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Syrian troops battle to repel Islamic State attack on city

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian troops and militia battled on Wednesday to repel an Islamic State attack on the city of Hasaka in the northeast, and a Kurdish official said the government forces may not be able to hold off the jihadists.

Hasaka city is divided into zones run separately by the government …

International Relations

Tajik police chief who joined Islamic State wanted for treason

ALMATY (Reuters) - Tajikistan has issued an international arrest warrant for the commander of its elite police force who joined Islamic State, prosecutors said on Wednesday, accusing him of treason.

Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov, the U.S.-trained head of the Central Asian state's police force known as …


Obama and his American critics on Iran’s anti-Semitism

Something unusual has begun in the Washington-New York corridor. Journalists and policy analysts have begun a critical public discussion about …

Political History

Erdogan tries to rewrite history

Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent decision to change the date commemorating the conquest of Istanbul from May 29 to May 30 seems to fall into a pattern …


Kurds deny ethnically cleansing Arabs

BEIRUT – The Kurdish People’s Protection Units militia (YPG) fighting ISIS in northern Syria has flatly denied mounting accusations it has been …


Sisi’s intervention in internal Wafd dispute raises questions - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Author: Walaa Hussein Posted June 1, 2015

CAIRO — The Egyptian public and the country’s politicians have many questions concerning the significance of …


The Kurdish vote

The Kurdish vote is at the heart of Turkey's upcoming June 7 parliamentary election. Only a short time ago, this would have been unthinkable. The …


Justice minister vows to fight ‘anti-Semitic’ boycott with boycott

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked on Wednesday called a decision by British students to boycott Israel anti-Semitism and vowed to fight back against …


Israeli leadership ignores international warning signs - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Author: Akiva Eldar Posted June 1, 2015

The May 20 meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and EU High Commissioner for Foreign and …

Middle East

Kurdish city of Hasaka under heavy ISIS attack

HASAKA, Syria - Islamic state fighters have launched a heavy attack on the majority Kurdish city of Hasaka in northeast Syria, according to local …

Islamic State (ISIS)

02-Jun-15: The obvious, petty lies that keep European money flowing into the hands of the PA's terrorists

The Mahmoud Abbas PA has been engaging in a clever little trick since last year to hide its practice of taking foreign aid and using it to fund a …

Middle East

Iran’s Mullahs Sinking In The Quagmire Of Yemen

By: Heshmat Alavi

Since the outbreak of war in Yemen and takeover of Houthis, the Iranian regime denied meddling in the internal affairs of Yemen. But …

Middle East

Former Imam Of Mecca's Grand Mosque: There Is No Escaping Reform To Bring Islam Back To Its Path Of Tolerance

In a February 22, 2015 article in the Saudi daily Al-Riyadh, Sheikh 'Adel Al-Kalbani, the former imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, attacked the

Israelis ‘Believe We Have No Better Friend Than Canada,’ Netanyahu Says

Canadian Foreign Minister Robert Nicholson and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Photo: Israeli Prime …

Canadian Politics

Pro-Assad daily: Iran preparing Idlib offensive

BEIRUT – A top pro-Assad daily in Lebanon has reported that Iran has deployed troops into northwest Syria in preparation for a counterattack in Idlib.

Middle East

Egypt bars rights activist from traveling to Germany

CAIRO: An Egyptian rights activist says security officials at Cairoairport have prevented him from traveling to Germany where he was to speak before …


Islamic State attacks Syrian Kurdish city of Hasaka

BEIRUT,— Activists and Syrian state media say that militants from the Islamic State group (IS) have launched a major attack on the predominantly …

Islamic State (ISIS)

To wear or not to wear a hijab, that is the question

I experienced two incidents last week and I want to tell you about them without giving an evaluation or judgment on either of them.A beautiful and …


All access to Iran’s nuclear sites ‘managed’

Deputy Head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Asghar Zarean made the remarks Tuesday on the sidelines of visiting tour of directors and faculty …

Iran Nuclear Negotiations

BBC WS’s ‘Business Matters’ misrepresents the status of Area C in report on PA economy

Twenty years ago the internationally recognised representatives of the Palestinian people signed an agreement according to which land west of the …

Middle East

Apple returns to Azerbaijan

By Laman Sadigova

Apple will renew its supplies to Azerbaijan.

As the company officials reported, the resumption of supplies of smartphones, tablets, …

Global solidarity with seven imprisoned Iranian Baha'is

NEW YORK — A global campaign to call attention to the long and unjust imprisonment of seven Iranian Baha'i leaders spawned a worldwide outcry this …

Distress Signals By Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah And Pro-Hizbullah Media Reflect Growing Sense Of Existential Danger, Crisis Of Confidence Between Hizbullah And Its Supporters


Recent statements by Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah regarding the existential danger faced by his organization and the …

Turkey must not depend on gas suppliers – BOTAS (exclusive)

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 3

By Rufiz Hafizoglu – Trend:

Russia’s gas discount for Turkey, the supplies of Iraqi gas to the country and others are among …


Zurich Claims Anti-IDF Event is 'Very Balanced'

Israel has lodged a formal protest with Bern over Swiss funding for an exhibit by extreme leftist NGO "Breaking the Silence," officials said …

Unique Palestinian definition of "refugees" now extends to "displaced persons"

A recent "Nakba" story, published in Palestine News Network, includes this factoid:

Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are …

Middle East

Ra'anana Residents 'Sick' Over Synagogue Desecration

Congregants at a Ra'anana synagogue were shocked to discover the scrawling - in blood - of swastikas and crosses on mezuzahs.