By Marci McCue | Mike McCue on the stage with Owen Thomas

Why Flipboard Has Authors Flipping Out

Let me speak in defense of the click for a moment.<p>There’s no term I find more puzzling in modern media jargon than “clickbait.” A story lives to be told. Writers write for their readers. What does a storyteller long for more than the gaze of a rapt listener?<p>Back in the early days of the Web, the …


Flipboard's Mike McCue on: Finding Inspiration

Flipboard Makes Moves To Cast The Spotlight On Its Magazine Creators

August 14, 2014 by Ken Yeung<p>At last night’s #ReadWriteMix event at Say Media’s office, Flipboard CEO Mike McCue was in the proverbial hot seat with …

Flipboard's Mike McCue On The Future Of Digital Media, Video Ads

With over 100 million active accounts and 10 million user-created digital magazines, Flipboard has changed the way people read and share news around the Web. The application lets users aggregate social feeds into a digital magazine, as well as follow and build magazines based on different topics, …


Flipboard Will Introduce Video Ads This Year

Facebook and Twitter aren't the only companies pushing forward with video ads this year.<p>Flipboard, a popular social news reading app, is planning to introduce video advertising in September, CEO Mike McCue announced during an appearance at a ReadWrite event in San Francisco on Wednesday night.<p>The …


Flipboard CEO: We'll never make original content

Mike McCue isn’t interested in becoming a publisher, but he’s laser-focused on digging his heels into the media and advertising business.<p>The way Mike McCue tells it, Flipboard isn’t in the business of competing with the very same publishers whose content flow through his popular news-reading app. …


Flipboard is Introducing Video Adverts

Social reading service Flipboard is the latest US social network to go down the route of video advertising, following the path of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (soon) and others.<p>Speaking Read Write’s ReadWriteMix event, Flipboard founder and CEO Mike McCue announced that the company will introduce …


#ReadWrite Mix: Rebooting the Future of Media with Flipboard's Mike McCue

@mmccue chats with @owenthomas at #readwritemix

Flipboard Will Start Selling Video Ads - Recode

The Latest<p>by Eric Johnson @HeyHeyESJ Sep 30, 2016, 6:06p<p>“I was immensely frustrated by the end of 2015 that other candidates weren't learning more from Trump.”<p>by Jan Dawson Sep 30, 2016, 1:30p<p>It’s notable that Apple chose not to ship its Bluetooth AirPods in the box with new iPhones, even though …


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@<b>Flipboard</b> is rolling out video ads this fall, so watch out! @<b>CHANEL</b> will be one of the first. Not bad, #<b>readwritemix</b> @<b>RWW</b>

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Always find it impressive that @<b>owenthomas</b> does #<b>readwritemix</b> interviews without notes.

Trying out my new Sony mirrorless camera at #readwritemix. I like how I can send the pix to my iPhone over WiFi.

ReadWriteMix: Rebooting the Future of Media with Flipboard CEO Mike McCue

Mike McCue, the CEO of Flipboard, has been reinventing the way we get our news since the earliest days of the Web. At Flipboard, he bet the startup’s …

Mike McCue

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Great content influences the world. Media needs good digital content to help people thrive. Create your own trade magazine. #<b>readwritemix</b>

How Ramona the Love Terrier Became the Talk of Silicon Valley

So I’m sitting at my desk, updating the Dogster Facebook page, when I hear it: the jingle of dog tags. Here at our dog-friendly office, it could be …

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The man himself: Flipboard CEO Mike McCue. #readwritemix

Listening to @mmccue, founder CEO of Flipboard talking about the future or media. #readwritemix

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Only 20% of ad revenue has moved online. If you have a long view & stay focused you will win. @<b>mmccue</b> #<b>readwritemix</b>