and DC team-up: An oral history of JLA/Avengers, the most ambitious crossover event ever

In 2003, D.C. and Marvel comics did the unthinkable, at least from a modern perspective: they collaborated. The two major comics houses combined …